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What Sandusky Would Face in Prison

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Many want Sandusky to face retribution, and a huge dude named Bubba, if he goes to prison, but for his own protection he would not be sent to a gladiator school filled with gangbangers.

Whenever a mind-boggling, ineffable crime is committed against a child or children and the alleged perpetrator is apprehended, charged, and slated to face the music, speculation in regard to how diabolically said person will be (or at least should be) treated in prison begins to run rampant … but most often in a direction that has little to do with the eventual reality.In every jail and prison in the United States child molesters are the lowest of the low … and wishing for a perp to daily—nay, even hourly—be subjected to the same horrendous violations of body and spirit he subjected his underage victims to is quite understandable.


Sandusky Denies All in Bob Costas Interview


Jerry Sandusky says he’s guilty of horsing around, but not the charges he’s accused of in the Penn State scandal. ‘I enjoy young people,’ he tells Bob Costas in his first interview since his arrest.

He may be innocent until proven guilty, but three things stuck out about alleged pedophile Jerry Sandusky’s interview with Bob Costas on Monday night, the first he’s granted since his arrest nearly two weeks ago.1. Sandusky said he often “horsed around.”2. He regrets showering with those boys, though he continued to do so over and over again.3. He took a very long pause when Costas asked him if he’s sexually attracted to young boys. (“Am I sexually attracted?” he finally said.


Penn State's Veil of Secrecy

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As the school is rocked by scandal, many claim it seemed mainly concerned with protecting its reputation. Jacob Bernstein and Jessica Bennett on Penn State's closely guarded secrets.

Back in 2006, Joe Paterno, the aging god of Penn State—the coach who supervised more wins for his football team, the Nittany Lions, than any other in history—took an ungodly turn.At the age of 79, he was in a sideline collision during a game with Wisconsin, breaking his left leg. Ordinarily, this sort of thing wouldn’t provoke a whole lot of panic, but at Penn State, where he was already fending off pressure from president Graham Spanier to ease him into retirement, the reaction was swift.

Speaking Out

Paterno Should Rot in Jail

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When he was 12 years old, Patrick McDonald was sexually abused by his scoutmaster. Now, after decades of painful recovery, he argues: Joe Paterno should be prosecuted if he knew anything about Jerry Sandusky’s alleged crimes.

Imagine, for a moment, you are like I was 30 years ago: 12 years old, naive and getting special attention from an adult who is revered by your community. Your Scoutmaster. The guy who’s supposed to have your back.Imagine the fear and embarrassment you might feel the first time he tries to touch your penis. When you tell him to stop, he threatens to kick you out of your circle of friends, your Boy Scout troop. He threatens to tell your friends that you wanted him to touch you.


Penn State a Case for Castration?

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We find discussing chemical castration icky, but it looms as a possible remedy every time there is a case like the Penn State scandal involving sick people who find barely pubescent boys or girls irresistible.

It’s hard to wrap your mind around this nasty business at Penn State, in part because there are just so many people involved who need to have their asses kicked, from the defrocked JoePa to the university vice president to the assistant coach who, stumbling upon a 10-year-old boy allegedly getting raped in the shower, promptly scurried home to tell his daddy.With such venality and stupidity swirling around, you risk losing sight of the figure at the center of all this: Jerry Sandusky, a 67-year-old alleged pedophile charged with spending the past 15 years preying on boys.


Joe Paterno, Arrogant to the End

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The Penn State legend tried to do an end-run around the trustees, but they still fired him for doing nothing to stop the alleged sexual abuse of young boys. Now it’s time to ditch the rotten college football system, says Buzz Bissinger.

Like everyone else, I cannot get the scandal of Pennsylvania State University out of my mind.The story is unfolding at the speed of sound, not just the worst sports scandal in modern history but also one of the worst scandals in modern history:A former Penn State assistant coach for 29 years and alleged sexual predator, Jerry Sandusky, apparently continued unchecked because of the failure of university officials and head football coach deity Joe Paterno to do anything that might have made a difference instead of what they collectively did achieve:Buck-passing and unconscionable cowardice.


Penn State's Secretive Culture

We Are All Penn State

We Are All Penn State

It wasn't just university leadership that enabled Jerry Sandusky. It was a system that discourages rocking the boat at all costs.


Penn State's Veil of Secrecy


Penn State Begins Soul-Searching


Penn State’s New Whistleblower


Why Penn State Is So Powerful

Sandusky: The Lawyers Speak

After Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of sexual abuse, both his lawyer and the prosecutor who put him away spoke about the case.

Full Coverage

Dispatches from the Sandusky Trial

Sandusky Guilty

Sandusky Guilty

It took 21 hours for a jury to find the ex-Penn State coach guilty on 45 of 48 charges.

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Sandusky Gets Steamrolled

Jerry Sandusky Speaks Out

Jerry Sandusky spoke to the New York Times at length this weekend and he proved once again that his lawyer is delusional for letting his client anywhere near a video camera.


A Coach's Legacy

Paterno’s Lying Ways

Paterno’s Lying Ways

Emails from the Penn State probe show JoePa helped decide not to report Jerry Sandusky to authorities—and why ‘liar’ should be added to his legacy, says Buzz Bissinger.

Dottie Sandusky

What Did She Know?

My Husband the Pedophile

My Husband the Pedophile

Darlene Ellison, the ex-wife of a convicted sex offender, reveals how Dorothy Sandusky may have been kept in the dark.


The Wives of Sex Offenders: Was Dottie Sandusky Complicit?

Shocking Accusation

Did He Molest His Son?


Current Research

What Makes a Pedophile?

What Makes a Pedophile?

As pedophilia cases rivet the nation, psychiatrists uncover new details about the mental illness, Casey Schwartz reports.