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Ask Barney Frank Anything

Readers ask the Massachusetts Democrat about his biggest criticism of Obama, how Congress has changed during his four-decade-long tenure—and his recent gay wedding.

A reader asks Barney Frank: How was the wedding?

A reader asks Barney Frank: What do you feel is the biggest misconception of Dodd-Frank from its critics?


Ask Hanna Rosin Anything

Readers ask the author of 'The End of Men: And the Rise of Women' about the perils of today's hook-up culture, whether discrimination is responsible for the wage gap, and whether the so-called 'end of men' is good for women.

A reader asks Hanna Rosin: Is the 'end of men' good for women?

A reader asks Hannah Rosin: To what extent is the wage gap due to discrimination? Other factors?


Ask John Hodgman Anything

Readers ask the comedian, actor, and author how to prepare for the apocalypse, the best part about appearing on 'The Daily Show,' and how to grow a proper mustache.

A reader asks John Hodgman: Any advice for how to grow a proper mustache?

A reader asks John Hodgman: Who is the funniest person in the world?

Race Matters

Ask Ta-Nehisi Coates Anything

Readers ask 'Atlantic' columnist Ta-Nehisi Coates about whether the GOP is racially motivated, black figures who hinder race relations, and what Trayvon Martin meant to him.

A reader asks Ta-Nehisi Coates: When were you most disappointed in President Obama?

Ask Ta-Nehisi Coates Anything: Which black figures hinder race relations?

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In Andrew Sullivan's 'Ask Anything' video series, notable thinkers, leaders, and forces of personality answer candid questions from readers.

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