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8 Stars’ Election Freak-outs

‘SNL’ vet Victoria Jackson had a complete meltdown when she found out that Mitt Romney had lost. From Trump’s apoplectic call for revolution to Cher’s ecstatic tweets, see more hilarious celebrity reactions to Obama’s win.

From Trump’s apoplectic call for a revolution to Cher’s ecstatic tweets, see hilarious celebrity reactions to Obama’s win.

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Myths, Lies and Losers

Barack Obama’s victory was more than a defeat of Mitt Romney. Obama also vanquished prejudice, winner-take-all economics, and attacks on the safety net. The winner is 21st-century America.
Jewel Samad, AFP / Getty Images

On Election Day, Barack Obama was home in Chicago on his way back to the White House—and the Romney campaign was R.I.P., lurching its last ditch way back to Pennsylvania and Ohio. As the results rolled in, the ballroom in Boston descended into despair and the crowd in McCormick Place roared as the states were called and reelection was secured.

D.C.’s Biggest Frat Party

College students celebrated Obama’s win outside the White House—a scene less emotional about hope and change and more ‘mayhem.’ Ben Jacobs reports.
Mladen Antonov / Getty Images

There were scattered beer cans, party cups, and bottles of cheap wine as young people chanted at Washington’s biggest frat party on election night. Outside the White House, that is. Dinora Orozco, an ardent Democrat originally from Chicago who had celebrated in front of the White House four years before, found the scene then to be “emotional,” but she described Tuesday night as “mayhem.

The Day Romney Lost the Election

Most savvy pundits thought Ohio would be President Obama’s firewall. But it was really the uemployment data that turned out to be his impregnable fortress. Daniel Gross reports.
Charles Dharapak / AP Photo

In a campaign full of many twists and turns, it’s clear to me precisely when Mitt Romney lost the election: Friday, Oct. 6, 2012.It may seem counterintuitive, because it was just three days after Obama’s disastrous debate performance in Denver.

Revenge of the Nerd

Like him or loathe him, Nate Silver is the election’s other big winner. Trevor Butterworth on what that means for political reporting—and why Silver’s reign might be short-lived.
Randy Stewart / Wikipedia

There are two big winners in the U.S. this morning, and the happiest one is possibly not the guy with graying hair who gets to keep running the country. Instead, Nate Silver, the nation’s 34-year old Delphic oracle can look on his mighty empire of polling data, and smile: he nailed it.

A Great Day for America

Obama’s reelection is a victory for intelligence, reason—and, yes, hope.
Jewel Samad, AFP / Getty Images

Well, there it is.As we predicted in France, as all the true friends of America foresaw—and contrary to what, until the very last minute, the distressed theoreticians of the “tight battle,” the “decisive hand-to-hand combat,” the battle that would be “won by a hair,” felt obliged to predict—Obama won by a wide margin.

The Last Gay-Marriage Battle

Every gay marriage initiative on state ballots succeeded last night. David Sessions on why evangelicals are in for an even more diminished role in Republican politics.
Ted S. Warren / AP Photo

Ahead of Tuesday’s vote, there were signs of panic in the social conservative ranks. Billy Graham, the evangelical Pope, had broken with his largely apolitical legacy and published a thinly veiled endorsement of Romney (PDF), citing abortion and gay marriage.

Obama’s Youth Support Slips

Though it improved in key swing states.
Mladen Antonov / AFP-Getty Images

He’s probably not complaining. The youth support that helped make President Obama victorious in 2008 seems to have slipped this time around, according to exit polls from Tuesday night’s election. The president still maintained a comfortable 22-point lead nationally among 18- to 29-year-olds.

Obama’s Second Chance

The president was unable to deliver on the promise of his first term. He has another opportunity now. Mark McKinnon’s hopes for the next four years.
Robyn Beck, AFP / Getty Images

Four years ago, it was as if the gods had smiled gently on Barack Obama, gifting the moment and the country with his presidency.Four years ago, I faced the most difficult decision in my professional life. I stepped away from John McCain’s presidential campaign after he won the nomination.

Obama’s Win, Bibi’s Loss

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu bet on a Romney win. Will Obama settle the score? By Dan Ephron
Charles Dharapak, File / AP Photo

The brief statement included the diplomatic essentials. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu “congratulates President Barack Obama on his election victory” and notes that the strategic alliance between the two countries is “stronger than ever.

13 Must-See Moments From Election Night

From President Obama’s moment of victory to Todd Akin’s defeat, Andrew Sullivan’s gleeful celebration to Karl Rove’s meltdown, watch the evening’s most memorable moments.
Matt Rourke / AP Photo

O’Reilly: White Establishment Now the MinorityNot surprisingly, Fox News was up to its old tricks throughout the evening, whether predicting a resounding Romney victory or belittling Obama’s success. In speculating how the president might pull off a reelection, Bill O’Reilly pulled the race card, arguing that “the white establishment is now the minority” and the country is “not a traditional America anymore.

Obama’s Call to Arms

No rosy platitudes for the president after this hard-fought victory—instead, Obama spoke about the long journey and the necessary compromises ahead. Lloyd Grove on the president’s dose of castor oil.
Saul Loeb / Getty Images

You’d think that after winning a brutish, grueling, obscenely expensive contest to hold on to the power of the White House—an interminable bickerfest for which the candidates and their allies spent billions of dollars to savage each other—President Obama might have offered a few brief, sunny words, gotten off the stage, and gone home to catch up on sleep.

Europeans React to Obama Win

Another four years? ‘Meh,’ say people in Paris. By Christopher Dickey.
Thomas Samson / AFP-Getty Images

Europe —and much of the rest of the world —breathed a collective sigh of relief at the news of President Barack Obama’s win of a second term. The front page of the French daily Libération captured the sympathy and the sentiment: Obama leaned back smiling behind the one-word headline, in English, “YES!” Earlier in the evening, a straw poll at the popular Paris watering hole, Harry’s Bar, gave Obama 305 votes to 182.

How the Election Helps Syria

After the election, the administration may be emboldened to take more aggressive action on Syria. At least that's what the rebels hope for. By Mike Giglio.
Narciso Contreras / AP Photo

As the death toll in Syria’s civil war has mounted in recent months, many rebels have wondered why the U.S. government is not doing more to aid their cause in the drawn-out bloody conflict, now entering its 20th month.Despite calling for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to step down and imposing sanctions on his regime, U.

Stewart: Florida Does It Again!

On 'The Daily Show's first post-election episode, Jon Stewart questioned the Sunshine State's relevance. Sorry, Florida, we elected a president without you.

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13 Must-See Moments From Election Night

From Obama’s win to Akin’s defeat, Sullivan’s celebration to Rove’s meltdown, watch the most memorable moments.



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A Great Day for America

Obama’s reelection is a victory for intelligence, reason—and, yes, hope.

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