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A Model’s Guide to Paris


The Daily Beast

Fashion week is fun and all, but the mad rush can be exhausting. From the perfect massage to the best place to drink, see where model Sigrid Agren hangs out off the runway.

It’s a big week for French-Swedish model Sigrid Agren, who is walking several runways during Paris Fashion Week ranked as the tenth best model in the world. Agren entered the fashion industry at the ripe age of 13, when she competed in the Elite Model Look contest in France. Although Agren lost, she was still offered a contract with Elite Model Management, beginning her nearly ten-year career in the industry. After taking a brief hiatus to complete her studies, Agren took the fashion world by storm in 2008, making her runway debut on the Prada catwalk. Since then, she’s walked for Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, and Versace, among countless others. She has appeared in editorials for Vogue Paris and Harper’s Bazaar, served as the face of Elie Saab, Carolina Herrera, and Celine, and has become one of Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite models (she’s currently a campaign star for Chanel Cosmetics). As Paris Fashion Week heats up, the now 21-year-old seasoned vet shares her favorite spots to eat, drink, and relax in the city she calls home. Bienvenue à Paris, supermodel style.


Oscar Stylists Tell-All


John Shearer/Getty

Three major celebrity stylists share what happens when zippers bust and colors change on Hollywood’s biggest night.

In many ways, the red carpet has surpassed the awards themselves as the most important—and stress-inducing—aspect of Oscar Sunday. The simplicity of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s yesteryear—think Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly—have been replaced by a spectacle where it’s all about what you wear, not who you are, or what film you were in. Between liaising with PR and design houses, samples, and ensuring both your client—and the millions of viewers watching and critiquing at home—are satisfied, a stylist’s job consists of a whole lot of nerves, and not a whole lot of sleep.

“There’s so much pressure now, especially with the internet,” stylist Anita Patrickson, whose clients include Julianne Hough, Julie Delpy, Emma Watson, and Chanel Iman, told The Daily Beast. “Everybody thinks they’re a stylist, so everybody’s got an opinion. There are hundreds of people who are critiquing your work who think they know how [styling] works, or thinking how easy it must be to just choose a dress and put it on somebody. But it definitely doesn’t work that way—some designers only work with certain people; body shapes and sizes aren’t probably as they look on the carpet; and everybody’s got their different insecurities, especially for the Oscar’s. This is the big momma of award shows.”

Caught on Camera

Exposed: Paparazzi vs. the Stars


Alison Jackson

It’s easy for most of us to shake our heads at the antics of the paparazzi. But looking over decades of celebrity shots provokes a startling revelation: we're culpable too.

From furtive nude photos of Jackie Kennedy Onassis to the latest shot of Paris Hilton falling out of her dress, photographers have been chasing down stars at inopportune moments for over half a century. And our collective obsession with celebrity only feeds this madness. A compelling new exhibition in Metz scrutinizes, visually and conceptually, the ways in which Western society manufactures and devours paparazzi-produced pop culture. Paparazzi! Photographers, Stars and Artists opened Thursday at the Centre Pompidou-Metz contemporary art museum, and will remain on display through June 9. (The venue alone is worth seeing, with its astonishing undulating roof designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban.)

For the show, curator Clément Chéroux, head of the photography department at the Centre Pompidou in Paris (and who is also responsible for the current Henri Cartier-Bresson retrospective), examined not only the ties between the photographer and the photographed over the past half-century, but also framed that relationship in relation to the art world. The work was gathered over three years, and Chéroux, who partnered with Quentin Bajac, chief curator of photography at the MoMA, clarifies that it’s an impartial exhibition—there are no “sides.” Divided into three parts—photographers, stars, and artists—the show provides a dense but clear-eyed look at this inexorable, seething facet of pop culture.

Fashion Cheat Sheet

Kanye Thinks He Is Michelangelo


Kanye West arrives at the Ghita 2008 collection during New York Fashion Week. (Eric Thayer/Reuters)

And J. Crew considers an IPO.

