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    Syria and Rebels Confirm Talks

    In this Friday, April 6, 2012 photo, Free Syrian Army fighters try to spot a sniper during fighting with Syrian troops in a suburb of Damascus, Syria. Syrian government shelling and offensives against rebel-held towns killed dozens of people across the country on Saturday, activists said, as the U.S. posted online satellite images of troop deployments that cast further doubt on whether the regime intends to comply with an internationally sponsored peace plan. (AP Photo)

    AP Photo

    Both representatives from Syria's government and the main opposition coalition will be partaking in the upcoming United Nations-brokered peace talks. There's no smooth sailing here, though. Both sides see different results from the talks, with the rebels hoping for a transitional government and the Assad administration asserting it will not surrender power. The negotiations will begin January 22 in Geneva. The West-backed Syrian National Coalition says President Assad will have no place in a new government, while the Syrian foreign ministry says if rebels "insist on holding fast to these illusions" they do not need to attend discussions.

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