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Israel takes out a senior Hamas military leader—the man responsible for Gilad Shalit’s kidnapping—in the start of a serious operation in Gaza.

Israel killed the head of Hamas’s military wing in an air strike today and hit other targets across Gaza in what officials said was the start of a broad operation in response to rocket attacks on Israeli territory.

At least two missiles tore through the moving car of Ahmed Jabari in Gaza, ripping the roof off the vehicle and setting it on fire. A passenger in the car was also killed. 


Hamas Military Commander Killed

Hamas Military Commander Killed Mahmud Hams, AFP / Getty Images

In Israeli airstrike.

The message: don’t promote terrorism in Israel. An Israeli airstrike has killed Ahmed al-Jabari, the head of Hamas’s military wing. Jabari was reportedly traveling in a car in Gaza City when the vehicle exploded. He is the seniormost Hamas official to be killed in Gaza in four years, and his death comes just days after Israeli officials said that they were considering assassinating senior figures in Hamas. Israel’s security service said in a statement, “He was the senior commander of the Hamas military wing in the Gaza Strip. As part of his status and activity, Jabari was responsible in the last decade for all terrorist activities against Israel from Gaza.”

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Hamas Attacks

Gaza Offensive a ‘Matter of Time’

Politicians and foreign diplomats suspect Israel is contemplating a big Gaza offensive, perhaps an invasion, after a weekend of missile and rocket attacks by Hamas. But Netanyahu may be hamstrung by a lack of international support, reports Dan Ephron.

Members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party are urging him to take revenge on the Islamic Hamas group in Gaza after a weekend of missile and rocket attacks that wounded several Israelis and caused damage to homes.


An Israeli police sapper carries remains of a rocket that was fired from the Gaza Strip and exploded in the southern Israeli town of Netivot, on Nov. 12, 2012. (Menahem Kahana / Getty Images)

Clinton Wants 'Durable Outcome' In Israel

Speaking at a press conference in Israel Tuesday evening, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States will look for a solution that 'bolsters security for the people of Israel, improves conditions for the people of Gaza, and moves toward a comprehensive peace for all people of the region.'

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