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Romney and Ryan on Ice!

Mitt Romney knocked his first presidential debate performance out of the park, but will he deliver again tonight? Watch our exclusive secret footage of how he's preparing for battle—in the rink.

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10 Greatest Fictional Debates

Instead of ‘totally buggin’’ about Tuesday’s important presidential debate, perhaps Barack Obama and Mitt Romney should solicit tips from these experts—or, at least, captivating—orators from ‘Clueless,’ ‘Parks and Recreation,’ and more.

As entertainment goes, political debates can run the gamut from cringe-inducing to boring to positively bananas.

This election cycle has already seen one sleepy presidential debate and one stand-off between an apparently dehydrated fitness enthusiast and everyone’s favorite drunk uncle. So honestly, neither Barack Obama’s rumble with Mitt Romney nor Joe Biden’s badgering of Paul Ryan held a candle to classic debates between Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd, or Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits. 

While those debates from Parks and Recreation and The West Wing may be fictional, they’re at least a model for Obama and Romney on how to turn policy bickering and platform posturing into good TV. As the presidential hopefuls prep for Tuesday night’s second debate, they may be wise to look to these entries in the Fictional Debate Hall of Fame for pointers.



Bob Schieffer: Haters Gonna Hate

The CBS veteran is moderating the third presidential debate, but he isn't fazed by the critiques levied against Jim Lehrer. 'You're never going to please all of the people all of the time,' Schieffer told Spin Cycle's Howard Kurtz. 'Saddam Hussein was the last person to get 100 percent of the vote—and look what happened to him.'


How Obama Can Win Tomorrow's Debate

Ahead of the second presidential debate, political columnists Michael Tomasky and David Frum offer words of advice for both candidates. For Mitt Romney, says Frum, it's all about 'empathy, empathy, empathy.'


Which Candidate Has The Better Tax Plan?

A reader asks Reihan Salam: Which presidential candidate is better on tax policy and why?


Will Secularism Doom the GOP?

As more Millennials consider themselves non-religious, the GOP may be forced to dramatically alter its message. On today's NewsBeast, reporter David Sessions discusses his Newsweek story on the subject with columnist Michelle Goldberg and host John Avlon.


A Different Take on the VP Debate

'Chicago Tribune' columnist Clarence Page tells Spin Cycle's Howard Kurtz that he was 'really impressed' by the vice presidential debate, but he preferred listening on radio to watching on TV because he wasn't 'distracted by the visuals' (i.e. Biden's smiles).


A Post-Debate Abortion Breakdown

After the debate Thursday, Michael Moynihan, Harry Siegel, Michelle Goldberg, and John Avlon broke down what candidates Biden and Ryan had to say about their positions on abortion.


Biden Laughed and Ryan Smirked

Was the ghost of Sarah Palin's debate-performance-past in the room on Thursday? Pollster Doug Schoen and The Root's Kelly Goff join John Avlon for a vice presidential debate redux on today's roundtable.


The Number: $5 Trillion

That's the projected cost of the Romney tax cut rate. On today's installment of The Number, Josh Barro from Bloomberg View joins Daniel Gross to examine how Romney's tax cut plan will affect the economy--if he is elected, that is.


Beast TV's original videos, animations, and mashups covering the 2012 presidential campaign, from the conventions through election week.

Chris Christie's Obama Lovefest

The New Jersey governor may have been a keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention, but he's developed a not-so-subtle affection for President Obama since Hurricane Sandy came to town. Watch a short history of Christie's bromance.

AUTOTUNE: Paul Ryan Trims the Fat

Before Mitt Romney's veep pick takes the stage at the Republican convention tonight, get to know the hunky congressman with this musical supercut. What's he really all about? Two words: muscle confusion.

Mitt: I'll Have What He's Having!

The combative Mitt Romney of the first presidential showdown made way for a far more agreeable candidate in the final debate. Watch just a few of the many moments in which Romney concurred with the incumbent in Boca Raton.

‘The 1980s Called…’

…and they want their expressions back? In a zinger seemingly designed to ignite memes across the Internet, shortly into the final presidential debate, Obama chided Romney for saying in March that Russia was America’s 'number one geopolitical foe.'

Mitt Does the Math

Does it all add up? Romney dropped facts and figures at every turn during the second presidential debate, but in the end, numbers couldn't win him the night. Watch our statistics supercut.

The Moderator Who Shushed Me

The GOP candidate has been called out by pundits for his many interruptions during the second presidential debate. But the question on everyone's mind is: what would Dr. Evil say? Watch our shagadelic supercut.

A Night of 53 Smiles for Joe Biden

So just how many times did Biden deploy his withering/excessive smile of contempt in the vice-presidential debate? We've counted it up—non-teeth-baring smirks excluded—and present them here.

Britney Gives Good Debate Face

What would happen if Britney Spears moderated the vice-presidential debate in the same way she judges 'X Factor'? Watch our mashup and see for yourself. It's Britney, Biden!


The blogosphere was abuzz after the first presidential debate over conspiracies that Mitt Romney snuck notes onto the stage, while the GOP candidate's camp insists the white object in question is a handkerchief. Watch three key Hankygate moments.

Jim Lehrer's Gonna Let You Finish

Knock knock—who's there? Interrupting candidates. Watch every frustrating debate moment in which moderator Jim Lehrer got verbally steamrolled in the first presidential debate.

Bill Clinton's Obama Smackdowns

Clinton may be stumping for Obama at the DNC tonight—but four years ago, as Ryan Lizza controversially noted in 'The New Yorker,' his endorsement would have been unthinkable. Watch a short history of Bubba's Obama slams.

Can Michelle Woo Women?

Ann Romney killed it in Tampa with her fiery appeal to the lady folk—but will the first lady try to top her in Charlotte? Here’s what that attempt might sound like.

Is Tampa Ready for 'Magic Mitt'?

The site of the Republican National Convention is also the strip-club capital of America—and the setting for this summer's smash stripper flick, 'Magic Mike.' Watch what happens when Mitt embraces this happy coincidence.