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Courtney Love, Sharon Stone & More Stars Who Abuse the Help (Photos)

Courtney Love is being sued for ‘despicable conduct’ by an ex-assistant. See stars who abuse the help.

Courtney Love just got sued by her ex-assistant for acting with ‘an improper and evil motive.’ From Sharon Stone telling her nanny not to speak to Queen of Mean hotel manager Leona Helmsley (whose employees set up a warning system to avoid her rage), meet famous people who mistreat their help.

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Courtney Love

 Courtney Love is apparently big on promises (but not so big on keeping them). When Love hired her now-ex-assistant Jessica Labrie—who doubled as a “forensic research aide”—in June 2010, she allegedly promised bonuses, promotions, a job on the set of a Nirvana biopic, a full-tuition scholarship to Yale, and a job at Love’s music management company—none of which Love followed through with. Most of the lawsuit however, centers around $2,000 of unpaid wages (both regular and overtime) and allegations about attempting to force Labrie to hire a computer hacker and fake legal correspondence. Labrie, who is seeking unspecified damages, alleges that she suffered headaches, insomnia, anxiety and depression at the hands of her former boss, whom she says “acted with an improper and evil motive amounting to malice or despicable conduct.”

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Sharon Stone

The Casino actress has recently been sued by her former housekeeper and nanny, who alleges that Stone verbally abused her with comments related to her Filipino ethnicity and heritage. Erlinda Elemen also claims the actress violated labor laws during the six years Elemen cared for Stone’s three children. The nanny lived in their home for part of the time and was later fired. The statements say Stone told the nanny not to speak to the children because she didn’t want her children talking like the Filipino employee and made other comments that made Filipinos seem stupid.

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Naomi Campbell

The British model has been repeatedly accused of slapping, kicking, and scratching by housekeepers, assistants, drivers, and her therapist. She also assaulted two police officers in a London airport. She has pleaded guilty to a few of the charges against her, one of which was third-degree assault in the case where she threw her cellphone at her assistant, Ana Scolavino, causing a gash in the back of the maid’s head.

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Meg Whitman

The current president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard employed her housekeeper for nine years before firing the Latino woman. Nicky Santillan sued her former employer in 2010 for financial and emotional abuse, claiming the fourth-richest woman in California at the time knew of her illegal immigration status during the entire length of employment and fired her for the sake of Whitman’s campaign. Whitman, who was running for the California governor seat, said she forgot about past letters from the Social Security Administration claiming that the CEO’s housekeeper’s information was not adding up.

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Rob Lowe

Although the nanny loved the kids, the love just was not enough. Jessica Gibson spoke out in 2008, claiming her West Wing boss sexually harassed her. The nanny also said she did not receive proper pay for her hours worked. Although he has shared all his secrets, the Parks and Recreation actor did not want to say anything about this story. Lowe and his wife fought back, claiming Gibson was not telling the truth. Plenty of emails back and forth between the two came to light amid the drama.

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Scott Rudin

The Social Network producer probably will not request to be your friend. He has reportedly fired more than 250 employees during his time in the entertainment industry—including a blind employee. The boss allegedly has stopped in the middle of freeway traffic to make an assistant get out of the car and fired another assistant for bringing the wrong type of muffin. With word of desks overturning and cellphones smashing, we’re surprised the famous producer still has individuals lining up to be his next assistant.

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Jennifer Lopez (or Her Manager)

You would think the Maid in Manhattan actress knew how it felt to be the help. But she reportedly verbally abused her driver, Hakob Manoukian, who began driving for the American Idol judge in 2005. The facts do not add up completely, given that the driver left his personal business to become Lopez’s head of security and transportation and Lopez and former husband Marc Anthony loved him as an employee. The abuse mainly came from Lopez’s manager, Benny Medina, who didn’t like the Iraqi employee from the beginning and encouraged Lopez to demote him. The ex-driver says he was forced to resign his job.

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Leona Helmsley

The late Leona Helmsely, nicknamed “Queen of Mean,” became increasingly rude to employee Charles Bell after she found out the five-star Park Lane Hotel manager was gay. A $40 million lawsuit occurred in 2003 when Bell stated that his Manhattan hotelier boss used verbal abuse and even slapped him. He was awarded more than $11 million at the end of the civil case. The employees in her hotels were well aware of her temper, and even set up a warning system between the hotels to let one another know the queen was on her way with rage.

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Gordon Ramsay

Sometimes an individual can be brilliant in one arena and awful in another. Although the Hell’s Kitchen judge might be fantastic at cooking, his employee relationships are far from it. The British chef leads an environment that could well represent the name of his show. Known for his colorful language and making numerous contestants cry, the TV-show host might go too far on certain occasions. His “jokes” have even led to police interaction.