Kanye West Is a Modern Michelangelo: In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Kanye West once again compared himself to someone of great historical importance. During his appearance on Tuesday night’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, West paralleled his "repressed" artistic expressions to those of Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. “I give you paintings, sonic paintings,” the always opinionated rapper told Meyers. “I have synesthesia, I can see sound. So when I do fashion, I want to give you sculptures—it’s like Michelangelo, the church wanted him to paint and he wanted to do sculptures.” While there are rumors that West is re-joining the fashion world, his dedication to a single project has been noted as a bit spotty and unreliable. [Fashionista]

Pippa Jokes About Her Bridesmaid Dress: Speaking at a dinner in London for Women in Advertising and Communications, Pippa Middleton finally addressed the royal wedding day photos that brought her so much attention. She joked that while she was glad that the custom Alexander McQueen dress fit, “in retrospect it fitted a little too well.” The photos, featuring Pippa’s backside, gained her to equal recognition as her royal sister, Kate. “As I have found out, recognition has its upside, its downside and—you may say—its backside.” [LDN Fashion]


The Making of Veruschka

Fashion Cheat Sheet

Johnny Weir Takes on the Oscars

Finland Finlandia Trophy Figure Skating

Antti Aimo-Koivisto

And Helmut Lang's head designers announce resignation.

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski Take on The Oscars: Access Hollywood has answered our prayers, giving us one more night with our favorite former Olympic figure skaters-turned-Sochi commentators. On March 2, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski will kick off the channel's Academy Awards coverage with an “Oscars-outfit shopping excursion” before critiquing outfits from above the red carpet, while Billy Bush interviews award show attendees. “It’s not two clowns up there,” the show's executive producer Rob Silverstein said. “They actually know their stuff. Yes, they don’t work for InStyle or Vogue, but they don’t need to. Fashion—and our show—is about fun, and they’re fun.” [The Cut]

Giorgio Armani is Unhappy with Anna Wintour: Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani faced quite a few drawbacks when he showcased his Fall/Winter 2014 collection on the last day of Milan Fashion Week—including the absence of Anna Wintour. “There are some who prefer to snub the Giorgio Armani show and go to Paris,” the designer said in a post-show press conference. “She took an airplane, dumped Mr. Armani and went to Paris.” Considering it was an almost empty day of shows in Milan, many of the industry's leaders had already left the city for Paris Fashion Week—an issue the designer blamed on Milan Fashion Week’s organizers. [The Telegraph]

Fashion Cheat Sheet

Miranda Kerr Records Elvis Cover

Miranda Kerr Fashion CS

And LVMH invests in Marco de Vincenzo.

Miranda Kerr Records Elvis Cover: “I convinced @mirandakerr to record a little song with me for my album,” Irish-born, Australian-based musician Bobby Fox tweeted Sunday. The song, available March 4 on iTunes, is a cover of Elvis and Ann-Margaret Olsson's 1964 hit, 'You’re the Boss.' This isn’t Kerr’s first stab at vocal work, however. The international model showcased her voice in an ad campaign for Lipton iced tea that appeared in Japan. [The Telegraph]

Beyoncé Performs in Versace: After the success of a surprise album release, an international world tour, and one award ceremony performance after another, Queen Bey continues to effortlessly produce 'flawless' looks. The singer recently shared detailed photos of said outfits on her personal blog, which includes a chainmail frock and a stunning bustier mini-dress with thigh-high boots, both one-of-a-kind pieces crafted by Versace. [Elle UK]


R.I.P. Loehmann’s



Discount luxury retailers have been dropping like flies, with Loehmann’s being the latest in a long line of closures. Is this trend another sign of the demise of the middle class?

This week marks the death of one of the greatest names in American fashion. Despite enjoying a long, grand life of 93 years, many friends, family, and fans are still taking the loss very hard. 

I’m not referring to the demise of a person, but an institution. Loehmann’s, the luxury discount mecca founded by Frieda Loehmann in Brooklyn nearly a century ago, will be closing its doors for the last time this Wednesday. It had been on the brink of closure before, having filed for bankruptcy protection multiple times. Apparently, the third time proved to be the unfortunate charm. 


Dress Like a ‘Housewife'



Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards wants to transform herself from reality TV celebrity to fashion player. First came her LA boutique, and now she reveals her new clothing line for HSN.

Kyle Richards, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, can be seen on TV and in the tabloids week in week out, dealing with one controversy after the next: cheating rumors involving her husband, Mauricio, tense confrontations with co-star Carlton Gebbia, a new friendship with Brandi Glanville and, most notably, drama with her long-time frenemy Lisa Vanderpump.

