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Paul Ryan Hits the Trail

Hours after the joining the GOP ticket, Rep. Paul Ryan threw his first jabs at Obama, attacking the president's 'record of failure.' Howard Kurtz, Eleanor Clift, and more Daily Beast contributors on how Ryan will shake up the race.

How Obama Will Cash In on Ryan

Romney’s choice of running mate accelerates the move away from the 2012 election as a straight-line referendum on the economy. Now it is unmistakably and irretrievably a decision about the future, says Robert Shrum.
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Never pick a man with a plan—at least not Paul Ryan’s kind of plan.After every quadrennial vice-presidential audition, another cautionary guideline emerges. A spectacular example: post–Sarah Palin, any potential choice will be tested for minimum passable competence in foreign policy.

Paul Ryan’s Catholic Problem

His budget plan has drawn fire from some Catholic bishops for cutting programs that help the poor. Conservative leader Deal W. Hudson on what the GOP ticket needs to do.
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With the choice of Paul Ryan as Romney's running mate, the 2012 presidential election will be the first in U.S. history with a Roman Catholic on both sides of the ballot. The contrast between the Catholicism of Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Ryan perfectly represents the ongoing debate about the Catholic vote going back to the Reagan years.

Secrecy Surrounded Ryan Pick

Ryan traveled incognito to first meeting.
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Mitt Romney knew Paul Ryan was his VP pick Aug. 1—but keeping that decision a secret took some careful planning. Beth Myers, who led the presumptive Republican nominee’s search, broke the silence around the pick Saturday, saying that the campaign had to arrange a covert rendezvous between the two men in Brookline, Mass.

Paul Ryan Attacks Obama

Says president has “record of failure.”

Mitt Romney’s new attack dog isn’t wasting any time. Hours after being added to the GOP ticket, Ryan called Obama out for his “record of failure.” Ryan added that under Obama’s watch the nation is experiencing “the worst economic recovery in 70 years” and promised that a Romney-Ryan White House “won’t duck the tough issues.

6 Big Political Fumbles

Oops! Mitt Romney accidentally announced his new running mate as “the next president.” Watch more famous gaffes, from Obama’s similar misstep with Biden to Howard Dean’s crazy scream.
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OK, Mitt. This is your moment. You’re down in the polls, you’re being called a wimp, and your campaign needs a boost. You’ve scampered down some steep battleship steps without tripping, you’ve managed to muster up a bit of excitement on a Saturday in the middle of the Olympics, and the country is hanging on your every word.

8 Paul Ryan Look-alikes

When Mitt Romney announced his right-hand man, Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan, we couldn’t help but think he sure does look familiar. From Paul Rudd to Matthew Morrison, here’s a rundown of some of the VP candidate’s most convincing doppelgangers.

From Paul Rudd to Matthew Morrison, here’s a rundown of some of the VP candidate’s most convincing doppelgängers.

Mitt Romney’s Game Changer

Paul Ryan forces the fall campaign to be about big ideas. Mark McKinnon on the end of silly season—and the battle ahead.
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At last, and at least, with the selection of Paul Ryan, this election will now be about something.A failure to act. A terrible, stunning legacy for any leader. But far worse when it is the president of the United States. And that’s the point driven home by Mitt Romney’s selection of the young Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Romney Raises $2M

After Paul Ryan announced as VP.
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Just four hours after announcing Rep. Paul Ryan as the GOP vice-presidential candidate, the Romney campaign had raised $1.2 million. Now, that number has almost doubled, according to Romney press secretary Andrea Saul, who tweeted this afternoon “Just passed $2 million raised since ‪@MittRomney announced ‪@PaulRyanVP.

Obama’s Ryan Attack Plan

In picking Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney suddenly has a very detailed budget to defend. James Warren on what Team Obama will go after.
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Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan clearly enthused President Obama’s reelection advisers by essentially offering a de facto campaign theme: two heads for numbers without much heart for people.One campaign consigliere concurred with my Twitter-sized initial take: that the specifics of Ryan’s budget plans would make the normal Jack and Jill nervous even as his “big ideas” excite more cerebral conservatives, ranging from The Wall Street Journal editorial page to my friend William Kristol, the pundit and Ryan fan.

