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Steve Tuttle joined NEWSWEEK's Washington bureau in 1987.

Tuttle writes a bimonthly Web column while continuing also to report for the magazine on topics as varied as baseball, politics, and terrorism.  He has contributed personal essays on surviving cancer, the decline of hunting, and the politics of Appalachia.  He has taken on Crocs ("The case for ending our long national nightmare"), Facebook ("Being on Facebook is like volunteering to receive spam"), and Evel Knievel ("If you're a man of a certain age, then you spent a lot of Sunday afternoons building ramps and wearing capes").

In addition to his editorial duties, Tuttle oversees logistics for NEWSWEEK's coverage of the Democratic and Republican national political conventions, as well as the Olympics.

Tuttle graduated in 1983 from the College of William and Mary with a degree in English literature. He previously worked at The Recorder, a tiny paper deep in the hills of western Virginia.

He is the only NEWSWEEK employee who had a pet bear as a child.