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Fred Guterl is assistant managing editor of NEWSWEEK International. He is in charge of developing the magazine's presence on the Web. He edits the home page, Web-exclusive content linked to magazine features, guest columnists and blogs. He also directs the magazine's coverage of science, technology and the environment.

Guterl joined NEWSWEEK in July 2000 from a brief stint at IBM, where he developed several Web sites. Before that, he was an editor at the magazines Discover and IEEE Spectrum. He has also worked as a freelance correspondent based in London. In 1998 he won the science journalism award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science for best magazine article ("Riddles in the Sand," which appeared in Discover). In 2000 he shared a citation from the Overseas Press Club for the article "The Wasteland" on Russia's plan to accept the world's nuclear waste.

He holds a bachelor degree in electrical engineering from the University of Rochester and has taught science writing at Princeton University. He lives in Montclair, N.J., with his wife and two children.