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Romney Campaign Stands by Mourdock

As the candidate refuses to apologize.
Michael Conroy / AP Photo

Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock publicly apologized—sort of—Wednesday for comments during a debate implying that pregnancy caused by rape may be “intended” by God. “I did not intend to suggest that God wants rape,” Mourdock said during the presser, clarifying that he’s not apologizing for what he said but for how it was interpreted.

Sandy’s Economic Sucker Punch

The hurricane exposed the vulnerabilities of our new just-in-time economy. Daniel Gross on the economic mentality that makes us susceptible to natural disasters—and massive inefficiencies.
John Lamparski / Getty Images

Hurricane Sandy upended the plans of thousands of marathoners, and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who are still without power or access to their homes. It also upended one of the most important concepts in modern business: just-in-time management.

Female Moderators Rocked the Boat

It’s no accident that Candy Crowley and Martha Raddatz were the breakout stars in the presidential and vice-presidential debates. Lauren Ashburn on why they outperformed the men.
AP Photo (3); Getty Images

Don’t mess with us girls.And if you don’t already know that, all you had to do was turn on the tube—or the computer—when moderators Candy Crowley or Martha Raddatz took to the debate stages to tame the roaring male lions fighting to rule the kingdom.

Will Obama’s Snark Work?

The president unleashed a sarcastic snarl in the final debate. Michelle Cottle on Hillaryland’s reaction—and the risks and rewards of laying it on thick.
Win McNamee / Getty Images

How snarky was President Obama in his final debate with Mitt Romney? He was scornful enough that, during the midst of the matchup, Hillaryland insiders were circulating amongst themselves a twit pic featuring that kick-ass photo of Hillary in her shades, captioned by Obama’s infamous put-down from one of their ’08 debates: “You’re likable enough, Hillary.

The Great Foreign Policy Fail

In their final debate, both candidates’ message on foreign affairs was clear: let’s change the subject. Jordan, Lebanon, Europe—even Libya—were off the table. This is a big mistake, writes Christopher Dickey.
Rick Wilking / Getty Images

A sobering realization that strikes almost every American foreign correspondent or diplomat after a while is precisely this: what the American people really want from the rest of the world is to forget about it.In the presidential debate on Monday night, both men seemed well aware of this fact.

Final Debate Word Cloud

Minutes after President Obama and Governor Romney shook hands at the close of their final debate of the campaign, we asked our readers on Facebook to weigh in on their respective performances. Here are the resulting worded clouds—see if you can tell them apart.

Shortly after the candidates' friendly handshake concluding Monday night's debate at Lynn University in Florida, we polled our readers on Facebook to tell us one word that summed up each of the candidates' performances.

Mitt's Many Missed Moments

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Since I've been reading an extra dose of Ezra Klein today, I figured I'd emulate something he does quite well: a deep examination of the transcript. For brevity, I'll focus on Gov. Romney's missed opportunities.

Reality vs. "Reality"

Obama won the debate, and everyone but Romney and the Republicans know that.

Today may be the most important single day of the campaign. Obama won the debate. Everyone this side of Charles Krauthammer agrees that Romney was general and platitudinous and not that engaged. That makes two out of three. You might think that would mean momentum.

Angry Loses to Unflappable

Why’d you spend your time smearing Mitt instead of actually talking foreign policy, Mr. President? A cool, consistent, and peace-loving Romney won, says Michael Medved.
Robyn Beck, AFP / Getty Images

Mr. President, why so angry? What’s up with that gloomy edge and the sour mood?Aside from all the bewildering back-and-forth about Libya, Iran, apology tours, and auto bailouts, by far the most important aspect of the third and final presidential debate involved its atmospherics—which candidate came across as more calming and confident, more plausible and reassuring as commander-in-chief? Which of the contenders, in other words, emerged from their final confrontation looking like a leader, frontrunner, and ultimate winner?In that regard Barack Obama helped himself with his fluent command of foreign affairs and passionate engagement with the disparate subjects under discussion.

The Stimulus and Health Care President Runs on ... Tires and Cars?


President Obama passed the largest anti-recession stimulus in American history, bigger than the spending programs of the New Deal relative to the economy.He pushed through the grand health reform for which Democrats have yearned since the 1930s.

Obama Vs. Romney Part 3: Who Lied?

From bayonets and horses to that infamous, alleged “apology tour,” The Daily Beast turns to the Internet’s most reliable fact-checkers to figure out who was loose with the truth in Monday night’s debate.
Getty Images (2)

Romney: “Obama started his presidency with an apology tour.” This was certainly not the first lie of the night, but the “apology tour” line deserves to be addressed right off the bat since it has been a consistent claim of Romney’s throughout his entire campaign.

Romney Wins Debate War

The president may have won the Lynn University debate on points, but he scored no ‘knockout punch’—leaving Romney the winner of the debates narrative with his decisive first victory in Denver, says ace debate coach Brett O’Donnell.
Jewel Samad / Getty Images

Both men approached Monday’s debate behaving as if President Obama were the underdog. The president was clearly the more aggressive of the two and Governor Romney less so, playing it safe while putting his knowledge on display to pass the commander-in-chief test.

George W. Bush Won This Debate

Barack Obama didn’t win tonight’s foreign policy debate. Neither did Mitt Romney. George W. Bush did. Bush won it because the framework for understanding the world that he put in place after Sept. 11 still holds, even though it wildly distorts the world that the next president will actually face.

The Best Horses & Bayonets Photos

Following the grand tradition of Big Bird and Binders Full of Women, the third debate spawned yet another viral catchphrase: “Horses and Bayonets.” As the Internet gleefully seizes on Obama’s zinger, we round up the funniest meme photos.

Big Bird, Binders Full of Women, and, now, Horses and Bayonets. The funniest meme photos from the latest debate catchphrase.

George W. Bush Won This Debate

Tuesday night’s discussion was built around George Bush’s definition of foreign policy as American military policy. Obama, Romney, and Bob Schieffer worked through that prism, with little mention of the vast shifts in economic power that are remaking the globe.

Barack Obama didn’t win tonight’s foreign-policy debate. Neither did Mitt Romney. George W. Bush did.Bush won it because the framework for understanding the world that he put in place after Sept. 11 still holds, even though it wildly distorts the world that the next president will actually face.

‘Attacking Me Is Not An Agenda’

Throughout his campaign, Mitt Romney has attacked President Obama for, well, attacking him—and he doubled down on this approach Monday night: 'Attacking me is not an agenda,' Romney scolded.

  1. Giddyup! Obama's Big Bayonet Slam Play

    Giddyup! Obama's Big Bayonet Slam

  2. ‘The 1980s Called…’ Play

    ‘The 1980s Called…’

  3. ‘We Can’t Kill Our Way Out’ Play

    ‘We Can’t Kill Our Way Out’

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The Best Horses & Bayonets Photos

The Best Horses & Bayonets Photos

Big Bird, Binders Full of Women, and, now, Horses and Bayonets. The funniest meme photos from the latest debate catchphrase.

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