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All About the Math in Ohio

As Obama maintains a slim lead in Ohio the state has become an arithmetic problem for both campaigns—measuring early voting and overall turnout, and making sure voters get to the polls.

The weather is getting cold, but the ground game here in Ohio is already hot.The polls are tight in the Buckeye State with President Obama maintaining a small but steady lead of between two and four points in most polls. Ohio is his firewall and Romney’s must-win state, at least in terms of precedent—no Republican has ever won the White House without it.

Stars You Want on Your Side

It’s been another big campaign season for celebrity endorsements. From Lady Gaga to Donald Trump, The Daily Beast crunched the numbers to find out which stars generate the most political publicity.
Colckwise from top left: Kevin Winter / Getty Images; Pete Souza / The White House; Stan Honda / AFP-Getty Images; Andy Martin Jr. / ZUMA Press

The Daily Beast crunched the numbers to find out which celebrities generate the most political publicity.

How Obama Seals the Deal

Sandy has stopped Mitt’s momentum cold and transferred it to the president. Michael Tomasky on what Obama needs to do in the final days.
Jacquelyn Martin / AP Photo

The picture is taking shape. It’s still early for predictions—I’ll do that over the weekend or Monday. But let me put it this way. While there are certainly a few known unknowns, and always the possibility of the emergence of one more unknown unknown, I’d sure rather be Barack Obama right now than Mitt Romney.

Romney Stranded by Sandy

The candidate was sidelined as odd couple Obama and Christie toured storm-damaged New Jersey and exchanged compliments. Howard Kurtz on how Romney gets back in the game.
Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Photo

With President Obama getting a bear hug from Chris Christie as he toured storm-battered New Jersey, Mitt Romney is facing an unusual challenge: pushing his way back into the national debate. Romney strategists are downplaying the brief marriage of convenience between Obama and Christie, who keeps praising the president’s response to Hurricane Sandy while professing not to “give a damn” whether Romney visits the state.

The Real Reason Mitt Is Comic Gold

Romney jokes on late-night TV outpaced Obama jokes 2-1, according to a George Mason study. So why’s Mitt so funny? From his uncoolness to his refusal to go on their shows, Lloyd Grove gathers a few explanations.
Susan Walsh / AP Photo

As a voter, David Letterman apparently has little use for Mitt Romney. But as a late-night comic, Letterman can’t get enough of him. “Mitt Romney looks like a guy modeling briefs on a package of underwear,” he joked recently on CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman.

Obama Up by 8 in Wisconsin

President leads Romney 51 percent to 43 percent.
Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images

President Obama opened up a commanding lead in the latest survey of Wisconsin voters. Marquette Law School released a poll on Wednesday that shows the president is up by 8 points over his Republican challenger in the Badger State.

The Political Dirty-Trick Season

John Avlon catalogs the efforts to discourage the “wrong” voters from showing up on Tuesday.
Darren Hauck / Getty Images

’Tis the season for dirty tricks.Less than one week out from Election Day, we are witnessing a war of attrition, a game of inches. With state polls this close, every vote counts. And so beyond the positive effort to outdo the other party’s ground game and early-voting pushes, there is a negative corollary: voter suppression, confusion, and intimidation.

Chrysler Fights Mitt’s Jeep Claims

GOP’’s Ohio ads saying production moving to China.
J.D. Pooley / Getty Images

Fact checkers, unite! The Chrysler CEO on Tuesday pushed back against Mitt Romney’’s ads in Ohio that say the company is considering moving Jeep production from the state to China. In an email to employees, Chrysler chief executive Sergio Marchionne insisted the company will not move existing U.

Mitt’s Bipartisan Myth

There is little reason to think that Moderate Mitt is anything but the latest political ploy from a chameleon with no consistent core beyond his own ambition, writes John Avlon.
Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images

Turn on the television in any swing state these days and you’re likely to see Mitt Romney smiling wistfully and saying this:“Republicans and Democrats both love America. But we need to have leadership — leadership in Washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done.

Obama’s New Best Friend

The president will tour hurricane-damaged areas with his new pal, Chris Christie. Howard Kurtz on how Obama picked off one of Romney’s stars.
AP Photo

For New Yorkers, hurricanes are disastrous events that happen somewhere else, way down south, far from the towering spires of the nation’s financial capital.There was always an unspoken touch of condescension as the masters of the universe watched the poor souls in Florida or Louisiana grappling with storm damage, or snickered as Washington was virtually shut down by heavy rains.


The past few days have offered both Romney and Obama reasons for optimism. Douglas E. Schoen and Jessica Tarlov analyze the latest polls.
Charlie Neibergall / AP Photo

The 2012 campaign has featured moments of wild unpredictability, and the past few days have been no exception. There are new data points to consider, new variables to weigh—and a number of (different) reasons for both candidates to be feeling optimistic.

Hey Congress, Wake Up!

Sept. 11 … Katrina … Disasters have interfered with elections before, and they surely will again, but Congress has still done nothing to prepare for the next big one, writes Richard Hasen.
J. Scott Applewhite / Getty Images

The destruction wrought by superstorm Sandy has been horrific enough, but if there’s anything to be grateful for, it’s the storm’s timing. If Sandy had hit just one week later, we’d be facing a constitutional crisis. As it is, there is plenty of speculation on the possible effects of the storm on the Nov.

Romney Mocked Gay Parents

In video from 2005.
Charlie Neibergall / AP Photo

In a 2005 video that recently resurfaced, Mitt Romney is seen saying that same-sex parental rights are “wrong”—, although he said earlier in 2012 that gay couples should be allowed to adopt, just not marry. The Boston Globe reported last week that while Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he tried to prevent a state agency from creating new birth-certificate forms that would allow both same-sex parents to be listed as parents of their children.

Romney’s Closing Con Game

Mitt Romney’s latest political ad makes it clear that he’s trying to portray himself as a uniter who will heal the divisions of the Obama years. Don’t believe it for a second.
Charles Dharapak / AP Photo

So one of Mitt Romney’s closing plays is that he’s the great conciliator. He released an ad several days ago and has been hitting the theme ever since, arguing that we need (as Romney said in the first debate, quoted in the ad) “leadership that … could not care less if it’s a Republican or a Democrat” that said leader is working with.

Obama’s Three Revolutions

In health care, the economy, and foreign policy, Barack Obama has achieved great things. Bernard-Henri Lévy on why he deserves to win a second term.
Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Photo

With Election Day just around the corner and the world awash in idle banter about “Obama’s broken dream,” his “vanished charm,” and even, while we’re at it, “the assassination of hope,” it is not idle to point out what should be obvious: that in four years the 44th president of the United States has pulled off no fewer than three revolutions.

Stewart: Florida Does It Again!

On 'The Daily Show's first post-election episode, Jon Stewart questioned the Sunshine State's relevance. Sorry, Florida, we elected a president without you.

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