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Obama's Win Widens Racial Rift

The Romney campaign banked almost entirely on white voters, while Obama's margin came from his huge lead among black and Hispanic voters, writes Joel Kotkin.
Michael Nagle / Bloomberg via Getty Images

President Obama, the man many saw as curing the country’s “scar of race,” won a second term in the most racially polarized election in decades. Overall, the Romney campaign relied almost entirely on white voters, particularly in the South and among the working class.

Michelle’s Signs of Restraint

The first lady appeared onstage for the president's victory speech in a dress she wore for the first time two years ago. Isabel Wilkinson on Michelle's economical message.
Jewel Samad / Getty Images

The hard work paid off. After months on the campaign trail, jokes and jibes and stump speeches and long lines, the election has been won: Barack Obama is our president for four more years, and Michelle Obama our first lady. “Michelle, I’ve never loved you more,” The president said to his wife in his victory speech.

Obama: The Best Is Yet to Come

Says in Chicago acceptance speech.
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In front of a crowd of thousands of dancing, flag-waving supporters, the newly minted two-term president thanked the country for reelecting him to the Oval Office for four more years. “The task of perfecting our union moves forward,” he said.

Five Amazing Fox News Freak-Outs

Karl Rove doesn’t believe it. Megyn Kelly walks it off. Bill O’Reilly plays the race card. Watch five incredible moments from Fox News’s funeral for the presidency.

Bill O’Reilly: ‘White Establishment’ Now the MinorityDon’t say you didn’t see this one coming. In speculating over how President Obama might pull off a reelection early in the evening, Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly argued that “the white establishment is now the minority,” and the country is “not a traditional America anymore.

Three Wild Races for Women

Women clocked in with some of the most dramatic wins and fails of the year, with Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Maggie Hassan triumphing, and Republican Linda McMahon suffering a multimillion-dollar blow. Abigail Pesta reports.
Jim Cole / AP

Three of the most rollicking races of the year drew to a dramatic close, with two women scoring victories and one suffering a crushing loss. In Massachusetts, Democrat Elizabeth Warren triumphed in her Senate bid, defying a blizzard of criticism.

The New Democratic Dominance

It wasn’t 1992 all over again—but 1936, when FDR won despite a terrible economy. Peter Beinart on how the GOP will keep losing if it doesn’t change with the times.
Daniel Acker / Getty Images

This campaign, like every campaign, pundits offered historical analogies. 2012 was 2004 or 1992 or 1948. But, in the end, it wasn’t any of those. It was 1936.For roughly half a century after the Civil War, Republicans dominated American politics because they dominated the North.

The Jubilant Senate Democrats

At the senatorial campaign committee party, the good news just kept on coming. Michelle Cottle reports on the Dems’ newest stars.
Whitney Curtis / Getty Images

By the time the polls started to close Tuesday night, there was zero tension among the Democrats milling about the returns-watching party at the Liaison Capitol Hill hotel. Staffers had seen the exit-poll numbers, they had heard the turnout reports, and they were feeling pretty Zen.

Potheads Rejoice!

Federal government be damned, two states voted to legalize marijuana tonight. Winston Ross on why the puffers won in Colorado and Washington—and why they went up in smoke in Oregon.
Marc Piscotty / Getty Images

Two outta three ain’t bad, man.Provided the current results hold, marijuana users in Colorado and Washington will soon be legally allowed to puff, puff, and pass—though Oregon is on its way to bogarting a weed initiative there.

Ryan Was a Dud

Not only did Romney’s vice-presidential pick fail to turn Wisconsin red; he was also missing from the national conversation in the race’s closing days. But Matt Taylor says the race still enhanced Ryan’s political prospects.
Mary Altaffer / AP

Mitt Romney won plaudits from conservative activists and Beltway insiders alike when he picked Rep. Paul Ryan, the media-anointed Republican budget guru and rising congressional star, as his running mate this August.The logic behind the Ryan pick was simple: quiet any lingering conservative discontent with Romney’s nomination and recast the presidential election as a starkly ideological choice.

Big Money, Big Losers

McMahon has now spent more of her own money on a federal seat than anyone else in American history—with two losses to show for it.
Charles Krupa / AP

Can Americans be bought? That was one of the key questions this election cycle, as unprecedented amounts of money—some $6 billion—was spent on races around the country, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Spending on House and Senate races alone reached about $1.

Romney Victory Party a Bust

It started out kinda fun, but as one state after the next fell to Obama, the mood darkened. Then things just got sad, reports David Freedlander.
Emmanuel Dunand / AFP-Getty Images

What makes Election Night parties different than perhaps any other celebration is that they take place in a sort of cable-news echo chamber. For most of the evening, the crowd at the Mitt Romney Victory Party at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center was watching Fox News.

Rockaways Scramble to Vote

Still struggling to recover from the storm, Rockaway residents moved heaven—and debris—to get to the polls. And as Obama won his second term, the hope was that he would pay more attention to the plight of hurricane victims.
Mario Tama / Getty Images

All through Election Day, weary and chilled voters converged on the big white tent that served as a makeshift polling place amidst the devastation in Rockaway. These citizens were in their eighth day without lights or heat. Many, like 60-year-old Raul Romero, also were without running water.

Five Stages of GOP Grief

Losing sucks—and healing is hard. Paul Begala offers some friendly advice to his Republican friends on how to work through their political heartbreak.
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

The most powerful and profound words of the 2012 election were spoken by Michelle Obama:  “Being president,” she said, “doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are.” So does running for president. Character is shown in adversity, and President Obama, who took office in the most adverse of circumstances; who stumbled critically in the first debate; who was hit with a depression in his first days of his term and a hurricane in the last, has shown his character.

Senate 2012: Full Results

Warren’s a win in Massachusetts, Akin is legitimately out in Missouri, and Wisconsin has sent the first openly gay senator to the Capitol. See those and more results from this year’s Senate contests.
Michael Dwyer / AP

See full results from this year’s Senate contests.

Those Neocon Blues

Over cocktails and shrimp appetizers, conservative elites get philosophical about politics as Romney prospects dim. Eli Lake reports.
Edward Linsmier / Getty Images

Inside the suburban Virginia home of prominent conservatives Danielle Pletka and Stephen Rademaker, men in sports jackets and women in cocktail dresses sip wine and snack on shrimp cocktail. Muted televisions tuned to Fox News broadcast the latest exit polls in the background.

Stewart: Florida Does It Again!

On 'The Daily Show's first post-election episode, Jon Stewart questioned the Sunshine State's relevance. Sorry, Florida, we elected a president without you.

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