Comic Con 2012’s Best Costumes: The Hulk, Chewbacca & More (PHOTOS)

Mitt Zomney comes alive, Batman retires early, and Beetlejuice gets freaky, plus more Comic-Con characters and their costumes.

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Comic-Con Costumes

From dead-looking politicians to bright-eyed action heroes, check out this Comic-Con collection of weirdest, wackiest, and wonderfully awesome costumes. See Mitt Zomney come alive, Batman retire early, Beetlejuice get freaky, and more.

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Beware! Zombies roamed the streets during Comic-Con’s zombie walk. With them, came black eyes, bloodstained clothes, and a wannabe Mitt Zomney. We didn’t see Zombama.

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Speaking of creepsters, our 16th president rose from the dead and decided to make an appearance at Comic-Con. He came with a bloody ax and a newfound love of comics in tow.

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A very stylish and chic Chewbacca (Is that possible? Yes!) showed off her furry goods. From her black suede gloves to her brown suede boots, this fan gave Chewbacca a whole new look. This year lightsaber fans got a sneak peek into Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5. And the Star Wars costumes prevail. Cheers to scout trooper!

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Looks like Batman called it quits ... and a little early at that. This Batman (one of many at Comic-Con) told fans to rely on Superman while he read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. His outfit? Batman on top and Lazyman on the bottom.

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A wild woman emerged in the crowds. Batman’s supervillain Catwoman struck a pose in a skintight black leather get-up. All six of Batman’s Batmobiles were on display at Warner Bros.’s “Extra at Comic-Con” party.

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That same party featured screenings of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. Comic-Con saw its very own Beetlejuice. Here he feeds something small to a fanboy ... near the men’s restroom.

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From her head to her toes, this Cirque du Soleil fan decked herself in green and gold. She then later attempted to stretch herself from her toes to her head—with success, no less. She attended the Cirque du Soleil  debut.

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A purple trio of Aquabats fans lined the rows of the Aquabats panel. These three costumed heroes and a bunch of other fanboys got a sneak peek into the new television program The Aquabats! Super Show!

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A very buff—and very green (look at those legs!)—Hulk made his rounds, stopping by Wired Café. While there wasn’t any news about Mr. Hulk, Marvel’s head of television, Jeph Loeb, gave fans hope when he announced that the new animated series Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. would debut next year.

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It’s a classic already. A pair of horse heads horsed around (sorry, we couldn’t resist) at Comic-Con. Just think, there were four days of this weirdness at Comic-Con.

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It’s not Gumby. It’s not a colossal cucumber. It’s one of Woody’s miniature toy soldiers from Pixar’s Toy Story. Funko, a wholesale seller of figures, plushies, and wacky wobblers, unveiled a limited 480 vinyl figures, including Toy Story’s Alien (3 inches) and Monsters, Inc.’s Sully (9 inches) and Boo (3 inches), to be sold at the event.

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Dogs dressed up, too! This doggy zoomed in and out of Comic-Con on its mini motorcycle and sported a Harley-Davidson bib and headband. We must give the dog—and its owner—props.

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This little dude gave Spider-Man a run for his money. Mini Spidey zipped by on his silver scooter. Oh, and check out those flip-flops. The Amazing Spider-Man panel wrapped up this four-day comic-driven, fan-loving, and costume-packed event.