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The Next Big Hemingway


Clarke Tolton

Langley Fox might be the great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, daughter of actress Mariel, and sister of model Dree, but this up-and-coming artist is playing by her own rules while mixing art and fashion.

You might imagine growing up a Hemingway the gateway to a gilded life. After all, Ernest Hemingway was one of the greatest American authors of the 20th century. But Langley Fox, his 24-year-old great grand-daughter, is proving you can make it sans the glamorous family name.

Fox is a full-time artist and a part-time model who forsook the Hemingway surname for her middle name, Fox, because it “makes her feel like she’s a storybook character.” Nonetheless, the anonymity hasn’t kept her from captivating both the art and fashion world with a multitude of artistic collaborations. She’s been commissioned by Alice+Olivia and Louis Vuitton, landed both a Marc Jacobs fragrance campaign and a spot walking in the brand’s coveted runway show at New York Fashion Week last September, and even has a few fashion collaborations in the works.

High Fashion

The New Queens of Haute Couture

Delphine Manivet

Cécile Burban

Becoming an haute couture designer isn’t easy—it takes years of work and acceptance into the official federation. A new documentary follows two young designers hoping to make the cut.

To be officially considered an haute couture label requires meeting the precise dictates of the Fédération Française de la Couture, an establishment that sets industry standards on quality and strictly polices the application of the “haute couture” title.

#Couture: the New Queens of the Haute, a French documentary that debuted on Paris Première, spotlights two young designers who employ haute couture-style practices, but do not yet have official recognition. Iris Van Herpen and Delphine Manivet each have a technical mastery that falls within the luxurious customs of haute couture. Manivet longs to be given the distinction and invited to Haute Couture Fashion Week, while Van Herpen has already been part of the calendar since 2011 and her official status is pending (she is already a guest member of Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture). Haute couture has existed for 150 years, and important maisons (Chanel, Dior, and their ilk) have a long history of making exquisite, inimitable looks for individual clients. Inclusion in this fashion faction means not only showing collections among peers, but also truly becoming part of the history of—and contemporary conversation around—Parisian fashion.

Fashion Cheat Sheet

Kate Moss Fronts McQueen Campaign


And Jennifer Lawrence may land a major deal with Dior.

Kate Moss Fronts Latest McQueen Campaign: Alexander McQueen unveiled its Spring/Summer 2014 campaign on Monday, revealing a futuristic scene of voyeurism and voodoo and starring an equally haunting Kate Moss. The campaign, which was photographed and filmed by Steven Klein on location in East London, shows Moss in both shots with slicked-back yellow hair, holding a doll that wears a pint-sized versions of the model's ensembles. Although Moss has been a long-time collaborator with the house, and was a close friend of McQueen himself, this is the first time the supermodel has fronted a campaign for the brand. [Vogue UK]

Anne Hathaway Leaves Long-Time Stylist Racehel Zoe: Anne Hathaway's style turned heads when she arrived in Park City, Utah last week for the Sundance Film Festival. It was noted that the actress's look had evolved from her “usually girl style” into a more sophisticated, “perfectly chic and understated” look. The reason why? Hathaway has reportedly left Rachel Zoe, her stylist for almost a decade, for Penny Lovell, who is known for her work with actresses including Rose Byrne and Taylor Schilling. The duo's split, however, may not be permanent. "Rachel and Anne aren't currently working together," a source revealed to E!. "However, their relationship isn't over. Anne is just trying out something new for the time being." [Hollywood Reporter]

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Burberry Responds to Toxic Claims


And Lorde brainstorms Grammy dress ideas with fans.

Burberry Responds to Toxic Chemical Allegations: Following Greenpeace's statement that toxic chemicals were found in Burberry children’s clothing, the London-based company issued a public statement, ensuring that "all Burberry products are safe and fully adhere to international environmental and safety standards. We have an active programme dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of our supply chain, working in collaboration with our suppliers and NGOs. Greenpeace is aware of our work, which includes the commitment to eliminate from our supply chain the release of chemicals that have an environmental impact." One of the garments tested was a purple metallic top seen on Romeo Beckham in the brand's Spring/Summer 2013 campaign. [Vogue UK]

Carey Mulligan Jokes About Destroying Oscar Dress: The one and only time Carry Mulligan attended the Oscars, she was dressed in a black, hardware-inspired Prada gown. But, all it took was a couple of drinks before the Inside Llewyn Davis star began ripping her gown apart. "When I went to the Oscars—the only time I've ever been to the Oscars—a few years ago, I wore this Prada dress covered in cooking utensils... I got drunk at the end of the night and started ripping them off and giving them as presents to people, so that was fun. I'm pretty sure that was the point of it, that's how Miuccia meant for it to go I'm sure." [The Cut]

Did He Curtsey?

Grayson Attends Palace In Frock


John Stillwell/Press Association

Cross-dressing ceramacist looked fabulous in midnight blue and a big hat.

The transvestite artist and potter Grayson Perry arrived at Buckingham Palace today for his investiture as a Commander of the British Empire looking fabulous in a midnight blue dress and an enormous hat.

The provocative ceramacist, who was honored by Prince Charles in today's ceremony, also carried a sensible-looking black handbag of the sort the Queen often uses.

Jazz Age Tales

The Fabulous Generation



They danced all night, drank non-stop, ran naked through the streets, slept with whomever they wanted to—meet the Fitzgeralds and the Flappers. Two new books make you earn for their parties and explore the origins of ‘The Great Gatsby’ writes Lucy Scholes.

