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6 Absurd Excuses for Mitt’s Defeat

The GOP is predictably casting about for reasons to explain away Mitt Romney’s defeat. From Chris Christie to Hurricane Sandy to a lone Black Panther, see the culprits Republicans are blaming for their loss.

Nobody likes to be called a loser. And nobody likes to be at fault. So after losing the White House to a supposedly socialist, secret Muslim for the second time in four years, the Grand Old Party started its latest finger-pointing campaign: assigning others the blame for losing the presidential election.

Obama Claims Victory in Florida

Romney himself yet to officially concede.

More than 40 hours after the state’s polls closed on election night, the Obama campaign claimed victory in Florida Thursday. “I wish President Barack Obama congratulations on his reelection and on winning Florida’s 29 electoral votes,” Florida’s Democratic Party chair said in a statement.

Florida’s Messy Democracy

Republican legislation and a long ballot led to shamefully long lines in the Sunshine State. But Latino voters represented anyway, as Winston Ross reports.
Alan Diaz

Curled up on a couch Wednesday night just inside the open doors of the Cuba Ocho Art and Research Center in the heart of Miami’s Little Havana are Roberto Ramos, and his wife, Yeney Farinas-Ramos. They own this 5,700-square foot gallery and cultural center and they are exhausted, enjoying their first real moment since a chaotic Election Day.

Did Ryan Help or Hurt?

Joe Biden stumbled along the way, but helped deliver in battleground states when it mattered. Did Mitt’s pick do the same? Paul Alexander rates the 2012 undercard.
Mary Altaffer / AP Photo

For a major-party nominee, the selection of a running mate is the first “presidential” decision. Some choices have worked out well. In 1992, when Bill Clinton selected a fellow Southerner, Sen. Al Gore of Tennessee, to create the “Double Bubba” ticket, he energized a new generation in the Democratic Party.

It's Mañana in America

Latinos turned out and voted in record numbers, deciding key races in states like Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Texas. Now the challenge is to get all Latino voters to tune in and remain engaged, the actress writes.
Eric Gay / AP Photo ; (inset) Getty Images

I was sitting at a lunch counter on Monday, less than 24 hours before the polls opened, thinking about the one thing that was keeping me up most nights: on Election Day, would Latinos show up and translate our potential to political power?Just then, I heard two voices—loud, vibrant, New Yorker accents belonging to a pair of strong women.

Political Necktie Fiasco

From Chris Matthews to Karl Rove and Juan Williams, the men on your TV screen Tuesday night were dutifully decked out in establishment neckwear. Blake Gopnik reviews the sorry state of affairs.

On Tuesday night, I watched the election with a brother and nephew keen on calling each state’s outcome minutes before MSNBC did—foolishness, I pointed out, since they had only to wait a few hours to learn confirmed results. But for these two puerile sports fans, the evening was almost as much about the play-by-play as how things turned out.

Ballot Initiative Wins and Fails

Voters approved same-sex marriage in three states and pot measures in two, along with various restrictions on health care. From taxes to abortion to affirmative action and the death penalty, The Daily Beast looks and which ballot initiatives won and which failed on Election Day.
Ted S. Warren / AP Photo

Same-sex marriage supporters celebrated across the country Tuesday night as Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington all passed referendums supporting legal unions for gay couples, while pot proponents cheered the momentous marijuana measures that passed.

The Cost of Alienating Women

The obsession with contraception, the ‘legitimate rape’ kerfuffle, the attacks on Planned Parenthood—all combined to sink Romney and other GOP candidates on Election Day. Eleanor Clift reports.
Robyn Beck / Getty Images

Asked what she would be looking for on Election Night, Cokie Roberts said on ABC’s Sunday show: “I’m going to be watching women. I’m very curious to know whether this year Republicans have done to women what they’ve managed to do to Hispanics and blacks.

The Lyingest Presidential Campaign?

Romney was hammered for telling outrageous lies, and both campaigns kept fact-checkers busy, leading to claims that 2012’s election was the most dishonest ever. But not only is serial deception not new—voters are complicit, says Michael Moynihan.
David Kohl / AP Photo

As Paul Ryan delivered his speech to the Republican National Convention in August, a phalanx of partisans and pundits lurked on Twitter and in the blogosphere, aggressively fact-checking his every utterance. Ryan offered a rather large, slow-moving target—it was a red-meat campaign speech, after all—and the following day a narrative had developed: While all politicians engage in some level of dishonesty, the Romney-Ryan ticket was preternaturally, if not historically, dishonest.

Who’s Skewed Now?

Ultraconservatives were sure the polls were wrong—and the America they knew would reject Obama the socialist Muslim. But the election proves the Real America is something quite different, says Andrew Romano.
Mark Wilson / Getty Images

To all those ultraconservatives who were convinced that America would never reelect a “lazy” “Kenyan” “socialist” “fraud”:America is not what you think it is.I understand how you’re feeling right now. Betrayed. Bewildered. Indignant.

Why the Youth Vote Mattered

Headlines suggested the 18- to 29-year-old vote was no longer relevant in the 2012 election, but they were wrong. Comprising a record 19 percent of the electorate, young people were a key demographic. Here’s why they didn’t pick Romney.
Darren McCollester / Getty Images

This year, America lost faith in the youth vote. Headlines bemoaned a lack of enthusiasm on college campuses, deemed youths ignorant on policy, and invalidated their opinions altogether. An October poll by the Pew Research Center said young voters were “significantly less engaged in this year’s election than at a comparable point in 2008.

Second-Term Surprise

Expect the unexpected, say people who know the president well. James Warren on what’s in store for the next four years.
Paul Beaty / AP Photo

No matter how they tried, the joyous crowd of the pre-selected celebrants at Chicago’s McCormick Place could not deny the changes four years had wrought. In contrast to the unbridled spontaneity of that Tuesday night in a public park back in November 2008, this year’s Obama victory rally was the result of carefully engineered stagecraft.

Firsts for Women

Binders full of women—a record number—will serve in Congress, marking a flurry of firsts, including the first openly gay U.S. senator and the first Hindu-American in Congress. Abigail Pesta reports.
AP Photo (3)

Women made history this week, scoring a slew of interesting firsts for Congress, including the first openly gay person in the Senate, the first Asian-American woman in the Senate, and the first Hindu-American in Congress. A record number of women—binders full, some might say—will serve in Congress, with 20 in the Senate and at least 76 in the House, according to the Center for American Women and Politics.

Mitt Romney’s Fast Fade

The entourage is gone and the press corps has decamped. Lauren Ashburn on why Romney is ready to shun the spotlight—and why he shouldn’t.
Mary Altaffer / AP Photo

Willard Mitt Romney stood on the verge of ultimate power as leader of the free world. Now, just moments later, he is about to vanish from the political stage. Perhaps forever.So what’s a guy to do when booted from the national spotlight without a job? Well, if you’re Romney, you don’t have to do a whole hell of a lot.

Obama’s Reality Check

The president won a sweeping victory but still must face down House Republicans. Howard Kurtz on whether Obama has a prayer of easing Washington’s gridlock.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Most of the country had gone to sleep, but President Obama was hitting the rhetorical heights for a cheering Chicago crowd shortly before 2 a.m. Wednesday, calling for “a generous America,” “a compassionate America,” “a tolerant America.

Stewart: Florida Does It Again!

On 'The Daily Show's first post-election episode, Jon Stewart questioned the Sunshine State's relevance. Sorry, Florida, we elected a president without you.

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