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Paul Ryan Hits the Trail

Hours after the joining the GOP ticket, Rep. Paul Ryan threw his first jabs at Obama, attacking the president's 'record of failure.' Howard Kurtz, Eleanor Clift, and more Daily Beast contributors on how Ryan will shake up the race.

Paul Ryan’s Bow-Hunting Bullseye

Romney may have liked his economic theories. But voters may respond more to his primal sporting pursuits. Rebecca Dana on Ryan’s archery bump.

In American history, bow hunting has not always been as closely correlated with sex appeal as it is today. Fortunately for Paul Ryan, the swimming-pool-eyed vice-presidential candidate and expert marksman, his sport of choice is basically synonymous with rugged, panting, anti-authoritarian teen virility right now.

Nuns Gun for Paul Ryan

Sister Simone Campbell, leader of the ‘Nuns on the Bus’ tour, is stepping up her campaign against Mitt Romney’s running mate, targeting his proposed budget plan. Abigail Pesta reports.
J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photos

Sister Simone Campbell says she is on a mission to protect the poor—from Rep. Paul Ryan.This summer, the outspoken Catholic nun led a bus tour across the country called “Nuns on the Bus,” protesting the Wisconsin congressman’s proposed federal budget plan, which she says would slash funds for social programs for low-income people.

Ryan Helps Romney Raise $7.4M

VP pick spurs over 101,000 donations.
Darren Hauck / Getty Images

The money keeps rolling in. The announcement of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) as Mitt Romney’s running mate is proving to be a financial windfall for the GOP presidential hopeful. Campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul announced on Twitter Tuesday that the new Romney–Ryan ticket has already raised $7.

Ryan’s Phony Deficit Plan

Forget all of the hoopla about deficit reduction, Romney and running mate Paul Ryan’s plan hides their real objective to slash taxes for the rich and push the burden onto the middle class. By Mike Lofgren.
Sara D. Davis / Getty Images

By picking Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney has doubled down on a public-relations strategy of phony deficit reduction. Despite what you may have heard to the contrary, Republicans’ caterwauling about deficits and debt is eyewash to gull the public into believing they are serious fiscal stewards.

Ryan Budget Battle Begins

Republicans say they’re ready for a ‘knife fight’ over the changes to Medicare in their newly anointed vice-presidential nominee’s budget plan. Patricia Murphy on the ripple effect in tight, down-ticket races.
T.J. Kirkpatrick / Getty Images

Even before Mitt Romney tapped Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate Saturday, the congressman’s aggressive, often controversial budget plans had made him a lightning rod in congressional races across the country.Now that he’s on the ticket with Romney, Ryan and his trail of budget blueprints will play an outsize role in races down the ballot and across the country.

Is Ryan a Ticking Time Bomb?

The congressman is getting glowing press, but journalists are just starting to examine his record. Howard Kurtz on the long paper trail that could alienate moderate swing-state voters just getting to know Paul Ryan.
Darren Hauck / Getty Images

We have learned, in the three short days since Paul Ryan was catapulted into the national spotlight, that he skins and butchers animals to make his own Polish sausage (courtesy of The New York Times). That he is “pretty low-maintenance” (as his wife, Janna, tells People).

Romney Just Lost the Jewish Vote

He forfeited any real chance of winning American Jewish voters when he chose Ryan, says Peter Beinart.
Julie Jacobson / AP Photo

Maybe Mitt Romney should have saved the airfare. Sure, July’s Israel trip helped him with his Jewish donors and perhaps with some Christian evangelicals. But if it bought him any good will among Jewish voters, he’s just given it back—and then some—by selecting Rep.

Poll: Ryan Pick Deeply Unpopular

Reaction most negative since Dan Quayle.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Will Mitt Romney regret choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate? The announcement that the Wisconsin congressman will join the Republican ticket as vice president garnered one of the least positive reactions in history, a new USA Today/Gallup poll reports.

Is Ryan the Right Choice?

Is bushy-tailed new GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan the right choice for Mitt Romney? The Daily Beast rounds up the best opinions.
Jason E. Miczek / AP Photo

For Ryan1. “The Ryan Choice,” by The Wall Street Journal “In choosing the 42-year-old, Mr. Romney has embraced the GOP’s reform wing and made it more likely that the election debate will be as substantial as America’s current problems,” said The Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages in the wake of Romney’s announcement.

Ryan’s Budget Needs Beef

Paul Ryan’s addition to the 2012 GOP ticket augurs a more substantive debate on pressing issues, but he has to beef up his budget plan with specifics. For their part, the Democrats must field a viable alternative rather than just attack Ryan’s.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

The addition of Paul Ryan to the Republican ticket for the 2012 presidential election has been hailed by many as a welcome turn in the campaign away from vacuous mudslinging and toward a more substantive debate about pressing issues.

Paul Ryan’s Hard-Body Plan

The new GOP vice presidential candidate is just as zealous about zapping body fat as he is about slicing government spending. Eliza Shapiro investigates the extreme workout regimen that Ryan spread to his House colleagues as successfully as he sold his controversial budget.
Tom Williams, CQ Roll Call / Getty Images

New vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan has been called many things—a dangerous extremist, the future of the Republican Party, a mistake, a risk—but one thing nearly everyone can agree on is that he’s quite serious. That seriousness extends beyond cutting government spending.

How Would Ryan Affect Women?

American women may already be familiar with the outlines of Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan, but how is Mitt Romney’s running mate on other issues? From abortion to Obamacare and Medicaid, how the congressman stacks up.
J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

AbortionRep. Paul Ryan is on record saying that he believes life begins at conception. He opposes “partial-birth” abortions and has a 100 percent rating from the National Right to Life Committee. Ryan, a staunch Roman Catholic, also believes abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape and incest.

Mitt’s Ride on Ryan’s (Right) Wings

Rejecting a race based on personalities that he couldn’t win, Romney skipped over pragmatists and chose a conservative running mate who will help make it a campaign about ideas—which is what Americans most want.
T.J. Kirkpatrick / Getty Images

In selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney signals his determination to conduct a campaign of ideas.In part, this decision almost surely stems from recent polls suggesting Romney couldn’t win a campaign of personalities.

Mitt’s Pick: Bold Not Always Best

Romney’s Ryan pick is meant to shake up the race, excite conservatives, rouse a jaded media, and save the day. But American politics is littered with bold and improbable decisions that didn’t work out well.
Darren Hauck / Getty Images

Why did Mitt Romney choose Paul Ryan? Movies. In action movies, the climactic scene often goes something like this: The bad guys have captured the hero. He’s bound and gagged thousands of miles from civilization as the final minutes tick away until the detonation of the super-thermo-subatomic death ray that will kill both him and half of humanity.

How Obama Will Cash In on Ryan

Romney’s choice of running mate accelerates the move away from the 2012 election as a straight-line referendum on the economy. Now it is unmistakably and irretrievably a decision about the future, says Robert Shrum.
Getty Images

Never pick a man with a plan—at least not Paul Ryan’s kind of plan.After every quadrennial vice-presidential audition, another cautionary guideline emerges. A spectacular example: post–Sarah Palin, any potential choice will be tested for minimum passable competence in foreign policy.

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