1. Not 'Gravity'

    NASA Makes X-Mas Eve Spacewalk

    In this image taken from video provided by NASA, astronauts Rick Mastracchio, top, and Michael Hopkins work to repair an external cooling line on the International Space Station on Monday, Dec. 24, 2013, 260 miles above Earth. The external cooling line — one of two — shut down Dec. 11. The six-man crew had to turn off all nonessential equipment, including experiments. (AP Photo/NASA)


    Two astronauts made NASA's second ever Christmas Eve spacewalk Tuesday in order to repair the International Space Station’s cooling system. Astronauts Rich Mastracchio and Michael Hopkins installed a new ammonia pump to the space station after removing the faulty one on Saturday. “It’s like Christmas morning opening up a little present here,” said Mastracchio as he worked 260 miles above earth. The last time NASA astronauts did a Christmas Eve spacewalk was in 1999, when the Hubble Space Telescope needed repair.

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