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How Did Obama Do?

It was a make-or-break moment for the president as he closed out the DNC. Daily Beast contributors weigh in on the big speech and more.

Romney’s Marriage-Equality Fail

Romney supporters who also support gay-rights marriage comfort themselves that being against gay rights is not his priority. That’s not good enough, writes Democrat and gay-rights advocate Richard Socarides.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Last night in Charlotte, the Democratic Party made history as the first national party to offer a platform endorsing marriage equality for all Americans.The move followed, of course, President Obama's personal endorsement of same-sex marriage in May.

Castro’s Daughter, DNC Star

It was her father’s big moment on the Democratic convention stage, but 3-year-old Carina Victoria Castro stole it for herself—and won over the Internet. Maria Elena Fernandez on the moment that got everyone talking.

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro was overshadowed Tuesday night—no, not by first lady Michelle Obama, who threw down like no other presidential spouse ever has at a political convention. (Sorry, Hillary Clinton.)The first Latino to deliver a keynote convention speech lost some of his historic star power to his 3-year-old daughter, Carina Victoria.

Castro and Others: What Enthusiasm Gap?

A far better first night than the GOP’s, and in surprising ways.

We might not quite say that San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro made himself an instant star with his keynote speech Tuesday night. It wandered in a couple of spots, and while the ideas soared, a lot of the rhetoric did not. But we can certainly say that he towered over that pulpy blowhard Chris Christie, and he did what a modern keynoter is supposed to do—he sounded the themes, he attached the themes to the candidate, and he lit hard into the other guys.

The Dems’ Message Discipline

The economy’s tough and the election tight. But Obama’s team ran circles around the GOP on night one of their convention. By Peter Beinart
Mandel Ngan, AFP / Getty Images

We’re only one day into the Democratic convention but this much is already clear: So far, the Democrats are better at this.That’s not an ideological or moral observation. It’s a professional one. Team Romney let their keynoter go 15 minutes before mentioning their candidate’s name.

Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

Michelle Obama never mentioned Mitt Romney’s name. But her speech was fiery, and it had a very clear aim. Michelle Cottle on the blows she landed.
Jae C. Hong / AP Photo

Mobama came. She spoke. She kicked some political booty.Oh, sure, she did the job subtly—and leavened with many heart-tugging stories about both her own family and the other remarkable American families she gets to meet as first lady.

Democratic Convention’s 4 Best Moments

The Democratic National Convention closed with a roar for President Obama. From Michelle's undying love for her husband to Julián Castro’s hair-flipping daughter, see more DNC highlights.
Victor J. Blue / Bloomberg via Getty Images

'I'm Hopeful Because of You' 'I never said this journey would be easy,' the president told Americans Thursday, 'and I won't promise that now.' But his faith, his hope, that drove him into office in 2008 remains, he said; he believes in Americans' ability to 'pull each other up' and travel the hard road to economic recovery together.

Michelle Nails It!

In a dress by young African-American designer Tracy Reese and J. Crew shoes, Michelle Obama sent the message of what her four years in the White House have been about. By Isabel Wilkinson.
Harry E. Walker / MCT via Getty Images

“Our first lady is spectacular,” tweeted designer Diane Von Furstenberg. And indeed, she was.When Michelle Obama took the stage on Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention, she tore the house down with a speech that underscored her husband’s strengths and her role as “mom-in-chief.

Michelle’s Resounding Triumph

The first lady thrilled the convention with a speech that melded politics and the personal. Howard Kurtz on a well-choreographed night for the Democrats.
Stan Honda / Getty Images

Michelle Obama roused the Democratic convention on Tuesday night with a soft-spoken address that tied her modest upbringing and that of her husband to the values that have guided him as president.In a well-paced, well-packaged opening night that avoided any Clint Eastwood moments, the first lady made a low-key but effective pitch that included this crowd-pleasing line: “Women are more than capable of making our own choices about our bodies and health care.

WATCH LIVE: Beast TV Special Coverage of the DNC

Join our all-star lineup from Charlotte’s convention headquarters: Sam Donaldson, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Cecile Richards, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Mo Rocca, Cokie Roberts, Michael Tomasky, Allison Samuels, David Frum, and many more.

Set your browser to The Daily Beast during the Democratic National Convention, as Beast TV offers LIVE pre-game coverage of the week’s main events, streamed on our homepage from 12 to 2 p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday and Thursday.

Mormons for Obama!

Most members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may be voting for Mitt Romney, but the Mormon Democratic voices are growing louder. From Charlotte, N.C., Michelle Cottle reports on the first national meeting of the LDS Democrats.
AP Photo (2)

It was one of the more touching events—and certainly the most unexpected—I’ve run across here in Charlotte. On Tuesday afternoon, Democrats from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints convened the first-ever national gathering of their LDS Democrats Caucus in a second-floor meeting room of the Holiday Inn in downtown Charlotte.

LGBT Caucus Gets Its Party On

The celebratory spirit was palpable, Michelle Cottle writes, fed by the prominence of such figures as Tammy Baldwin and the broad support accorded the marriage-equality plank in the party’s platform.
Justin Sullivan

Don’t try to tell the LGBT caucus at this week’s convention that there’s a lack of enthusiasm surrounding this election. These folks are pumped.Today’s afternoon caucus meeting was jam packed. It was standing room only inside the ballroom, with people lining up out in the hall to enter as others drifted out.

Can Obama Save the Senate?

The president could win reelection while the Democrats lose the Senate. Inside the key races they have to win to keep control. By Lloyd Grove
Getty Images (2); AP Photo (center)

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., is mainly about reelecting Barack Obama. But Obama’s party also is defending 23 Senate seats this November (compared to the GOP’s mere 10), and there’s a fair chance that next January, even if he wins, President Obama would be bedeviled by a Republican-run Senate far less inclined to cooperate than it was during the past four years.

Democratic National Convention Google Hangout!

Join Michelle Cottle, Howard Kurtz, Michael Tomasky, Andrew Romano, and Lauren Ashburn for our Democratic National Convention Google Hangout! We go live at 3 p.m. EST. Watch it right here.

Obama vs. Obama

There is one candidate looming over the race whom the president can never beat. Howard Kurtz on the ghost of Barack Obama 2008.
Chuck Kennedy, Pool / Getty Images

As Barack Obama prepares to look ahead to the next four years here in Charlotte, the media are looking back.They are, perhaps inevitably, measuring the president by the promise and excitement of 2008. And the verdict, not surprisingly, is that he fell way short.

Michelle’s Savvy First-Lady Fashion

Obama’s subtle polish sends the right political message, says Robin Givhan.
Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Photo

The last time Michelle Obama delivered a speech on stage at a Democratic National Convention, she wore a teal sheath by Chicago-based designer Maria Pinto, which was accessorized with a starburst brooch at the center of the neckline.

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'I'm Hopeful Because of You'

'I never said this journey would be easy,' the president told Americans Thursday, 'and I won't promise that now.' But the hope that drove him into office in 2008 remains, he said; he still believes in Americans' ability to 'pull each other up' and travel the hard road to economic recovery together.

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