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Will Barack Become Poppy?

If Obama loses, he’ll be remembered just as George H.W. Bush is. Andrew Romano on history’s peculiar amnesia—and how Romney could benefit.
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Want to know what will happen to Barack Obama if he loses to Mitt Romney on Nov. 6? Just look at what happened to George H.W. Bush after he lost to Bill Clinton in 1992.You remember George H.W. Bush, right? You know, the other George Bush? The one who acted all wimp-like; who shattered his “read my lips” tax pledge; who presided over a recession; who could only muster a jobless recovery in response; who added more than a trillion dollars to the national debt; and who was finally, unceremoniously dumped by America after one lackluster term, making way (thank goodness) for President Clinton’s centrist blend of balanced budgets and business-friendly policies—a blend that was directly responsible, incidentally, for 116 consecutive months of economic growth, the longest stretch in U.

Obama Targets MTV Vote

Discusses his daughters and music.
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The coolness factor is back—after a string of late-night show appearances, Obama is aiming young: MTV-viewer-young, to be exact. There are 45-million voters between the ages of 18 and 29, which is a make-or-break chunk—if they get to the voting booth.

Chicago Tribune Endorses Obama

Despite GOP leanings.

To be fair, there probably would have been riots in the city if they'd chosen the other guy. The Chicago Tribune editorial board broke with its traditional conservatism for the second election in a row and endorsed President Obama for another term Friday.

Sen. Harry Reid Hospitalized

After six-car accident in Nevada.
@Blasky / Twitter

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was rushed to the hospital following a six-car crash near Las Vegas on Friday. Senator Reid’s caravan accounted for four of the cars involved in the accident, which happened shortly after 1 p.

Poll: Obama Leads in Ohio

By four percentage points.
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With a week and a half to go before this madness is over, a new CNN/ORC International poll is showing the president with a substantial four-percentage-point lead in Ohio, arguably the most important battleground state. The poll, out Friday and conducted postdebate this week, has Mitt Romney coming in at 46 percent and President Obama holding 50 percent of the support in the state.

Mourdock Still Tied, Says Mourdock

Other polls say his opponent is in the lead.

According to a poll commissioned by Richard Mourdock, Richard Mourdock is doing just fine in light of the inflammatory comments he made on rape earlier this week. The internal poll--conducted by a GOP firm--released Friday, shows the Indiana Republican tied with Rep.

Dunham Makes Ad for Obama

Likens voting to losing virginity.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images for The New Yorker

Lena Dunham lost her virginity to Barack Obama—voting virginity, that is. The Girls star talks all about it, too, in a new ad stumping for the president called “Your First Time.” Dunham talks about casting her ballot for Obama in a clip that’s chock full of innuendos: “Your first time shouldn’t be just with anybody.

Obama: Stay Out of Women’s Health

Addresses recent rape comment controversies.
Tony Dejak / AP Photo

Count the president among those who have just about enough of the controversies surrounding Republicans’ comments about rape. President Obama urged politicians to stay out of women’s health issues during an interview Thursday night that aired on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams.

Obama, Romney on Pace to Raise $2B

By Election Day.
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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are both billion-dollar men. The presidential candidates, with the help of their respective parties, are each on track to raise more than $1 billion by Election Day, according to financial disclosures filed by their campaigns on Thursday.

The Great Obama-Loathing Canon

Whiny, Radical, Manchurian, Evil Communist Sharia Gangster: The Anti-Obama Canon. By Michael Keller and Matthew DeLuca. PLUS: John Avlon takes down the high-priced hardcover bile.

Whiny, Radical, Manchurian, Evil Communist Sharia Gangster: The Anti-Obama Canon

The Obama Haters Book Club

John Avlon runs through the overheated, often unhinged obsessively anti-Obama canon. PLUS: An interactive stroll through the hate.

Welcome to the Obama Haters Book Club—a parallel universe of fear mongering for fun and profit. Over the past four years, no less than 89 obsessively anti-Obama books have been published, as now catalogued by The Daily Beast. I’m not talking about cool statements of policy difference, but overheated and often unhinged screeds painting a picture of the president as a dangerous radical hell-bent on undermining the Republic by any means necessary.

Exclusive: Bill Bain Speaks

Mitt Romney’s oldest mentor, Bill Bain—the founder of Bain & Co. and Bain Capital—defends his company and dismisses political attacks.
Justine Schiavo / The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Since the presidential campaign began, tens of millions of dollars have been spent heaping dirt on Bill Bain’s name. Bain Capital—the investment firm envisioned by Bain and led by his protégé, Mitt Romney—is likely the most-attacked private company in the history of American politics.

Why Obama Will Win

Was it all a bluff? As Mitt Romney’s ‘surge’ erodes, the Republican nominee’s campaign faces reality. Across the swing states, the polls show the president holds the advantage.
Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Photo

We have now witnessed the penultimate phase of Mitt’s moderate makeover tour.He pleaded nolo contendre in the final presidential debate—perhaps wisely because his comprehension of foreign policy evidences all the depth of a sound bite.

How Would Romney Govern?

If he wins the presidency, will Romney drag his party toward the center or become a doormat for the arch-conservative wing? By Eleanor Clift.
Charles Dharapak / AP Photo

Planning for a possible Romney presidency is well underway with a transition office open in Washington and the FBI doing background checks on likely appointees. House Republican leaders regularly convene “two scenarios meetings” to calibrate “the tone and tenor” of their response depending on the election outcome.

Obama’s Early Voting Edge

As the president cast a first-ever pre-Election Day ballot, early voting experts say the returns to date show signs of Democratic momentum. James Warren reports.
Mandel Ngan / AFP-Getty Images

President Obama joined a surge in hometown voters casting an early election ballot Thursday, trekking to an austere Chicago community center where the waiting-room seats are now off limits after becoming a hangout for drug dealers.

Stewart: Florida Does It Again!

On 'The Daily Show's first post-election episode, Jon Stewart questioned the Sunshine State's relevance. Sorry, Florida, we elected a president without you.

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