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The Stimulus and Health Care President Runs on ... Tires and Cars?


President Obama passed the largest anti-recession stimulus in American history, bigger than the spending programs of the New Deal relative to the economy.He pushed through the grand health reform for which Democrats have yearned since the 1930s.

Qatar’s Emir Visits Gaza Strip

First trip by a head of state to Gaza since 1999.
Said Khatib, AFP / Getty Images

The emir of Qatar became the first head of state to visit the Gaza Strip in 13 years on Tuesday, in a trip called “astounding” by Israel. Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani crossed into Gaza from Egypt with a large international delegation, and was given the VIP treatment by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh—and his archrival, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, saying he hoped the visit would not undermine efforts to rebuild Palestine.

‘Horses and Bayonets’ Wins

Immediately trends on Twitter after Obama makes comments.
Marc Serota / Getty Images

The first debate had Big Bird, the second had “binders full of women,” and it looks like the third is claiming “horses and bayonets” as its catchphrase—and this one was uttered by President Obama. On Monday night, Obama slammed Mitt Romney for saying the Navy has fewer ships now than it did in 1916, retorting “Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military’s changed.

Polls: Obama Won Debate

But unlikely to get bounce.
Mandel Ngan, AFP / Getty Images

The early results are in: President Obama won the third and final debate on Monday night. A CNN snap poll had 48 percent of registered voters saying Obama won the debate, with just 40 percent putting it as a win in Mitt Romney’s territory.

Indie Rockers: We Hate Mitt!

At San Francisco’s Treasure Island Music Festival, Marlow Stern canvassed some of indie rock’s brightest stars to ask who they’re supporting in the upcoming presidential election. Verdict? Team Obama, all the way.
Getty Images (3)

In the mainstream rock world, the battle lines have already been drawn.While President Obama has attracted the support of the Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews, the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, who penned a short missive backing Obama’s reelection effort, Team Romney has the decidedly less hip Kid Rock, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, and others in his back pocket.

Romney Wins Debate War

The president may have won the Lynn University debate on points, but he scored no ‘knockout punch’—leaving Romney the winner of the debates narrative with his decisive first victory in Denver, says ace debate coach Brett O’Donnell.
Jewel Samad / Getty Images

Both men approached Monday’s debate behaving as if President Obama were the underdog. The president was clearly the more aggressive of the two and Governor Romney less so, playing it safe while putting his knowledge on display to pass the commander-in-chief test.

The Best Horses & Bayonets Photos

Following the grand tradition of Big Bird and Binders Full of Women, the third debate spawned yet another viral catchphrase: “Horses and Bayonets.” As the Internet gleefully seizes on Obama’s zinger, we round up the funniest meme photos.

Big Bird, Binders Full of Women, and, now, Horses and Bayonets. The funniest meme photos from the latest debate catchphrase.

George W. Bush Won This Debate

Tuesday night’s discussion was built around George Bush’s definition of foreign policy as American military policy. Obama, Romney, and Bob Schieffer worked through that prism, with little mention of the vast shifts in economic power that are remaking the globe.

Barack Obama didn’t win tonight’s foreign-policy debate. Neither did Mitt Romney. George W. Bush did.Bush won it because the framework for understanding the world that he put in place after Sept. 11 still holds, even though it wildly distorts the world that the next president will actually face.

Horses, Bayonets & Battleships

First it’s a line from ‘Friday Night Lights,’ now it’s talk of battleships and bayonets. Why does the oeuvre of Peter Berg keep getting thrown into Mitt Romney’s speeches?

“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”Mitt Romney’s apparent obsession with that slogan, used by the small-town high-school football team depicted on the now-defunct TV series Friday Night Lights, is a real head-scratcher. It came up once more during the fourth and final debate—a topsy-turvy affair in Boca Raton, Fla.

Tonight’s a Reminder of Why So Few Americans Care About Foreign Policy

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Tonight's debate reminded me of that Saturday Night Live sketch from the 2000 debate in which Darrell Hammond's Al Gore answered, "I agree" to everything said by Will Ferrell's George W. Bush. On Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Romney again and again repudiated any substantial policy difference between himself and the president.

About the FP Debate, Frum-Shrum Style

Is live now, and should be on iTunes by tomorrow morning.

Obama’s Night Not Good Enough

The president was strong in his final battle with Romney. But he’s not generating enthusiasm among youth voters like last time. Mark McKinnon dissects the trouble spots.
Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Three debates: two close, one a slam dunk. President Obama had a good night, but Romney was calm and presidential. So overall, net advantage over the course of the three debates goes to Romney. The wave of enthusiasm that swept Barack Obama into office in 2008 has ebbed.

Mitt’s Soft Sell

Obama attacked early and often, while Romney stayed calm and agreed a lot. Michelle Cottle on a showdown that won’t much move the needle.
Marc Serota / Getty Images

Was it just me, or did the Mommy and Daddy Parties switch places in tonight’s debate?Stylistically, Romney came across as significantly softer than Obama. While the governor maintained the even-keeled, well-modulated manner he has displayed throughout so many of these debates, the president was fierce and crisp, verging on bellicose and pissed-off.

Romney: U.S. Is ‘Hope of the Earth’

Obama: ‘I will fight for your families.’
Jewel Samad, AFP / Getty Images

After three face-offs and “way too many ads,” as President Obama joked, the presidential-debate circuit concluded Monday night, weeks before the general election. The president concluded by laying out voters’ two choices: a president who is winding down two wars and helping a crashing economy rebound, and a Republican rival who wants to duplicate the policies of George W.

Obama Slams Passive Mitt As ‘Reckless’

President rips his rival for being “all over the map” while Romney barely fights back. Howard Kurtz on why the Republican played rope-a-dope.
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

President Obama accused Mitt Romney of “wrong and reckless leadership that is all over the map” at their final debate Monday night, while Romney took a strikingly sober and subdued approach in response.Uncorking a half-dozen attacks within minutes as his rival sat across the table in Boca Raton, the president tried to eviscerate Romney on foreign policy.

Stewart: Florida Does It Again!

On 'The Daily Show's first post-election episode, Jon Stewart questioned the Sunshine State's relevance. Sorry, Florida, we elected a president without you.

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