In June 1922, an article in the New York Times denounced the popular new gatherings known as “cocktail parties,” at which, due to the numbers of “inebriate” members of both sexes, “animosities develop, quarrels arise, and not infrequently the end of the ‘party’ is some sorry form of the tragical. Somebody gets shot or stabbed, or private disgraces become public because of a death over which the Coroner’s jury ponder long in an effort to determine whether it was ‘natural’ or a murder.” The king and queen of the cocktail party were F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, and Scott’s infamous Jazz Age novel The Great Gatsby was the biggest party of them all, with the most tragic of endings.

The Fitzgeralds arrived in New York in the early autumn of 1922—after a rocky start working as an ad man in his bachelor days, Scott was finally making headway as a celebrated author. They checked into the Plaza and began partying, not even sobering up to go house hunting, but then what was the point, they weren’t going to be sober while they lived there. Zelda was an incorrigible flirt when drunk and she also had a habit of taking her clothes off and dancing naked in fountains or parading down railway tracks. Scott, although less of an exhibitionist, was equally out of control. In December of the same year the couple’s ‘house rules’ for weekend guests at their home in Great Neck, Long Island included a polite directive “not to break down doors in search of liquor, even when authorized to do so by their host and hostess,” and warned that “the invitation to stay over Monday, issued by the host and hostess during the small hours of Sunday morning, must not be taken seriously.” They needed the occasional sober Monday, if only to write the letters of apology they constantly had to send excusing their drunken antics and bad behavior, but in many ways the Fitzgeralds could do no wrong. They were young, beautiful—Dorothy Parker described them as looking “as though they had stepped out of the sun”—and fast. In a complex case of life imitating art, and vice versa, they both typified and immortalized the Jazz Age—their extravagant lifestyle funded by the handsome payments Scott received from the magazines that published his flapper fictions and the publishers who bought his novels. That he plundered his and Zelda’s lives for his work is old news, so too is the fact that he’s widely acknowledged as the chronicler of the period, but in her new study of the Jazz Age couple, the Jazz Age novel, and the historical moment, American-born, British-based academic Sarah Churchwell proves herself a master mixologist combining meticulously researched historical detail, equally tantalizing biographical tidbits and a subtle reading of Gatsby—the resulting cocktail is an intoxicating biography of a novel.

Fashion Cheat Sheet

Lagerfeld Talks Hollande Affair

Karl Lagerfeld

Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

And deported Russian spy Anna Chapman is now a fashion designer.

Karl Lagerfeld Discusses François Hollande Affair: In the midst of a scandal between the French prime minister François Hollande and his partner, Valérie Trierweiler, over his alleged affair with actress Julie Gayet, outspoken Karl Lagerfeld felt it necessary to weigh in. The fashion designer stated, "When we talk about violence against women, the way [Valérie Trierweiler] was treated I am very much against. You cannot do that to a woman you've spent so many years with. This I think is cruel and heartless." [Vogue UK]

Diesel Ad Features Wheelchair Blogger as Model: "You don't have to be a conventional model type to represent a brand," said Nicola Formichetti, Diesel's artistic director. That's why the brand's Spring/Summer 2014 campaign will feature a wide range of models from across the world, including the 23-year-old New York-based fashion blogger of Manufactured1987, Jillian Mercado, who happens to use a wheelchair. Formichetti explained to WWD that the campaign, taglined "we are connected," is based on community. The ads will run in the March issues of Vogue and Interview magazines. [WWD]


Hey, Big Spender!

On the Runway

The Best of Paris Couture

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Kim Kardashian Has a Booty Tailor


Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

And Norway’s curling team debuts Sochi uniforms.

Kim Kardashian Has a $5k-a-Day “Booty Tailor”: Now we know why Kim Kardashian takes so many "butt selfies." The reality TV star apparently dishes out a whopping $5,000 a day for an on-call "booty tailor." Cornelius Clay, a 23-year-old Yale dropout, is the man behind the precise tailoring for Kim’s curvy bottom half. Kanye West swept up Clay to be his creative consultant after a chance meeting when Clay was only 19—and he's been on-call every since. “It means Kim can buy jeans, have them altered and be photographed in them winthin a matter of hours,” a source revealed. After all, one can’t expect off-the-rack clothing to be a perfectly snug fit for a size four waist with a size ten behind. [Daily Mail]

Donatella Versace Gifts Couture Headpiece to Lady Gaga: While we all thought Kim had “friends in fashion places,” she will never top Lady Gaga. As a close friend of Donatella Versace—and the current face of the fashion house—the international pop star was allowed to borrow a one-of-a-kind, crystal-adorned mesh hood that made its way down the Atelier Versace runway to wear to the brand's post-show dinner on Sunday night. Luckily for Gaga, Donatella must have thought it looked so perfect on the songstress that she allowed her to keep it. [Vogue UK]


Charles Sykes/AP

Lena Dunham and her doppelganger on ‘Girls’ may seem like the quintessential Jezebel girls, but the photoshopping spat between the website and the actress proves otherwise.

Congratulations to the tragically underpaid employee of Condé Nast—possibly one of those former interns currently suing the company —who is now $10,000 richer.

After months of speculation that Lena Dunham would be gracing the cover of Vogue, the Girls star debuted on the front of the fashion bible’s February issue to predictable commotion. But most of the noise came from a stunt pulled by feminist website Jezebel, which offered a $10,000 bounty on pre-Photoshopped images taken of Dunham by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, presuming they had been dramatically smoothed and retouched. Vogue might have put a “real” woman on the cover—something unthinkable two decades ago—but for Jezebel, she wasn’t real enough. Two hours later, the website got its photos —and a Condé Nast employee (we presume) got a healthy check.

Audrey Louise Reynolds

In this Fashionable Selby film, dive into Audrey's beautiful world of natural, earth-infused colors, dyes, and designs.

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