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Shoe Thrown at Hillary Clinton

Shoe Thrown at Hillary Clinton Isaac Brekken/Getty

She successfully ducked.

Hillary Clinton has had to dodge some tough questions during her career in politics, but on Thursday the former Secretary of State was forced to dodge a flying object. A shoe was hurled at Clinton while she was speaking at an Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. She did not appear to be struck by it, and she even cracked jokes about the incident. "Is that somebody throwing something at me? Is that part of Cirque du Soleil?” she said, adding, "Thank goodness she didn't play softball like I did." The woman suspected of throwing the shoe was taken into custody and is expected to be arrested.

Read it at NBC News

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Galliano Won't Succeed de la Renta

John Galliano

Former Dior designer John Galliano arrives at a Paris court house in this file photo from June 22, 2011. (Thibault Camus / AP Photo)

And 'Marie Claire' taps Hollywood's latest "It" girls for its May issue.

Galliano Will Not Take Permanent Role at Oscar de la Renta: After much speculation, John Galliano will not take on a permanent role at Oscar de la Renta. Galliano, who held a temporary residency in de la Renta's design studio leading up to the Fall/Winter 2013 collection, was considered a viable successor for the 81-year-old designer. “It is categorically not happening," a source told Page Six regarding Galliano's potential return to the company. "Oscar de la Renta is still looking for a new creative director.” Despite the success of his collaborative collection with the designer, Galliano reportedly was unable to come to monetary terms with the company. “The team at Oscar were not willing to put up the money to pay for the design team John needed, such as the cutters and other specialist support staff for his atelier," another source said. "Money was the biggest factor which held up the negotiations, and they couldn’t reach an agreement, although John and Oscar remain very good friends. John is grateful that Oscar gave him a second chance.” [Page Six]

Bobbi Brown Named CEO of Yahoo Beauty: Make-up artist Bobbi Brown announced on her blog, Everything Bobbi, Wednesday that she will be taking over as editor-in-chief of Yahoo News's beauty section. “As EIC, I’ll work to curate smart, strong content that will teach women how to be their best selves,” she wrote. “Of course, it goes without saying that this new role will never take me away from my first love—Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. I’ll continue as Chief Creative Officer of the company, and am confident that the two positions will inform and strengthen each other.” Brown will begin her new gig on April 21. [Fashionista]

Bush League

How Does Your Lady Garden Grow?


The decision to ‘grow out the lady garden’ rather than succumb to landscaping has become a feminist issue worth debating—if only to quiet outdated societal standards once and for all.

As celebrities on the movie promotion circuit are wont to do, Cameron Diaz is hawking her latest cause celebre. It’s not about global warming or starving children in third world countries. It’s about the pros and cons of pubic hair.

Diaz positioned herself as the champion of the full bush a few months ago in The Body Book her first publishing venture in which she extolled the benefits of bucking the Brazilian trend and growing out the lady garden. She appeared on the Graham Norton Show to ostensibly promote her new movie The Other Woman, but instead spent a large chunk of time talking about—and even directly to—her pubic region, screaming “Why are you there?!?” 

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Candidate to the Stars


Tibrina Hobson/Getty

It’s always a good idea to get celebrity endorsements for your congressional campaign, right? Well, maybe not when Nicole Richie’s hair color choice is overshadowing your message.

When researching California congressional candidate Marianne Williamson, two of the first article headlines to surface are,“ Kim Kardashian Wears Plunging Top With Menswear-Inspired Look” and “ Katy Perry Exposed a Springy Strip of Upper Belly.”

Last October, the 61-year-old spiritual teacher and author announced her run for the U.S. House of Representatives to represent California's 33rd District, which includes cities in West L.A. such as Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Calabasas, Malibu, and Santa Monica. Although a longtime member of the Democratic Party, Williamson revealed she would be running as an Independent. "I believe that a wave of independent candidates, all committed to a huge course-correction, is necessary to turn our ship around, she said. “I feel my campaign, and most importantly my win, can help inspire such a movement.”

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Tavi Heads to Broadway

Tavi Gevinson

Larry Busacca/Getty

And Uber entices the fashion set with new courier service.

