Cop Fired For Shooting 93-Year-Old

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    Texas' Hearne City Council voted on Saturday to fire a white officer who fatally shot a 93-year-old African American woman last week. Pearlie Golden's nephew had called the police after she got in a dispute with him over being denied her driver's license renewal. Golden was armed with a revolver when officer Stephen Stem, 29, came to her home Tuesday evening.Her nephew said she fired two shots before Stem responded. Golden died after being shot four times, and the incident sparked local and national outrage. It was not Stem's first time firing in a domestic dispute involving African Americans. In December 2012, he was investigated for shooting 28-year-old Tederalle Satchell, but a grand jury acquitted him. The city's attorney, Rusty Russ, said the decision to fire Stem was "based on the totality of everything with this particular officer."

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