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How Did Mitt Do?

Romney made the biggest speech of his life Thursday night. Was it good enough to move the needle in a close election battle? Daily Beast contributors weigh in on all things RNC.

Invite Sarah to Tampa, Mitt!

With even McCain lauding his former running mate, Romney needs to ask her to address the convention. The original Mama Grizzly is no more off-putting than Herman Cain or Michele Bachmann—and he needs her ability to rev up the base.
Matt York / AP Photo

And the hits just keep on comin’.Mitt Romney got backhanded by yet another Republican colleague Tuesday when John McCain denied rumors that he passed over Romney for the ticket in 2008 because of tax improprieties discovered in the vetting process.

Romney’s Veep Trap

A presidential candidate usually puts his mark on his party by choosing a running mate and shaping the convention. But this time the party is putting its stamp on the candidate.
Gerald Herbert

Not that Mitt Romney doesn’t have other problems right now, but think about this one. He’s on the verge, they say, of picking a running mate. He needs a person who will reassure the right wing in a big way, arguably even more so now that he’s having to apologize for capitalism.

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AUTOTUNE: Paul Ryan Trims the Fat

Before Mitt Romney's veep pick takes the stage at the Republican convention tonight, get to know the hunky congressman with this musical supercut. What's he really all about? Two words: muscle confusion.

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5 Must-See Moments from the Republican Convention

5 Must-See Moments from the Republican Convention

Clint Eastwood delivers a crazy monologue and more memorable moments from Tampa.

Not Funny

Leave Chris Christie Alone

Enough With the Fat Jokes!

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From Chris Matthews to Mark Shields, WATCH VIDEO of the most egregious jabs at Chris Christie’s weight.


Soundtrack to the Convention

Hear the RNC Playlist!

Hear the RNC Playlist!

From ‘American Idol’ vet Taylor Hicks to Christian rockers The Kantinas, the songs of the convention.

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