Earthquake Shakes Haiti

Thousands are feared dead, killed by a 7.0 quake that hit Port-au-Prince, even destroying the presidential palace. Washington has pledged aid to the poverty-stricken nation. View our gallery of the devastation.

Logan Abassi, Minustah / Getty Images

Logan Abassi, Minustah / Getty Images

Haitians set up impromptu tent cities in Port-au-Prince. Much of Port-au-Prince was reduced to rubble by the quake on January 12, but the airport was operational, opening the way for international relief aid to be ferried in by air as well as by sea.

Carlos Barria / Reuters

A boy stands at an open area camp where people are staying after the earthquake.

Juan Barreto, AFP / Getty Images

Local residents wander amidst the ruins of their hometown. More than 30 aftershocks struck the capital, where more than two million people live, most in the grip of poverty.

Jaun Barreto, AFP / Getty Images

A man makes his way amidst lifeless bodies outside the morgue.

Ricardo Arduengo / AP Photo

Bodies of earthquake victims lay on a street in Port-au-Prince.

Ricardo Arduengo / AP Photo

People search for survivors under the rubble of a collapsed building.

Carlos Barria / Reuters

A boy sits next to the remains of a destroyed school.

Ricardo Arduengo / AP Photo

Survivors gather outside Haiti's National Palace, which was damaged by the earthquake.

Top: Cpl. Matthew McGregor, Department of National Defence / AP Photo; Bottom: Jorge Cruz / AP Photo

A before and after shot of Haiti's National Palace in Port-au-Prince.

Montreal La Presse, Ivanoh Demers / AP Photo

People carry a body through the streets of Port-au-Prince.

Xinhua / Landov

Injured people are transported by truck.

Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Residents pass by collapsed buildings.

Ivanoh Demers, Montreal La Presse / AP Photo

A man carries an injured child outside Hotel Villa Creole.

Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

An injured child receives medical treatment.