Action Hero Hubris: I’ll Be Back

    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks at the Santa Monica airport prior to departing for his Mexico trade mission in Santa Monica, California November 8, 2006. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok (UNITED STATES) - RTR1J5V9

    Danny Moloshok/Reuters

    In pop culture and politics, improbable newsmakers are seldom in short supply. But one of the more colorful to make his way into America’s collective consciousness was someone who, in his native Austria, began his epic journey to becoming a world-class bodybuilder. With oversized determination to prove his worth, Arnold Schwarzenegger moved to the U.S. “to be a star and get rich” and realized his earliest goals to win countless titles and competitions. Ultimately the so-called “most famous immigrant in America” began headlining Hollywood blockbuster movies; married into a famous political family; and by the end of the ‘90s, was fielding questions about a run for political office.

    Big dreams now reality, the self-made man won back-to-back gubernatorial campaigns in the nation’s largest state. He also bought the largest vehicle known to man, a Desert Storm workhorse—the Humvee. Converting its 9-mpg engine to hydrogen, Governor Schwarzenegger then signed an executive order to help his state build refueling plants to prove it could run on the alternative energy. Recently, a prominent newspaper said that he was exploring a possible run for President. Not a natural-born U.S. citizen, a tough constitutional battle surely lies ahead. But reportedly he’s lobbied legislators for a constitutional change.

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