These expert panelists chose the top 10 winners in Builders


Martin Fowler

  • Fowler is a programming consultant, author, speaker, and chief scientist at ThoughtWorks, where he focuses on the design of software systems to maximize the productivity of development teams.

Jeffrey Zeldman

  • Zeldman is founder of the Web-design studio Happy Cog and publisher of A List Apart, a Web magazine “for people who make websites.”

Robert Nyman

  • A speaker, programmer, and Technical Evangelist at Mozilla, Nyman is a self-professed strong believer in HTML5 and an advocate for an open Web. He has been working since 1999 on front-end development, and blogs at

John Britton

  • Britton is a “hacker-at-large” who live-coded what Silicon Alley Insider called “the best demo we’ve ever seen” at the New York Tech Meetup. He is a founding volunteer of Peer 2 Peer University and spends his time traveling the world.

Tara Tiger Brown

  • Brown is a cofounder of Teach Me Stuff, an online mentor-matching program. She is also a contributor at Forbes, a founder of LAdy Tacos, and an organizer of TransmediaLA, a tech-focused meetup group.

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