7 Great Reads on Paul Ryan

Who is this guy, anyway? Read up on the Wisconsin congressman, from last week’s definitive ‘New Yorker’ profile to a revealing interview with Ezra Klein.
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“The Legendary Paul Ryan” Republicans “envision an administration in which Romney has relegated himself to a kind of head-of-state role, at least domestically, with Ryan as the actual head of government.” President Obama wants to attack Ryan’s highly controversial budget plan, but faces backlash from the right and the bipartisan center whenever he attempts to do so.

Romney: ‘Critical Time for America’

While stumping with Ryan in Virginia.
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During a campaign stop in Ashland, Va., Mitt Romney said, “This is a critical time for America,” explaining that President Obama has “added almost as much debt as all the presidents combined.” Romney claimed he and Paul Ryan are not running for partisan reasons, saying, “We step forward out of love for America.

Paul Ryan on the Issues

Mitt Romney may have a reputation for flip-flopping, but his new running mate is known for taking a tough stance on everything from gun control to gay rights. We break down Ryan’s position on seven key topics.
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Budget If you were already familiar with Mitt Romney's new running mate before today's announcement (and last week's New Yorker profile) it's likely because of his controversial budget plan. As chairman of the House Budget Committee, Representative Paul Ryan put forth a dramatic proposal this year to cut the U.

7 Fun Facts About Paul Ryan

From noodling a whole mess of catfish to head-banging to Led Zeppelin, Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan is more than a number-crunching policy wonk. Here are seven things you likely didn’t know about the congressman and Ayn Rand devotee.
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1. He Sleeps in His Office An unabashed nerd and constant worker, Paul Ryan is known to often catch 40 winks on a cot in his House of Representatives office. Of course, that’s not Ryan’s only residence. When he’s at home in Janesville, Wisc.

Only Ryan Could Sell Ryan’s Budget

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Reader Tom Doran (twitter handle: @portraitinflesh) offers a sixth hypothesis explaining why Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan to be his vice president, to supplement the five proposed below: The more I think about it, the more the "pick Ryan because he's the best person to sell the Ryan plan" logic makes sense to me as Romney's rationale.

Romney Rolls Out Ryan

The Wisconsin congressman vows to launch a crusade against debt and deficits as Mitt hails his running mate’s Catholic faith. Howard Kurtz on how Paul Ryan utterly changes the campaign.
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Mitt Romney unveiled Paul Ryan as his running mate on Saturday morning as a moral Catholic and bipartisan lawmaker who would help the country avoid a “fiscal catastrophe.”After Romney’s rousing introduction in Norfolk, Ryan trotted down from a flag-bedecked aircraft carrier, tieless in a dark suit and white shirt, denounced President Obama’s “record of failure” and declared himself part of “America’s comeback team.

  • 7 Great Reads on Paul Ryan

    7 Great Reads on Paul Ryan

    Read up on the Wisconsin congressman, from last week’s definitive "New Yorker" profile to a revealing interview with Ezra Klein.

    7 Fun Facts About Paul Ryan

    7 Fun Facts About Paul Ryan

    From noodling a whole mess of catfish to head-banging to Led Zeppelin, Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan is more than a number-crunching policy wonk. Here are seven things you likely didn’t know about the Congressman and Ayn Rand devotee.

    Oops! Romney Introduces Ryan as President

    Mitt Romney introduced Paul Ryan as 'the next President of the United States' this morning—and promised to uphold Medicare, which Ryan's budget gutted.

    Paul Ryan’s High School Yearbook Pics

    Paul Ryan’s High School Yearbook Pics

    Mitt Romney's new running mate was voted 'biggest brown-noser' by his senior-year classmates.