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Romney Campaigns in Sanford, FL

Delivers “final argument” to swing state.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Hope and change—that’s what the Republican presidential candidate promised voters in the Sunshine State on Monday morning. Mitt Romney said that if reelected, Barack Obama would “continue to crash small business” with oppressive taxes and argued to cheers that his campaign was gaining in momentum.

The GOP Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

If Obama loses, Democrats will not despair about the party, but a Romney loss would likely mean an ideological insurrection in the GOP, Republican backbiting about alienating Hispanics, and conservatives asserting they never loved Mitt anyway.
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There are many reasons I hope Barack Obama wins on Tuesday. But here’s a less obvious one: the recriminations will be more interesting.If Obama loses, I suspect the dominant critique will be that he never said what he’d do in his second term, at least until it was too late.

What It’s Like to Lose

Mitt Romney was the unhappy man on Wednesday. Presidential losers Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, and Bob Dole on getting over over the sting of second—and advice for this year’s runner-up.

It is a fact of any election: there must be a loser. On Wednesday morning, Mitt Romney woke up to the realization that he will not be spending the next four years in the Oval Office. Those plans for the transition? Throw them in the trash.

Wanted: Republican Literature

What else is there, beyond Atlas Shrugged? James McGirk on other candidates, and why it’s so hard to find good conservative literature.

The shelves of America’s bookstores do not accurately represent the inner life of their customers. Where are the Tea Partiers dreaming of libertarian utopias? Whence the poets who howl for the rights of the unborn? The Mormon missionary comedies of manners? American literature seems to want for authors of a Republican slant.

Yelps, ‘Lies’ &Tough Talk

The battle for Illinois’ 8th District House seat features Tea Party pugilist Joe Walsh versus Democratic war hero Tammy Duckworth, with Walsh claiming the district was gerrymandered for his opponent, and Duckworth dismissing her foe as a liar who refuses to acknowledge she’s had to campaign hard.
Charles Rex Arbogast / AP Photo

Joe Walsh’s yelp—a noise he emits with startling regularity as he campaigns for reelection to the House of Representatives—is very nearly canine.“Whooo! Whooo! Whooo!” he yelps before administering a pep talk to volunteers outside his headquarters in Schaumburg, one of the Chicago suburbs where he’s waging his final, feral battle against Democrat Tammy Duckworth for Illinois’ 8th Congressional District, which will be decided Tuesday.

It’s the Future vs. the Past

The lines have been drawn—in Obama’s corner are the under-30 crowd, women under 50, and black and Hispanic voters. In Romney’s corner: white men and the elderly. John Avlon on whether the Democratic bet on the future will work.
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The fault lines in the 2012 election are the future versus the past—and not in an empty rhetorical “America is at a crossroads” sort of way. Something more fundamental and demographically measurable is at work. Consider this:President Obama’s largest margins of support come from voters under 30, women under 50, African-Americans, and Hispanics.

Romney’s Late Pennsylvania Play

The GOP nominee is making a last-ditch bid for the traditionally blue state’s 20 electoral votes as polls show him behind Obama in the race to 270. David Freedlander reports from a hastily scheduled rally where Romney arrived late and delivered a surprisingly routine speech.
Charles Dharapak / AP Photo

Mitt Romney made a dramatic move yesterday at the tail end of his presidential campaign, heading to a suburb outside Philadelphia in a late play for Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes. Only, things didn’t turn out exactly as expected, as they often don’t in the end game of a presidential campaign.

Pundits: It’s Obama!

The press is heading into Election Day increasingly confident that the president will beat Romney. Howard Kurtz on the polling and the predictions—and what will happen if they’re wrong.
Tony Dejak / AP Photo

The pundits have spoken: it’s Obama. We still have to go through the ritual of holding the election on Tuesday, but the media’s forecasters have placed their bet, and the overwhelming consensus is that the president will win a second term.

National Polls Show Close Race

But Obama leads state by state.
Shannon Stapleton, Pool / AP Photo

Come election night, President Obama could be leading by a modest average of 1.3 percentage points, according to 12 new national polls released Sunday. Overall, the polls show that while Romney and Obama are too close to call nationally, state-by-state polls give Obama a clear lead in the Electoral College.

Obama’s Going to Lose!

The Washington Redskins just lost their last home game before the presidential election—which means, according to a rule that’s predicted 17 of the last 18 White House winners, Romney will be the next president.
AP Photo (2)

Forget all the polls. Ignore Nate Silver. Just trust the Redskins Rule: Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States. Since 1940, the Redskins Rule has correctly predicted the outcome of the presidential election 17 of 18 times.

Officials: Damage Won’t Stop Vote

After major destruction from storm.

With two days to go until the presidential election, officials are doing all they can to minimize the damage from Hurricane Sandy. In New Jersey and New York, organizers say there will not be major problems for voters in the areas hit hardest.

Dems Sue to Extend Early Voting

After some voters turned away.
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Fights over voting are getting an early start: Florida's Democratic Party filed a lawsuit early Sunday seeking to extend early voting in three counties, including Miami-Dade because extremely long lines kept voters away. “The extraordinarily long lines deterred or prevented voters from waiting to vote.

7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk

David Axelrod says the GOP’s ‘in deep trouble,’ Eric Cantor attacks Obama for his ‘negativity,’ Peggy Noonan wishes America was more like England, plus more in our Sunday Talk roundup.

Axelrod: GOP ‘In Deep Trouble’On Fox News Sunday, a confident David Axelrod taunted the Romney-Ryan campaign, saying that with only two days left until the election, the GOP knows “that they’re in deep trouble.” Expounding on the ever-important state of Ohio, which many pundits say will determine the election, the Obama campaign’s senior strategist was confident the state would remain blue.

November's Crucial Ballot Initiatives

From same-sex marriage to the legalization of marijuana, here are the straight-to-voters questions that could change state laws dramatically this Election Day.
Lynne Sladky / AP Photo

Ballot initiatives are direct democracy—the cutting edge of politics—but they don’t get the respect they deserve despite the huge consequences that can come from giving citizens the rebellious ability to do an end run around their slow-moving state legislatures.

The Democrats’ Last Woman Standing

New Hampshire gubernatorial hopeful Maggie Hassan is that rarest of politicians, writes Allison Yarrow: the same person in the car as she is in front of voters.
Jim Cole

“Smoke more, study less.”That, Democrat Maggie Hassan tells a room of about 80 University of New Hampshire college students, is what their Republican-led legislature would have them do if she loses her neck-and-neck governor’s race with Ovide Lamontagne, pointing to a recent $50 million cut in public funds to the university system—and a cigarette tax cut that cost the state $20 million in revenue.

Stewart: Florida Does It Again!

On 'The Daily Show's first post-election episode, Jon Stewart questioned the Sunshine State's relevance. Sorry, Florida, we elected a president without you.

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