Germany Bans Uber

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

A Frankfurt court has banned ridesharing service Uber from Germany, saying it lacks the needed legal permits to operate within the country. However, Uber has no intention of leaving Deutschland, claiming the ban is unenforceable. “You cannot put the brakes on progress. Uber will continue its operations throughout Germany,” said an Uber spokesman. However, Uber may be taking a major risk with this move. Taxi Deutschland, which is suing the San Francisco-based company, said Uber could incur a fine as high as €250,000 ($327,840) for each trip if it loses the case. Many taxi drivers in Europe and the U.S. have not taken warmly to Uber, which often undercuts certified city car services without having to follow local permit and regulation laws for cab drivers. Taxi drivers have protested Uber in a number of cities, including London, Berlin, and Washington, D.C.