Facebook Brings in Right-Wing Website the Daily Caller to Fact-Check Articles

Facebook has brought in the right-wing news site The Daily Caller, which was co-founded by Fox News host Tucker Carlson and is known for pushing misinformation, to help fact-check articles, according to The Guardian.

Facebook announced Wednesday that it had added, part of The Daily Caller, as a media partner in its controversial fact-checking program. The program is supposed to debunk false stories on Facebook to help stop their spread. But the Caller has faced repeated accusations of running false and offensive content itself, including articles from white supremacists like Jason Kessler, the organizer of the deadly 2016 Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally.

A Harvard report on disinformation in 2016 said the site had a “key role” in “creating and disseminating stories” that promoted “anti-Muslim sentiment” and “stoked the belief among core Trump followers” that Hillary Clinton was “criminal and treasonous.” The Check Your Fact section of the site claims it is “non-partisan” and “loyal to neither people nor parties.”