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Romney Neutralizes Bin Laden Card

First to bring up al Qaeda kill.
Saul Loeb, AFP / Getty Images

It took an hour for President Obama to bring up the killing of Osama bin Laden in the third presidential debate. Mitt got to it first! But when Obama got to the topic, he chided Mitt Romney for his position on the matter in 2004, recalling that Romney said, “We shouldn’t move heaven and earth to get one man.

Debate Zinger: ‘Horses and Bayonets’

During debate on military.
Mark Wilson / Getty Images

“Horses and bayonets”: An undeniably awesome band name idea, and Obama’s best zinger in the first half of the presidential debate on foreign policy. Romney blasted Obama for cutting military funding by $1 trillion, saying the Navy needs more ships, the Air Force needs newer and more planes, and the country can no longer afford to two conflicts.

Obama: You’re Stuck in the 1980s

Jabs Romney on calling Russia a threat.
Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images

The third presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney began with a feisty spat over strategy in the Middle East. Romney accused Obama of making no progress in the area, saying, “We can’t kill our way out of this mess.

Foreign Policy Debate Live-Blog

Rick Wilking-Pool/Getty Images

(10:31) Nevermind on the debate call. Obamney wins. (10:27) The theme of this evening: disappointment.I remember naively supporting Obama in 2008 because I hoped he cared about civil liberties and thought for the future. What we saw tonight was a conservative Democrat who fights to preserve the economy of the 20th century, a bipartisan consensus in favor of a foreign policy that endangers the America we love, and a Republican who could criticize the President but can't seem to figure out a way forward.

Kids Pick Obama in Nickelodeon Election

65 percent prefer the Pres. to Romney.

If it were up to America's youth, President Obama would be re-elected by a landslide. 65 percent of the 520,000 kids who participated in Nickelodeon's "Kids Pick the President" election cast their online ballots for Obama.

Akin Adviser: McCaskill a ‘Bullshitzu’

It's a joke, get it?
Whitney Curtis / Getty Images

At least Todd Akin and his staff are on the same page. The Senate hopeful's comparison of incumbent opponent Claire McCaskill to a dog this weekend elicited gasps from the media and public alike. (Akin said McCaskill goes to Washington to "fetch.

‘The New Yorker’ Endorses Obama

With a tempered list of his achievements and failures.

In a detailed account of President Obama's political achievements and shortcomings compared with those of Mitt Romney, the editors of The New Yorker laid out all of the reasons for deciding Obama deserves a second term in the Oval Office.

Google Loves ‘Paul Ryan Shirtless’

Nine times more than “Paul Ryan budget.”
Mary Altaffer / AP Photo

Google, Google, on the Internet, who is the fairest politician of them all? The New York Times has some startling search engine statistics, specifically when it comes to the fruits of vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s workout regimen.

Obama Touts Foreign Policy

Says he ended the Iraq war in new ad.
Mandel Ngan, AFP / Getty Images

No doubt practicing for tonight’s debate, the Obama campaign has released a new ad focused on the president’s foreign policy achievements. “A decade of war that cost us dearly,” the ad says. “And now for president, a clear choice: President Obama ended the Iraq war.

Poll: Obama’s Ohio Lead Narrows

Holds 5-point lead on Romney.
Al Behrman / AP Photo

Will it be enough? President Barack Obama holds a 5-point lead on Mitt Romney in Ohio according to a new Quinnipiac University/CBS News poll. The Obama campaign is waging a defensive ground war in the battleground state, which may prove an Electoral College bulwark against Romney’s chances at the White House.

Bar Low for Mitt on Foreign Policy

In third debate.
Evan Vucci / AP Photo

If Mitt does what the president did in the first debate—just show up—he might scrape by. The Republican nominee’s advisers say a low bar is set for Romney as they prepare for the third presidential debate, which will focus on foreign policy.

‘Pissed Off’ About Anita Dunn

Top Obama aides were stunned by disclosures that the ex-aide and current campaign adviser is so active with firms lobbying the administration. James Warren reports.
William B. Plowman / NBC NewsWire / Getty Images

White House and campaign officials privately are voicing chagrin and surprise over the extent of presidential confidante Anita Dunn’s extensive consulting work for firms lobbying the administration on policies and regulations at the very time she is a key reelection adviser.

Why Kerry’s for Obama

He’s a strong supporter of women’s equality. He backs a woman’s right to choose. And he’s fought for good health care for all, says ‘Scandal’ star Kerry Washington.
Alex Wong / Getty Images

We, the people. Throughout our history, we’ve expanded the meaning of our nation’s founding phrase, to include more and more of our citizens because we believe that the American dream isn’t about any one person or segment of society.

The Debate’s Key Question

The Benghazi attack might signal an al Qaeda shift from high-end global plots to low-end local attacks. The candidates need to go beyond ‘gotcha’ and discuss how they will wage the ongoing war against al Qaeda as the terrorist threat evolves, says former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley.
Carolyn Kaster / AP Photo

We’ve been at war with al Qaeda for at least 11 years and still don’t know how to have an effective political or, more important, strategic conversation about it. In the five weeks since the Benghazi attack, we’ve spent far more time arguing about what to call it than discussing its implications.

Stewart: Florida Does It Again!

On 'The Daily Show's first post-election episode, Jon Stewart questioned the Sunshine State's relevance. Sorry, Florida, we elected a president without you.

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