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08.04.134:45 AM ET

Lady Reads

From fan girls to placentas: this week’s top stories from the women’s sites.

Placenta Spiritually Revered, but Not in the West (Women’s eNews)

In the U.S., placentas are something to be disposed of shortly after birth, an off-putting artifact of the pregnancy. Yet in many other cultures, the organ is cherished and handled with spiritual significance. In an excerpt from Life’s Vital Link, Y.W. Loke details the various global practices associated with the placenta, from tossing it in a river for luck to burying it deep in the ground, where the soul will return after death. In China, it’s even buried on the sunny side of a tree, to strengthen the child’s chi and ensure the next baby will be a boy.

Interview With a Fan Girl (Sexy Feminist)

Sexy Feminist interviews a fan (who’s a girl) who deftly illuminates why the term “fan girl” is derogatory: it’s used “to diminish, to distinguish ‘true fans’ from ‘fake, silly fans that are only here for the hotties.’ It’s there to lessen the fan.” The good news, she says, is that women are at least permitted to engage in male practices and interests than the converse—we can play sports and wear pants without anyone batting an eye. Now if only we could wrest control of some more N64 consoles.

Hugo Schwyzer and the Consumption of Redemption Narratives (RH Reality Check)

Noted “male feminist” (do we really have to specify a feminist’s gender?) Hugo Schwyzer announced his retirement from the internet—turns out all that feminist anger just made it so hard for him to be a good feminist. Before converting to the cause, he has said he engaged in domestic violence, rape, and even attempted murder. Now he has backslid, admitting to cheating on his wife with multiple partners. Diana E. Anderson says the redemption story doesn’t allow for understanding the nuance of a reform case, and bemoans our celebrating of reformers, sometimes before they’re really reformed enough to celebrate.

Reject-Proof Pick-Up Tactics for the Savvy Single Gal (Betty Confidential)

After New York magazine’s Q&A with pick-up artists, female pick-up is more in vogue than ever. A few sneaky (though not harmful) tricks from Betty Confidential: pretend you can’t find your phone and ask that guy to call it for you. Now you have each other’s numbers. Or try the “bend sans snap,” a variation on the Legally Blonde tactic that won’t make you look spastic.

7 Pairs of Shoes You Need In Your Wardrobe (Her Campus)

Do you find your closet overstuffed with shoes? Or are you starting over in a new city and need to build a new collection? Her Campus says there’s a simple equation: you only need seven pairs of shoes. From the sensible heel to the winter boot to the cheap, wear-anywhere shoe, the list has you covered—unless, of course, you want to hit the gym (sneakers somehow didn’t make the cut).

Nails of the Day (Hello Giggles)

If you’re a fan of nail art and you haven’t checked out Hello Giggles yet, it’s high time. The site posts daily nails picks with kooky themes; this week alone has seen flowers, puzzle pieces, and superhero iconography.