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    Man Plans to Dive Off Everest

    Wingsuit jumper Joby Ogwyn adjusts his helmet as he shows reporters his prototype wingsuit before taking a practice jump as he prepares to attempt the first wingsuit jump off the summit of Mount Everest in May near Perris, California, February 26, 2014. He plans climb to the summit then jump off wearing a wingsuit to soar down to his base camp 10,000 feet below at speeds up to 150 miles per hour in a live television event. Ogwyn holds the world record holder for the fastest Everest climb at 9.5 hours.    REUTERS/David McNew (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY) - RTR3FRDS

    David McNew/Reuters

    Joby Ogwyn isn't summiting Mount Everest for the view from the top—he'd rather take it in on his way down. The 39-year-old plans to jump off the world's highest peak and soar to the ground in a nylon wing-suit come May. "This is something I dreamed about as a little kid," he says. "Everything I've done for the last 20 years has been practice for this and now the technology has made flight possible." The death-defying stunt will be broadcast live. Ogwyn previously climbed Everest in just more than 9 hours. 

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