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Susannah Meadows was named a senior writer in December 2004. She covers politics, works on  enterprise stories and is a vital part of the Nation team in its coverage of national and breaking news. Meadows spent a year on the 2004 Presidential campaign trail covering Gov. Howard Dean and Sen. John Kerry.

Meadows had been a general editor since she joined Newsweek in April 2000.  She wrote  for the National Affairs and Periscope sections and was a regular contributor to the Arts and Society sections of the magazine.

While at Newsweek, Meadows has written on the five-year anniversary of the Columbine massacre,  Serena Williams and the state of the child welfare system. She wrote a cover story,  "In Defense of Teen Girls," (6/3/02) and contributed to several others, including the "Lawsuit Hell," cover, an investigation of Rush Limbaugh's drug problems and profiles of both John Kerry and John Edwards. She frequently contributes pieces to the Periscope and writes book reviews for the Arts section.

Prior to joining Newsweek, she was Assistant Editor at GQ, covering style, culture, travel and contributing regular book and movie reviews as well as a humorous monthly grooming column.  While at GQ, she also selected and co-edited fiction published in the magazine and picked finalists for the Frederick Exley fiction competition.  She also worked at quarterly literary magazine the Paris Review, where she selected short stories for publication.

A regular contributor to the New York Times Book Reviews, Meadows most recently reviewed the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth controversial book, "Unfit for Command." She also written for New York Magazine, the Village Voice, Glamour, Self, Time Out New York and Details.

She graduated Cum Laude from Duke University with a B.A. in English.  She lives in Brooklyn, New York.