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16 Weight-Loss Tips for Christie

D Dipasupil

Chris Christie says he has ‘a plan’ to lose weight. To help him out, we turned to Daily Beast readers and asked what slimming ideas worked for them. You’re welcome, Governor!

When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told David Letterman he had “a plan” to lose weight, we believed him—but we also wanted to help. So we polled our readers on Facebook and Twitter, and asked for their weight-loss secrets.You provided!Our favorites range from water with fruit juice to a pack full of dogs. Did we leave any out? Leave ’em in the comments!

Red Hot

My (Electronic) Cigarette Addiction

Sean Gallup/Getty

I thought I’d found a way to cheat death and still get my nicotine fix. I should have known it was too good to be true. By Eli Lake.

I enjoyed my last real cigarette on August 1, 2008. I was just outside Washington’s Union Station, about to board a train to Philadelphia. I inhaled deeply, stubbed out the butt on the side of a trash can, then threw it (a Marlboro Light) and the lighter I’d used to ignite it into the trash. I was free—unless you count the pack of Nicorette gum in my bag and a bundle of cinnamon sticks, which I’d heard could help with cravings. Three days before my farewell to tobacco, my doctor, a rail-thin Hindu named Patel, told me my habit would probably lead to a debilitating stroke.

A Late Surprise

Barbara Walters’s Rare Chicken Pox

Charles Sykes/AP

Shouldn’t the 83-year-old TV broadcaster have had chicken pox by now? She was just diagnosed with the pediatric disease—a week after a newsmaking tumble. Dr. Kent Sepkowitz on whether the late bout could be dangerous.

Barbara Walters, trail-blazing professional woman, ubiquitous news presence, and all-around tough cookie, has been diagnosed with the chicken pox. Chicken pox? News hounds everywhere want to know: what is a self-respecting octogenarian doing with a pediatric disease? A disease that at least 98 percent of Americans over 50 already have had? Does this have to do with the injury last week when she slipped or fainted and clunked her head à la Hillary Clinton? Was she jealous of Hillary? Upset? Was there anything, painful though it might be, she would like to tell her mother, if she were alive? Ahh yes, it’s OK—here’s a tissue.


A Fatal Delivery on ‘Downton Abbey’

Joss Barratt, Carnival Films/Masterpiece/PBS

The condition still claims the lives of 300 women a year, while 75,000 more experience ‘near misses,’ write Eleni Tsigas and Christine Morton.

American fans of PBS’s Downton Abbey might be in a state of shock after last night’s episode, in which beloved Lady Sybil Crawley gave birth and then died from “eclampsia.” While some of the hit show’s millions of viewers may dismiss the dramatic plot twist as unrealistic or express relief that women today no longer die so tragically in childbirth, those viewers would be mistaken on both counts.Eclampsia, first described by Hippocrates 2,400 years ago, is the medical name for seizures during pregnancy.

Fad Check

When ‘G-Free’ Is Dangerous

Larry Crowe/AP

From Sundance to Dunkin’ Donuts, the gluten-free craze shows no signs of abating. But has a ‘g-free’ diagnosis simply become a cover for extreme dieting?

As celebrities at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend nibble on gluten-free granola treats, somewhere in a delicious lab Dunkin Donuts chemists continue perfecting a new gluten-free donut. It’s just another week in our increasingly gluten-intolerant world.But as traditional dieting becomes less trendy —and an explosion of gluten-free products land on grocery shelves—some doctors worry that a growing number of people are diagnosing themselves with a gluten allergy in order to have a socially acceptable method to lose weight.


Scandal Patsies, MD

Daniel Coston, Charlotte Observer / MCT / Getty Images

As the David Petraeus scandal unfolds, physicians everywhere are wondering: why are the suckers in this story both doctors? Internist Kent Sepkowitz on the truth about love lives in lab coats.

With all our recent excitement in discovering just how horny generals, West Pointers, and unpaid social liaisons seem to be, a very basic important and altogether alarming aspect of the All In affair has been overlooked. It’s something that threatens to cripple health care nationwide and cast even longer shadows in the already dim hallways of American hospitals everywhere.Granted, the exact carnal details are not yet sorted out, but physicians everywhere are crying out in unison: why oh why are the cuckold and maybe-not-a-cuckold-the-story-isn’t-confirmed both practicing doctors? (And both named Scott?)Is there something, er, deficient about the type of guy who earns a living saving lives, succoring the sick, abetting the needy? I mean we have so many TV shows about us and we earn a nice living! People used to like us, really like us.

Step Forward

Let’s All Get Stoned

Robert Galbraith, Reuters / Landov

With the voters in Washington and Colorado legalizing marijuana, Martin A. Lee argues that the war on pot may be over—and good riddance to decades of bad science, scare-mongering, and harsh laws.

Residents of Colorado and Washington made history on Election Day by voting to legalize the adult use of marijuana. For a country punch-drunk on decades of anti-marijuana hysteria, it felt like a momentary jolt of sobriety. It might even go down as a long-term game-changer. The passage of Amendment 64 in Colorado and Initiative 502 in Washington could herald the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition nationwide.From a historical perspective, marijuana prohibition is an aberration.

It’s a Wrap

Porn Stars Say, Free Willie!

Getty Images; AP Photo

Los Angeles voters pass Measure B, requiring porn stars to use condoms when they shoot, and industry support is limp. Christine Pelisek reports from a porn party.

As Los Angeles porn actress Anikka Albrite watched the election returns with her fellow performers last night, she explained how she is navigating the adult film industry after just one year in the business. “Every girl has a business strategy,” she says. “I don’t do anal or gangbangs. You don’t want to do everything at once. I want to stay in the business as long as I can.”But threatening her business plan, she said, is Measure B, which will now require porn actors in Los Angeles County to wear condoms when they shoot.


Don’t Fear Sandy’s Mold

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

The paranoia about mold being left behind by the floods is unwarranted. Dr. Kent Sepkowitz on why you should sleep easy on your sopping wet mattress.

In the resource-challenged world, the response to natural disasters progresses in predictable stages. First is the horror of the event—the earthquake, hurricane, or tsunami. Next comes a genuine outpouring of generosity worldwide. Third is the televisionization of the event with cameras galore, inside stories about small acts of bravery, harrowing rescues, heartbreaking loss; it is without question the best reality TV around (and unlike reality TV, it’s real).

Disconnected By Sandy

‘Where’s My Regular Doctor?’

STAN HONDA / Getty Images

Patients need to see doctors and other people they know and who know them and have been with them. Sandy’s forced hospital evacuations now leave hundreds of patients in strange rooms, blinking at strange nurses, with strange pictures on the wall.

We have now officially entered Sandy Phase Two, past the fear of drowning, the crashing trees, and the roaming packs of rats. Here comes the boring part where houses are rebuilt and power restored; where people find their way back to work and kids their way back to school.  Perhaps the most poignant story of the early days of Sandy is the image of sick infants being carried down a dozen flights of stairs in a suddenly powerless, unlit hospital.

5 Secrets for Better Health Care

Johns Hopkins Hospital surgeon Marty Makary shares the five insider tips to getting top-notch medical care. First stop? The internet.

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