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7 Top Reasons to Never Go on a Cruise

Your ship could capsize, your captain could abandon ship—but wait, there are even more good reasons to never go to sea.

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You Could Become a Hidden Statistic

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Cruise companies are notoriously secretive about incidents of crime that happen on board, and because of the numerous international jurisdictions often involved in a cruise, they can get away with it. There are no police in international waters, and passengers are at the mercy of the ship’s security, which may or may not be adequate. Though it’s always possible that crime on cruise ships are sensationalized by the media, there are at least several hundred incidents on the popular cruise lines every year, including theft and sexual assault. Kevin Carver, the founder of International Cruise Victims who lost his daughter at sea, claims that the industry has tremendous power to “hush up” incidents, including major crimes. Cruise ships are not required to have law enforcement officers aboard, and, at least until a 2010 law signed by President Obama, reporting cruise crimes was voluntary.

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