Tavi Gevinson Heads to Broadway: At 17-years-old, Tavi Gevinson has already founded popular online magazine, Rookie, authored multiple books and articles, and acted alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini in the 2013 film Enough Said. Now, the fashion wunderkind is heading to Broadway in the revival of Kenneth Lonergan’s 1996 play, “This Is Our Youth.” The play, which revolves around Manhattan’s elite in the eighties, will open in Chicago before heading to New York City in mid-August. Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin have also signed on as cast members. [Fashionista]

Vogue's Kimye Cover May Break Sales Records: Despite the criticism, Anna Wintour clearly knew what she was doing. The highly-publicized (and scrutinized) Vogue cover featuring Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is flying off shelves. Predicted to sell 300,000-400,000 copies, the magazine's April issue is well on the way to outselling the publication's two best sellers of 2013—Beyoncé (355,397) and Michelle Obama (293,748). [The Telegraph]


Geldof Autopsy Inconclusive

Geldof Autopsy Inconclusive Anthony Harvey/Getty

"Non-suspicious but unexplained."

The autopsy for model Peaches Geldof was inconclusive, British police said Wednesday. Geldof, 25, was found dead in her home on Monday in Wrotham, Kent. Her death is being treated "as a non-suspicious, unexplained sudden death." Officials are still waiting for the results of toxicology reports, which could take weeks. Geldof was the daughter of Irish musician and Live Aid organizer Bob Geldof and TV presenter Paula Yates, who died of an overdose in 2000 at 41. Peaches is survived by two sons and her husband, rock musician Tom Cohen.

Read it at CNN

Women need to overcome social pressures and learn to feel good about themselves. The problem is doing it. Randi Hutter Epstein reports from the Women in the World summit in New York.

Following a clip of Dove’s film Evolution—that showed a model getting made-up and hair done in fast-forward and her image stretched every which way by Photoshop—ABC news correspondent Deborah Roberts, said, “women are just bombarded every day by these unattainable images of beauty and it’s very hard to feel great about yourself when you look in the mirror.

At the fifth annual Women in the World Summit in New York, Roberts moderated a Dove-sponsored self-esteem session that focused on how women can overcome social pressures and just feel good about themselves. Panelists covered a lot of ground: They talked about women as their own worst enemies—studies show a mere four percent of women think of themselves as beautiful. They talked about the contradictory messages thrust on teenage girls today—mothers can say all they want about inner beauty but their daughters get the opposite messages from magazines and TV. They talked about the evils of Botox—ironically, the face-tightening makes you feel worse about yourself.


Dylan Penn Bares All

Dylan Penn

Tony Duran/Treats! Magazine

After turning down Playboy, the acting heiress poses for her first cover shoot, which was captured by photographer Tony Duran. See the exclusive photos here.

Dylan Penn, the striking 22-year-old daughter of Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn and House of Cards’ Robin Wright, will be gracing the cover of the 7th issue of Treats! Magazine, an arts quarterly. After turning down offers from Playboy and others, the model stripped down for a risqué photo shoot with famed photographer Tony Duran.

“I have always loved [Tony’s] black and white nudes, they were always so tastefully done and, more specifically, showed that certain elegant yet strong beauty that I think all women embody,” Penn tells Treats!

Sheikha Who?

Qatar’s Jackie O


Queen Sofia of Spain (R) receives Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser Al-Missned (L) at El Pardo Palace on April 25, 2011 in Madrid, Spain. (Carlos Alvarez/Getty)

She’s obsessed over by the fashion set, but compared to Kate Middleton, Sheikha Mozah is an unknown. How her pricey taste—and circumstances—have kept her from becoming a household name.

When it comes to the world’s most popular royal, there is no contest. Britain’s Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, is the undisputed queen, able to sell out dresses just by wearing them and sell out crowds simply by showing up and waving. But there are other royals who inspire America’s aspiring fashionistas.

At the recent Women in the World summit, Jordan’s Queen Rania charmed attendees with her grace and intellect. But even among the educated and impassioned activists, some couldn’t help but be charmed by two of her other qualities: her beauty and impeccable fashion sense. A number of women I spoke with referred to the queen, who has graced numerous best-dressed lists and has even been named the “most beautiful royal consort,” as “the best-dressed woman on the planet.” But when I brought up another well-dressed royal, also a staple of best-dressed lists and a favorite of the fashion set, I was surprised by how few knew who she was. Her name is Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al-Missned, and she was until recently the wife of the emir of Qatar. (Her husband recently stepped down to allow the couple’s oldest son to begin his reign.

Party Time!

