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Biden vs. Ryan: Who Lied?

Biden exaggerated a few of Romney’s statements and Ryan got some unemployment numbers wrong. The Daily Beast turns to the Internet’s most reliable fact-checkers for the vice-presidential candidates’ biggest slip-ups.
Win McNamee

Biden: Mitt Romney called President Obama’s promise to end the Iraq war a “tragic mistake.”   This is an old one for Politifact, as President Obama has said it before. They point out, yet again, that while Romney did use the word “tragic,” he was talking about the pace of the 2011 drawdown of troops from Iraq, not the plan to end the war in general, making Biden’s statement only half true.

Ryan Solid, But One Major Mistake

I had the odd experience of first listening to the debate (or rather the first hour of the debate) on the radio; then watching the debate over again on video.On radio, Biden was … what's the word? … Oh yeah: terrible. Impatient and dismissive, punctuated by forced, faked little laughs and peevish demands for more airtime.

Biden’s Walk in the Park

Ryan put on a good show, but he was sailing against his own party’s headwinds. Peter Beinart on why Biden had the better night—and why this race is still Obama’s to lose.
Charlie Neibergall / AP Photo

Watching Joe Biden and Paul Ryan tonight, I felt like I was watching two very different but very gifted runners. The difference was that Biden was running downhill.Again and again, Ryan had to try to convince Americans that the dominant view they hold of his party is wrong.

A Mediocre Snoozefest

Yes, the sitting vice president beat his challenger Thursday night, in a boring and frequently boorish performance. But the debate was lackluster and dull—and doesn’t matter anyway, says Tunku Varadarajan.
Win McNamee / Getty Images

And the winner of that debate was… Martha Raddatz.What a lackluster, mediocre, snooze of a debate that was between two men, one of whom, God forbid, will become president if his frontman dies in office. Please join me, all of you, in wishing Barack Hussain and Willard Mitt a long, long life.

Biden Delivers the Needed Shot in the Arm

Win McNamee

Joe Biden won the debate. Not nearly as decisively as Mitt Romney won last week’s obviously. Paul Ryan had some good moments, and he at least arrived prepared. I guess the snap CNN poll says he won narrowly, 48-44. But a CBS snap poll gave it to Biden by a much wider 50-31.

An Entertaining Draw

Biden brought the passion Democrats passionately missed in the president. And Ryan showed he could play in the big leagues. Mark McKinnon on two strong showings that won’t decide the race.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Paul Ryan held serve. And Joe Biden threw his racket and argued with the ref.And both men achieved their goal.Paul Ryan was calm and competent. And looked like he could sit in the big chair if necessary.Smokin’ Joe Biden served as prosecutor in chief, engaging the jury and cross- examining the witness.

6 Must-See Moments From the Veep Debate

Joe Biden and Paul Ryan faced off Thursday night over Libya, the economy, abortion, and the meaning of 'malarkey'—and pundits are handing the victory to the incumbent. (And a second victory to moderator Martha Raddatz!) Watch the most memorable moments.
Rick Wilkins / AP Photo

‘A Bunch of Malarkey’The sparks flew early, as moderator and ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz questioned the candidates about last month’s deadly attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. After expressing his shock that Ambassador Christopher Stevens reportedly lacked sufficient security detail, Paul Ryan claimed that Mitt Romney and President Obama had the same reaction to the events on the first day of the attacks.

Biden and Ryan Clash

Without any major gaffes.
Saul Loeb / Getty Images

Forget their performance at Thursday night’s debate—do the candidates have any regrets about this campaign overall? “There are things that occurred in this campaign—in every campaign there are things we regret,” Biden said. “[But] my record stands for itself.

Biden’s Passion Trumps Ryan

Both candidates scored points in the hard-fought VP debate. Howard Kurtz on how the vice president succeeded where Obama failed.
AP Photo

Joe Biden and Paul Ryan clashed repeatedly in a fast-paced and contentious debate on Thursday night, with the vice president more aggressively interrupting and dismissing his fact-filled opponent.The Kentucky faceoff was a clash of generational styles, Biden the sometimes exasperated lecturer, Ryan the serious-minded student.

Ryan and Biden Talk Abortion

And role faith has played.
Saul Loeb / AFP-Getty Images

Well, the moderator asked for a personal answer, we got personal answers. “My wife and I, when we had the 7 week ultrasound for our first child ... our baby was in the shape of a bean... to this day, we have nicknamed our Liza Bean,” Ryan said.

Biden: We Don't Need Another War

Especially in the Middle East.
Rick Wilkins / AP Photo

Moderator Martha Raddatz moved the debate to Syria Thursday night, asking why intervention wasn’t merited on grounds of human-rights concerns. “The last thing America needs is to get into another ground war in the Middle East.

Candidates Debate Current War

Biden argues for gradual pull-out.
Saul Loeb / AFP-Getty Images

Oh right, we’re at war. But Vice President Biden was firm Thursday night that that won’t be the case much longer. “[Even] If the measures the military has taken do not take hold, we will not continue. We are leaving in 2014. Period.

Biden: They’re Holding Tax Cuts Hostage

‘For super-wealthy.’
Saul Loeb / Getty Images

From death panels to taxes. “We’re going to move on to a very simple question, and something tells me I won’t get a simple answer," moderator Martha Raddatz said.  “If you are elected, who will pay more in taxes and who will pay less?” “The middle class will pay less and people making million or more will begin to pay more,” Biden answered, adding that the Bush tax cuts would expire, while the middle-class tax cut will be permanently extended.

Ryan Attacks Obamacare

While putting forth his Medicare solution.

It’s not his most popular opinion, with Florida voters anyway. Paul Ryan put forth his Medicare alternative Thursday night, and attacked Obamacare. “It takes 716 billion from Medicare to spend on Obamacare …They got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

VP Debate Turns to Jobs

Turns to 47 percent remarks.
Win McNamee

On to the economy. Vice President Biden brought up Romney’s infamous 47 percent comments Thursday night saying “I’ve had it up to here with this notion—47%—it’s time they contribute a bit,” Biden said. “They should be signing a pledge to middle class saying we’re going to level the playing field.


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