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Olga Romanova was born in Moscow and is an award-winning Russian economics and politics journalist and human rights defender. She started out as an Institutional Investor reporter in Moscow, covered economy news in Segodnia newspaper, and edited the Big Money program for the TV channel NTV. She later worked as deputy chief editor at Versiya newspaper, wrote a daily column for Vedomosti newspaper, and wrote the daily 24 With Olga Romanova show on REN-TV. In 2007 she was the chief editor of Russian BusinessWeek. In 2008, when her husband Alexei Kozlov was arrested, she founded Russia Behind Bars, a movement for relatives of suspects in economic crimes. Romanova is also a business and political journalism professor at the State University-Higher School of Economics. She is head of the finance and economics department at The New Times Magazine and she has been a stringer for Vedomosti for the last eight years.