Long Lost Kansas City Drag Queens


Private Birthday Party/Gay & Lesbian Archive of Mid-America, UMKC

In 2008, friends Michael Boles and Robert Heishman discovered a trove of images from the heyday of Kansas City’s underground drag ball culture. Their new site, 'Private Birthday Party,' displays the vintage images and presents a window into the party past.

In the 1950s and 1960s, nightclubs like The Jewel Box and The Colony in Kansas City served as mainstays for the city's underground drag ball culture featuring some of the nation's biggest performers on the scene, including Skip Arnold and G.G. Allen. Men (both local and professionals) would dress in elaborate costumes and full make-up and perform on stage.

But it wasn't until 2008 that Michael Boles discovered a box of loose slides left behind in a house his friend was moving into "that was just down the street from all the [drag] clubs back then," he told The Daily Beast. Boles immediately got a projector, sifted through the images, and discovered certain standouts—they featured people with "giant hair against a mosaic wall." 

The Beauty Trap

How Do We Value Girls?

Girls and women strive to embody images that are unrealistic, unattainable and often not even real.

There’s a new, free app that allows girls and women to take a “selfie” and then instantaneously—and subtly—tinker with every single aspect of their face: skin tone, nose width, tooth color, cheekbone height, eye color—and then also apply makeup and change their hair. When finished, users can flip back and forth between their original photo and the new and “improved” one (with the option of posting their edited photo online).

I tried this the other day, as an experiment, and despite having felt relatively good about my original pic, after two minutes of staring at a not all that different version of myself (but with slightly smoother skin, thinner nose, wider eyes and fuller lips) I felt truly awful about how I really looked.

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Paps Photoshop Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Theo Wargo/Getty

And Kanye's Adidas collection was influenced by Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Paparazzi Photoshop Lady Gaga Photos: According to a source, Lady Gaga requests that all photographers “smooth out her jaw line and thin her arm,” as well as “smooth out and thin her legs” prior to making any images available to the public. While she isn’t the first celebrity to request re-touches to her photographs (Beyoncé’s tightly controlled camp did the same during the Mrs. Carter tour), the fact that the singer has been very outspoken about body positivity has people calling her out on hypocrisy. [Jezebel]

Tom Ford Secretly Got Married: On Monday evening, American fashion designer Tom Ford subtly announced that he and his partner of 27 years are already married. "I lost so many friends in collegeI would say more than half of my closest friends. Richard, my partner of 27 years, had also gone through something also quite tough in his life. We are now married which is nice," he said in conversation with Kinvara Balfour at the Regent Street Apple Store. "I know that was just made legal in the UK which is great; we were married in the States." [Vogue UK]


Peaches Geldof Dies at 25

Peaches Geldof


Police found the daughter of rock star Bob Geldof at her home in Kent, England Monday afternoon, but the cause of her sudden death is still unknown.

Peaches Geldof, journalist, TV personality and one-time model, who had two young children, has been found dead at her home at the age of 25. Police officers said they were treating her passing as “sudden” and “unexplained” almost 15 years after the abrupt and public death of her own mother.

The rock star scion became one of the loudest voices of her generation; prolific on social media and in the British press. The final message she posted on Twitter and Instagram was a photograph with her mother, who died suddenly when she was just 11, alongside the message: “Me and my mum.”


Peaches Geldof Dead at 25

Peaches Geldof Dead at 25 Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty

British model, journalist dies suddenly.

Peaches Geldof, the daughter of Irish rock star Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, is dead at age 25. "At this stage, the death is being treated as unexplained and sudden," said a statement from Kent police, who discovered her body Monday. The former model and journalist was known for her hard-partying ways, including an alleged history of heroin use. Geldof was married to rock star Thomas Cohen, with whom she has two sons. Her own mother died of a drug overdose when she was 11. "We are beyond pain," her father said. "How is this possible that we will not see her again? How is that bearable?"

Read it at BBC

Audrey Louise Reynolds

In this Fashionable Selby film, dive into Audrey's beautiful world of natural, earth-infused colors, dyes, and designs.

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First Lady

Qatar’s Jackie O

Qatar’s Jackie O

Qatar’s Jackie O

She’s obsessed over by the fashion set, but compared to Kate Middleton, Sheikha Mozah is an unknown. How her pricey taste—and circumstances—have kept her from becoming a household name.

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How Does Your Lady Garden Grow?

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