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Shortly after Ben realized he would not grow up to play shortstop for the New York Yankees, he set his sights on something more realistic: becoming the first Jewish president. But early in his first, and only, campaign internship Ben discovered that asking people for money was not how he wanted to spend his days. So, following the maxim that those who can't, write about it, he began working in journalism.

Years of internships, temporary jobs, and low-paying freelance assignments later, Ben left his beloved native New York City to be a reporter-researcher at The New Republic in Washington, D.C. He went on to edit, a daily online magazine at the Center for American Progress, while contributing regularly to The American Prospect and its award-winning group blog, TAPPED. Starting in September 2007, he covered the 2008 election and Congress as a staff writer at Politico.

After the election he took a fellowship covering federal urban policy at Next American City, a quarterly journal of urban affairs, and freelanced for Columbia Journalism Review, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Daily Beast, The Nation and The Washington Monthly, among other publications. He also wrote the "Angry Rant from a New Yorker" column for the Internet Food Association, a D.C. food blog.

In the summer of 2009 Ben reported from Europe on urban policy in Berlin, Copenhagen and Strasbourg on a German Marshall Fund grant.

Ben has appeared on national radio and television programs and he has spoken at think tanks such as The American Enterprise Institute and The Century Foundation. His articles reprinted in books, including The Contemporary Reader and Clued in to Politics.

Since September 2009, he has been back in New York, editing Newsweek's online political and national affairs content as National Editor of, and thanking God every time he has a slice of pizza.