But Richards is moving away from her recognition as a controversial Bravo-lebrity, and is making her foray into the fashion realm with a new clothing line aptly named Kyle by Kyle Richards. The 45-year-old reality star has teamed up with HSN to launch a series of pieces inspired by her own style. The eight-piece collection—which includes jumpsuits, frocks, and moto-jackets that seem straight out of Richards’s closet—will launch February 25. Putting Housewives talk aside, Richards talks about her fashionable childhood, dressing when you have four children, and what’s next on her fashion radar.


Lupita’s Award-Worthy Style


Rich Polk/WireImage/Getty

The Oscar nominated ‘12 Years A Slave’ actress has been owning the red carpets this awards season with a series of eye-catching dresses, and was spotted sitting front row at New York Fashion Week.

The role of Patsey, the tormented scapegoat of Mephistophelean slave owner Edwin Epps (Michael Fassbender) in Steve McQueen’s gritty drama 12 Years A Slave, is unglamorous to say the least. When she’s not out in the fields picking 500 pounds of cotton a day with the harsh Louisiana sun beating down on her, Patsey is the subject of an endless string of abuses by Epps—or occasionally, his jealous, Lady Macbeth-like wife, played by Sarah Paulson. She collects bushel after bushel of the fluffy fiber that’s a staple of fashion, but like most field slaves, is clothed in tattered dresses and isn’t even afforded a bar of soap.

So it’s been extra surprising to witness Lupita Nyong’o, the then-unknown actress who rivets as Patsey, strutting her stuff on various red carpets this awards season—a jarring about-face similar to Jennifer Lawrence’s transformation from a squirrel-chopping mountain gal in Winter’s Bone to budding fashion icon back in 2010.

So Fierce

The Biker Chicks of Morocco


Madhulika Sikka/Facebook

In her new book “The Breast Cancer Alphabet,” Madhulika Sikka dissects the pros and cons of post-chemotherapy headscarves, turbans and big shiny earrings.

You have been diagnosed with a terrible disease that for previous generations was almost always a death sentence, so it may seem a little frivolous to devote a whole section to fashion, most especially fashion accessories. But frankly, not enough attention is paid to fashion accessories at the best of times, and this is a moment when they come in useful (see “L Is for Looks”).

If you undergo chemotherapy, you will soon come to terms with the fact that you are bald (see “H Is for Hair”). Then you will spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out how to cover your head up.


American Hustle's Sexy Style


Sony Pictures

Production designer Judy Becker and costume designer Michael Wilkinson on crafting American Hustle’s style, Bradley Cooper’s tight pants, and a last-minute pasties hunt for Amy Adams.

American Hustle, filmmaker David O. Russell’s dizzying mélange of A-list stars, outré hairdos, and deceit, is not without its plaudits. The movie’s received 10 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director, and became only the second film since 1981 to receive nods in all four acting categories. It’s also strutted and sauntered its way to over $215 million worldwide.

The ‘70s-set film, loosely based on the FBI Abscam operation, centers on Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), a con artist who, along with his fake British mistress, Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), cuts a deal with FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) to help him corral some corrupt politicos. Things soon spiral out of control when the mob, and Irv’s unruly wife, Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence), gets involved.

Behind the Scenes

The Many Hairstyles of 'Girls'


Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Allison Williams. (Jessica Miglio/HBO)

Hairstylist Sherry Heart, the mastermind behind the locks on 'Girls,' dishes on Hannah's bob, Jessa's braids, and why Shoshanna has abandoned her crazy 'dos.

The girls on Girls have certainly grown and changed over the past three seasons. As Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Jessa continue on their journies of self-discovery, apparently their hair is as well. When hairstylist Sherry Heart first began working with the show on season one, she received notes that the characters needed to be “messier and more ‘real-looking.'”  "It was against my instinct to make them so messy, as a hairstylist for film and television," Heart told Refinery29. "Now that the characters are somewhat more evolved, I can produce more stylized looks for them."

Heart continues by discussing the dynamics of each character’s hairstyles and how they reflect the individual’s personality—for example, Hannah's new bob, a result of her OCD breakdown the season before, is easy to maintain now that she is consumed with writing. Marnie's polished look, on the otherhand, mirrors her attempt to keep her mental stability intact. And, we all know Shoshanna’s quirky styles have been inspired by fashion editorials, but as her focus shifts to academincs in season three, it's easy to see that Shosh too has become slightly isheveled and sporadic. [Refinery29]

Audrey Louise Reynolds

In this Fashionable Selby film, dive into Audrey's beautiful world of natural, earth-infused colors, dyes, and designs.

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