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Your Highness

Royal Olympians

Getty Images (2); AP Photo

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter Zara Phillips will be competing in the London Games. From Prince Albert of Monaco to King Juan Carlos of Spain, see other regal athletes.

Getting Busy

Olympic Sex

Leon Neal, AFP / Getty Images

10,000 athletes, 150,000 condoms … Henry Krempels does the math so you don’t have to.

On Monday, London’s Olympic Village opened its 2,818 apartments to the best  athletes on the planet. For the next four weeks, the village will house an array of personalities, ages, and cultures—all in peak condition and many focusing on a very precise and demanding form of physical activity: sex.“It’s the most testosterone-fuelled place on earth,” said Russell Mark, a gold-medal–winning Australian target shooter, speaking from his shared room in the village.


Olympic Uniforms by American Apparel?

Ralph Lauren / AP Photo

Company offers to make new batch.

With the controversial made-in-China outfits Ralph Lauren designed for Team USA to wear at the Olympics Opening Ceremony drawing the ire of not only fashionistas, but Washington as well, hipster outfitter American Apparel is offering to design its own versions of the patriotic outfits. The clothing company is vocal about its commitment to manufacturing its garments only in the United States, and is extending an impressive offer: “American Apparel could start working on uniforms today and have them in London within seven days.” Ralph Lauren’s current contract with the U.S. Olympics extends until 2020.

Read it at Huffington Post


The Olympics Security Snafu

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

With 10 days until the Games, the head of the security firm that received $89 million to help police them admitted that his security plan was ‘in shambles.’

When the 2012 Olympians made their much-anticipated arrival in London yesterday, not everything went off as planned. Three buses full of athletes and other guests got lost en route from the airport to their lodgings, wandering around the city for hours as the riders worried not about medals, but bathroom breaks. “Athletes are sleepy, hungry, and need to pee,” tweeted world champion U.S. hurdler Kerron Clement in the midst of his four-hour ordeal.


Olympic Security in ‘Shambles’

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Parliament investigates failure to provide guards.

So much for the gold medal for security performance. Nick Buckles, the head of private security contractor G4S, told a parliamentary inquiry that he was “deeply sorry” for the failure to meet security obligations at the London Olympics. The company was granted a $450 million contract, but has since failed to provide enough guards. Now that 3,500 more British soldiers have been added, the total has hit 17,000—some of whom just returned from Afghanistan. Buckles agreed with the panel that the company’s performance was a “humiliating shambles.” Some police forces are now controlling security for areas of London, though the overall security plan has not changed.

Read it at The Daily Beast


Olympic Athletes Hit London

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Traffic issues ensue.

They’re here. Athletes are pouring into London for the Olympics, wreaking havoc on the city’s traffic. On the M4 motorway there was reportedly a 32-mile queue, forcing some to buses to take different routes to the village—and get lost. Heathrow Airport is handling a record number of passengers, bracing for nearly 237,000 travelers. The Olympic Games are only 11 days away.

Read it at The Telegraph

Diplomatic Games

Who’s Rooting for Syria?

Hoang Dinh Nam, AFP / Getty Images

Despite a human-rights crisis at home, the nation is set to send 10 athletes to the Olympic Games in London—including a sharpshooter. Katie Paul on the team’s lukewarm reception.

Even with a civil war brewing at home, the Games must go on.Syria, increasingly isolated on the world stage amid a government crackdown on protests that the U.N. says have killed more than 10,000 people, is set to send at least 10 athletes to the Olympic Games in London at the end of this month, setting up an steely reception in Britain—and a complicated mix of patriotism and rebellion back home.The delegation would be Syria's biggest since the Moscow Games in 1980, said a Syrian sports reporter who requested anonymity in talking to the media.


London’s Olympic Transformation

Since its successful bid for the Olympic games in 2003, Britain has transformed abandoned lots, bus depots, and even a chemical storage facility into venues for the 2012 Games. See an interactive map of how London has built life from the rust.

Made in China

U.S. Olympic Uniforms Spark Backlash

Ralph Lauren / AP Photo

Even Capitol Hill hates them.

The preppy uniforms that Ralph Lauren designed and Team USA will sport during the upcoming Olympic Opening ceremonies are patriotically red, white, and blue… and made in China. Controversy over whether it's appropriate for American athletes to be donning outfits manufactured overseas reached Congress on Thursday, as House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi slamming that the uniforms were made in China. Pelosi praised Team USA, saying, "They represent the very best and they're so excellent, it's all so beautiful."  But the kicker: "And they should be wearing uniforms made in America." Boehner agreed, chastising the U.S. Olympic Committee: "You'd think they'd know better." 

Read it at Los Angeles Times


Soccer Star Warned for Drug Use

Drew Hallowell / Getty Images

Will still represent the U.S. at Olympics.

It could have been worse. Hope Solo, one of the stars of the U.S. Olympic soccer team, was given a warning by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency after she tested positive for canrenone, a banned diuretic. Solo had taken a prescription drug to help with her menstrual cycle and said she was unaware that the medication included an illicit substance. Since the medication was prescribed by a doctor, Solo was given a warning instead of a suspension. She is still expected to compete for the U.S. in London.

Read it at ABC News


25 Top Olympic Countries

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Who’s grabbing more than their fair share of medals at the summer games? From the U.S. to China, The Daily Beast ranks the nations that are outperforming their peers. See who got the gold!

Missiles! Copters!

London’s Olympic Crackdown

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Facing fears of an attack from al Qaeda or the IRA, Brits are flexing their military muscle and doubling down on surveillance cameras, Mike Giglio reports. Let the games begin.

As the 2012 Olympics approach, London may soon see surface-to-air missiles installed atop some of its apartment buildings, as residents learned by way of government-issued flyers earlier this year. The HMS Ocean, Great Britain’s largest warship, will be moored on the banks of the Thames for the extent of the Games. Typhoon fighter jets will patrol the skies, and Puma helicopters will be at the ready with airborne snipers. More than 13,000 British soldiers, meanwhile, will reportedly be deployed—more than the United Kingdom currently has posted in Afghanistan.


10 Olympian All-Stars

These folks came to win. From swimmer Ryan Lochte to soccer star Abby Wambach, see photos of a dozen athletes who are early favorites as they head to London.


6 Key Facts About Dressage

CBS News

Ann Romney’s horse Rafalca is heading to the Olympics to compete in dressage, the equestrian sport that’s already become an issue on the campaign trail. The Daily Beast explains six facts about the expensive pastime, from its history to why the horses foam at the mouth.

After Ann Romney’s love for the expensive equestrian sport known as dressage caused a minor stir on the campaign trail, her connection to dressage is making waves once again. Rafalca, one of the horse’s Romney co-owns, and Jan Ebeling, Romney’s dressage trainer, will be heading to the London Olympics after taking third at the U.S. Equestrian Federation National Dressage Championships in Gladstone, N.J., over the weekend. The win was enough for Rafalca to take one of the five dressage spots on the U.


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