Elizabeth Taylor's Many Men

Screen legend Liz Taylor is engaged to be married for the ninth time. The lucky guy is 49-year-old Jason Winters, Janet Jackson’s new manager. Below, VIEW OUR GALLERY of Taylor’s many marriages and movies.

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Husband Number 1

Taylor played a bride-to-be opposite Spencer Tracy in Father of the Bride in 1950, the same year she became an actual bride and married Conrad Hilton, Jr., heir to the hotel chain. They had an extravagant wedding that was stage-managed by MGM to coincide with the release of Bride. After the publicity blitz, Taylor left with her husband for an extended European honeymoon during which she realized Hilton had an alcohol problem. The marriage only lasted a year.

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Husband Number 2

After divorcing Hilton at 19, Taylor married British actor Michael Wilding in 1952. He was 38—twice her age. The couple had two sons before separating in 1956.

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Husband Number 3

Taylor married her third husband, Michael Todd in 1957, a marriage her biographer Brenda Maddox said transformed Taylor “from a dull movie beauty into an international celebrity… and into the archetypal star goddess.” Tragically, Todd died in a plane crash only a year after they wed and Taylor was forced to fulfill contractual obligations with her studio despite her grieving process.

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Husband Number 4

Taylor caused an uproar when she married Eddie Fisher, who had been the best man in her marriage to Michael Todd only a few years prior. Fisher divorced actress Debbie Reynolds to wed Taylor, and the actress was labeled a “homewrecker” despite the couple’s insistence that Fisher’s last marriage had already been on the rocks before he hooked up with Taylor.

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Husband Number 5 & 6

Taylor and Richard Burton made $50 million on the films they made together between 1964 and 1972, and they had a reputation as big spenders who dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on jewels and a yacht. Burton bought Taylor a 33.19-carat Crupp diamond ring she still wears today, though he later bought her a 69.42-carat pear-shaped diamond. Taylor divorced Burton in 1974 but remarried him again the following year. The couple often fought, as one People magazine writer commented: “Their marriage … became a portable riot. At hotels, they would rent suites above and below their own so other guests wouldn’t overheard their brawling.” They divorced again in 1976.

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Husband Number 7

Taylor wed John Warner, a Virginia politician, in 1976. Taylor took to campaign-stumping the state during Warner’s senatorial race, and after he won the Senate seat, she endured some of the most taxing personal years of her life. “I had been a very unhappy, self-destructive person the whole time I lived in Washington,” she told Good Housekeeping. “It’s a difficult city for women anyway, and so ego-oriented it makes Hollywood look like chopped chicken liver. I wasn’t allowed to express my opinions or even wear my favorite color, purple, because Republicans didn’t like that color…”

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Husband Number 8

Taylor met Larry Fortensky, a construction worker, during her stint in substance-abuse rehabilitation. Fortensky, 40, was battling his own addiction problems and the two became friends during group therapy sessions. The two were married in 1991 at the home of Michael Jackson, Taylor’s close friend, and she helped Fortensky deal with his mother, while he gave her support as she battled pneumonia once more in 1990.

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Jason Winter

Taylor was reportedly engaged to 49-year-old Jason Winter, Janet Jackson's new manager. She told a friend Winter is "one of the most wonderful men I've ever known." Here, the pair at Macy's Passport fashion show in Santa Monica, California September 27, 2007. The show raises funds for AIDS/HIV research.