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Candidates Talk Iran

Ryan continues playing attack dog.
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Ryan sure can play attack dog. The VP debate moved quickly from Benghazi to talk of Iran, and the candidate continued aggressively on the attack. “When Obama was elected we had enough nuclear material to make one bomb, now they can make five,” Ryan said.

VP Debate Kicks Off

With talk of Benghazi.
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It was right down to business. “OK you got your waves to the families in,” moderator Martha Raddatz started off Thursday night’s debate by quickly moving on to the attack in Benghazi, Libya, which took place exactly one month ago.

What Martha Raddatz Should Ask

The Daily Beast polled readers on Facebook for questions that Joe Biden and Paul Ryan should be asked at tonight’s face-off in Kentucky. See the list!
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ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz will be moderating tonight’s VP debate between Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden. The debate starts at 9 p.m. ET, but The Daily Beast’s live stream will be starting up at 8 p.m. After President Obama’s lackluster performance at the first face-off, all eyes will be on Biden to turn the tide against Mitt Romney and Ryan.

Savaged by the Liberal Media

After daring to endorse Mitt Romney, Buzz Bissinger is being pummeled by friends and journalists—and losing faith in his profession. The Daily Beast columnist responds to his critics.
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Last Monday I penned the most difficult opinion piece of my life. I wrote here that on the basis of the first presidential debate in Denver, in which Mitt Romney performed with stunning vigor and enthusiasm and President Obama performed with stunning aloofness and arrogance (this wasn’t simply a “bad day” as he later described it but a profoundly disturbing one), I had made a decision to support the Republican nominee for president.

ABC's Martha Raddatz on the Hot Seat in VP Debate

Moderator of VP debate has journalistic combat experience

When Martha Raddatz opens the vice presidential debate Thursday night, she will bring something very different to the highly touted event.No, not the fact that she’s a woman. It’s great that the debate commission has finally come into the 21st century by naming two women, Raddatz and CNN’s Candy Crowley, to handle half the fall debates.

Various Bits of Romney-Ryan Bashing All Rolled Into One Post!

Let's start with a multiple choice question: When Mitt Romney introduced someone in 2009 as "my friend and a statesman in his own right," he was speaking of:a. John McCainb. Colin Powellc. John Boltond. Glenn BeckYep.

What to Watch For Tonight

Biden needs to attack, but not get out over his skis. Ryan needs to bash Obama without splitting with Romney. Ace debate coach Brett O’Donnell’s viewers’ guide to the veep showdown.
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If tonight’s debate follows the pattern of past vice-presidential showdowns, then we could be in for an entertaining evening. Some of the more famous or infamous moments of political exchanges have come during the veep debates.

Biden's Four Tasks

Usually that headline would have been singular ("Biden's job tonight is to..."). But he actually has four that I can think of, one of which was thought of by someone else, as I'll explain.1. First and foremost, I think he needs to reset and reframe the basic story of where this country is right now economically.

The Real Joe Biden

The vice president can be a top-notch political gunner, or a gaffe machine. Which one will show up Thursday night? Matt Latimer sorts the many faces of Joltin’ Joe.
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For this entire week, the American people will pretend to care about Joe Biden.  Such is the fate of anyone chosen to serve as vice president that we send him into oblivion until he (or she) says something worth mocking. Forget their views on national security or the environment: veeps only command attention when they misspell potato or claim to have invented the Internet.

How Do You Win the VP Debate?

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Vice President Biden's best strategic plan for the debate with Paul Ryan is obvious: attack the Ryan plans for Medicare and Medicaid. Biden will press Ryan to defend his plans. He will hope to extract some damaging quote from Ryan; failing that, at least to tie the Ryan plan as closely to Romney as possible.


The VP Debate Dashboard

Here we go again! The Beast's Debate Dashboard is your one-stop shop for keeping up with the vice presidential debate. Watch the stream for pre-show commentary, the debate, and post-game analysis. Chat with readers and Daily Beast columnists. Take our live-updating poll. And don't forget to play a little Bingo! Any questions about the chat? Check out our FAQ.

It's a Walk-Off!

Tonight's vice-presidential debate won't be the first time Joe Biden and Paul Ryan rumbled. Watch our never-before-seen footage of the candidates' secret face-off...on the runway.

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