04.03.1310:04 AM ET

Nearly 20 Percent of Teen Births Are Not First Child

But 91 percent use birth control after having a baby.

Those Teen Moms with multiple children are such trendsetters. Nearly 20 percent of babies born to mothers ages 15–19 are not first children, according to a federal report released Tuesday. Almost 67,000 of the 365,000 teens who gave birth in 2010 already had at least one child, and 86 percent of those were the teen’s second child. But 91 percent of these teens used some form of contraception after having a baby. They must have learned the hard way that not all birth control is 100 percent effective, since only 22 percent of them were using what is considered the “most effective” forms of birth control, where the risk of pregnancy is less than one pregnancy in 100 users. The highest percentage of repeat teen births were among American Indian/Alaskan natives (21.6 percent), with Hispanics making up 20.9 percent and African-Americans 20.4 percent. Don’t be discouraged about the numbers, said one researcher, who pointed out that as recently as 1990 25 percent of teen births were repeat mothers.