Chipotle to Publish Authors on Cups

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Beginning today, Chipotle will feature original short stories from major writers like Malcolm Gladwell, Toni Morrison, George Saunders, and Jonathan Safran Foer on their bags and cups. The initiative was thought up by Foer, the author of Eating Animals (a book critical of food production) while sitting in a Chipotle a while back when he had forgotten a book or magazine (and therefore had nothing to do while eating his burrito). So he emailed Chipotle CEO Steve Ells, writing, "I bet a shitload of people go into your restaurants every day, and I bet some of them have very similar experiences, and even if they didn’t have that negative experience, they could have a positive experience if they had access to some kind of interesting text." According to Foer, Chipotle did not get involved in the editorial process, and the authors and texts were chosen by him. 

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