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Romney Attacks Biden on Libya

Says he’s ‘doubling down on denial.’
Charlie Neibergall / AP Photo

Mitt Romney would like a chance to respond. The GOP candidate is calling out Biden for claiming at last night’s debate that “we did not know” the Benghazi post had requested extra security for Sept. 11. Testimony from State Department officials disclosed this week that they had asked for more resources for the anniversary.

The Car Crash Ryan Chose

What could have possessed the Romney campaign to allow its No. 2 to recite a canned story about an auto accident—in a debate with a man who lost his wife and daughter to such a tragedy? Michael Daly on a moment even Palin could have avoided.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Not even Sarah Palin at her nuttiest would have told a car crash story involving hurt kids while debating a man who lost his wife and young daughter in just such a tragedy.But Paul Ryan did.And he veered out of his way to do it.

The Art of the Smirk

The VP’s unprecedented, over-the-top reaction shots were part Groucho, part Jon Stewart, and part Hollywood. How his performance broke new ground for politicians and television.
Scott Eells / Bloomberg via Getty Images

On Thursday night, Joe Biden showed that he was the master of a technique that’s a staple of film acting but is rarely, if at all, associated with politics: the reaction shot. He laughed, shook his head, and smirked his way to victory over Paul Ryan.

Poll: Biden Won Debate

Registered voters name him champion.

No malarkey jokes please. Vice President Joe Biden was the victor of Thursday night’s veep debate, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Friday. Forty-two percent of registered voters crowned Biden winner, while 35 percent tipped their hat to his Republican challenger Paul Ryan.

Don’t Blame Benghazi on the Budget

Fact checkers take note: Biden’s suggestion that funding cuts may have undermined security at the consulate has been disproven—by his own administration. Eli Lake debunks.
Charlie Neibergall / AP Photo

The post-debate fact checkers are taking Vice President Joe Biden to task for saying the administration never received requests for more diplomatic security in Libya. when in fact the State Department has already admitted it rejected those very requests.

Face It, Bazooka Joe Won

Biden was rude, Biden was a bully, Biden’s performance will hurt Obama—these are the straws the GOP is grasping at. The truth is, the president’s ‘happy warrior’ did himself and his boss a lot of favors with the vice presidential debate, says Matt Latimer.

Well, now we know which Joe Biden decided to show up on Thursday night. If the vice presidential debate were a movie, it might be called Bazooka Joe Rides Again.Like a bulldog picking up the scent of fresh meat and not quite sure where to find it, Biden tore up everything in sight.

Your Biden vs. Ryan Word Clouds

Soon after the VP and congressman left the stage in Kentucky, we asked for your one-word reactions to each of the candidates’ performances on Facebook. Here are the results.

Shortly after moderator Martha Raddatz thanked Joe Biden and Paul Ryan for participating in the 2012 vice-presidential debate, we asked our readers on Facebook what they thought— just as we did with the showdown between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

It Was a Big F@$&ing Deal

It’s no contest—Biden nailed it. But Obama still needs to seal the deal. Robert Shrum on the three things that will determine the outcome of the presidential race—and why they all point toward a Democratic victory.
Win McNamee / Getty Images

Andrew Sullivan  can come back off the ledgeJoe did it.He dominated the debate.  He hammered Ryan-Romney on vote-driving issues.  He exposed the Ryan budget as a deception designed to trick people into voting against themselves—mathematically impossible; a socially and even morally unacceptable charter to enrich the wealthy and rob the middle class, the needy, students who have to pay for college, and seniors who have to pay for prescription drugs and nursing home care.

Who Won the Debate on Social Media?

How old are the candidates? Why was Joe Biden laughing so much? And what is the meaning of the word malarkey? The Daily Beast rounds up the biggest searches and trends from the debate.

It’s no Big Bird , but malarkey proved to be the buzzword from the Joe Biden-Paul Ryan showdown in Danville, Kentucky on Thursday. The questions ran the gamut from foreign policy to the economy to abortion and even the candidates’ religion—but that’s not necessarily what generated the most comments on social media.

VP Debate: No Winners, But No Big Losers Either

Ryan seemed canned. The Vice President seemed like a jerk. All in all, a moderately dispiriting display.

There was an interesting exchange on MSNBC after last night's debate when one of the hosts asked one of the string of professional Democrats who were streaming through how she thought Biden had done.  I paraphrase, but her answer was roughly:  "I thought he was great.

The Joke’s on Joe

What’s so funny, Biden? Why the veep’s rude chortles during last night’s faceoff constituted a new low in debate etiquette—and will only hurt his boss. By Michael Medved.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

In the last 40 years of presidential politics, Democrats have often derided their Republican rivals as jokers and buffoons. But they have never before laughed in their faces on national TV. In that sense, Joe Biden made history with his weird, wired performance in the vice-presidential debate—but he did so in a way that could easily damage the Obama campaign.

The Real Winner at the Vice Presidential Debate? ABC's Martha Raddatz

ABC correspondent was firmly in charge at the contentious VP faceoff
Win McNamee / Getty Images

Martha Raddatz took control at the outset and never let go.From her opening question to Joe Biden—Was there a “massive intelligence failure” in Libya?—she asked smart, informed questions, followed up aggressively and kept things moving in the vice-presidential debate.

Ryan’s Roe v. Wade Bombshell

After a week of Team Romney avoiding talk about abortion, his VP pick went ahead and said it: a Republican victory will mean overturning the landmark decision.
Rick Wilkins / AP Photo

Abortion was discussed only briefly during Thursday night’s vice-presidential debate, but the exchange about it was, I think, an important moment, because it drove home the likelihood than a Republican victory in November will mean the end of Roe v.

The Yin and Yang Debate

In the back and forth of this undercard event, both Biden and Ryan accomplished their goals—advance the campaign’s message, adeptly represent the top of the ticket, and convince the audience you’re prepared for the presidency.
Rick Wilkins / AP Photo

Perhaps Vice President Biden was looking for perfect balance in the debate world by being as aggressive in his debate as President Obama was timid in his. Biden even broke the golden rule of debating—never argue with the moderator unless you’re Newt Gingrich.

Inside the Debate Spin Zone

There were frat brothers, bourbon, and wall-to-wall pundits as the election machine descended on Kentucky’s Centre College campus. A look at the Biden and Ryan circus.
Mark Humphrey / AP Photo

DANVILLE, KY.Residents of this tiny town in Kentucky horse country said that they had been preparing for weeks for Thursday night’s vice-presidential debate, dubbed The Thrill in the ‘Ville in the faux prize-fight posters that littered the campus where the face-off would be held.


The VP Debate Dashboard

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It's a Walk-Off!

Tonight's vice-presidential debate won't be the first time Joe Biden and Paul Ryan rumbled. Watch our never-before-seen footage of the candidates' secret face-off...on the runway.

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