Justin Bieber & 11 More Celebrity Mugshots

Drag racing? Screaming the f-word at cops? Drunk? High? Bieber brought it all, and Miami Beach police busted his ass. See his mugshot and more from other celebrity criminals.

Fayette County Sheriff's Office

Fayette County Sheriffs Office

Rick Ross

Charges: Aggravated assault, battery and kidnapping. 

Date: June 24, 2015

Rapper Rick Ross, (William Roberts) and his bodyguard Nadrian James were arrested Wednesday, June 24 at Ross' home in Fayette County. Both men were charged with aggravated battery and kidnapping. Ross was also charged with aggravated assault. The 39-year-old rapper got into an altercation with a maintenance contractor on the property and allegedly pistol whipped him.

Miami-Dade Police Department

Justin Bieber

Charges: Driving Under the Influence, Resisting Arrest, Driving Without Valid License
Date: January 23, 2014

Bieber's Drag Race was abruptly canceled at 4 a.m. on January 23 when cops arrested the 19-year-old pop star for drag racing his yellow Lamborghini on the streets of Miami Beach, Florida. The charges quickly added up: Bieber shouted profanities at the police officers, unwittingly revealing that he was drunk and high on marijuana. Oh, and his driver's license was expired. Bieber was driving 55-60 mph in a 30-mph residential zone when he was arrested. His racing partner, who was driving a red Ferrari, was also locked up.

John Edwards

Charge: Conspiracy and Violating Campaign Contribution Laws
Date: June 15, 2010
Result: Pleaded not guilty

His smile is still bright, even if he’s faced with six counts of grand jury indictments. The U.S. Marshals Service released the mug shot of former U.S. Senator John Edwards on Wednesday. He pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and violating campaign contribution laws in early June, following an investigation into whether he used campaign donations to support his mistress, Rielle Hunter. A plea deal between Edwards and the U.S. Justice Department fell through because the former presidential candidate refused to serve jail time.

Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department / AP Photo

Phil Spector

Charge: Murder
Date: April 13, 2009
Result: Convicted

Music producer Phil Spector, who worked with acts ranging from the Beatles to the Ramones, was convicted on Monday of murdering actress Lana Clarkson at his mansion following a night of drinking in 2003. This was the second trial for Spector, following a hung jury in 2007. The trials received as much as attention for Spector’s bizarre looks—including an occasional foot-long shock of hair—as the tragic incident itself, and the mug shot, taken immediately after the jury’s verdict, deomonstrates why. “This is a frame-up,” Spector told Scott Raab, author of Real Hollywood Stories, in his last interview before the conviction. “She kissed the gun. I have no idea why.” Adds Raab: "He's very shy and lonely. Tiny, fragile. Timid." Spector faces at least 18 years in prison. He will be sentenced on May 29.

Aiken County Sheriff's Office / Getty Images

James Brown

Charge: Domestic battery
Date: January 28, 2004
Result: $1,087 fine

The late Godfather of Soul had several run-ins with authorities, few as well-documented as the January 2004 charges of domestic violence against fourth wife Tomi Rae that yielded this Nolte-esque mug shot. “I tried to give police a comb for him,” Rae told a local paper. “I asked them not to take the Godfather out looking like that!”

Keanu Reeves

Charge: Reckless driving
Date: May 5, 1993
Result: Two years' probation

Talk about Method acting: Before tearing down the Los Angeles freeway behind the wheel of a runaway bus in Speed, Keanu Reeves had already built an impressive track record of reckless driving in Southern California. In April 1991, the actor was arrested for failure to drive within a lane (three years following a near-fatal motorcycle accident); a year and a half later he was nabbed for driving without a license. The mug shot above chronicles his third arrest, for reckless driving in 1993, for which he was sentenced to two years' probation.

NY Photo Press / Newscom

Yasmine Bleeth

Charge: Possession of cocaine
Date: September 12, 2001
Result: Two years’ probation

The day after the September 11 attacks, with the nation in peril, Yasmine Bleeth was booked for cocaine possession after police spotted powder and syringes in her car after she crashed it into a Michigan highway divider (Bleeth was traveling with fiancé, Paul Cerrito, whom she, ironically, met in rehab). According to her manager, Bleeth has since reformed: “Right after the incident, Yasmine took action to make sure nothing like that will ever happen again.”

Carmen Electra

Charge: Simple battery
Date: November 5, 1999
Result: Charges dropped

Between dating Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst and basketball antihero Dennis Rodman, Carmen Electra never had a dull moment. Rodman, then dating Electra, erupted at a Miami party when a clip of Durst allegedly appeared on television. A teary Electra fled to the front desk of the Bentley Hotel and asked the clerk to call 911. Cops eventually dropped all charges. According to a Miami state attorney, “The hotel manager didn’t hear anything, the chauffeur didn’t see anything and neither did some parking guy. Hopefully, they both learned a lesson.”

AP Photo

Nick Nolte

Charge: DUI
Date: September 11, 2002
Result: $500 fine; three years’ probation

Nick Nolte's haggard face was immortalized in perhaps the most notorious mug shot of all time upon his arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence after he was pulled over for swerving across a Southern California freeway in 2002. “We were surprised by the attention the case received,” said Leland Tang, the officer who released the infamous photograph. "It’s not like Nolte had a movie hitting theaters immediately.” According to Tang, tourists had snapped pictures of Nolte’s arrest and quickly passed them to the press, forcing police to release the mug shot sooner than they would have liked.

New Hanover Co. Sheriff, Zuma / Newscom

Vince Vaughn

Charge: Misdemeanor assault
Date: April 12, 2001
Result: $250 fine

In April 2001, Vince Vaughn was arrested for jumping into a brawl in defense of his friend and fellow actor, Steve Buscemi. The pair were in Wilmington, N.C., filming a movie entitled, ironically, Domestic Disturbance, when trouble emerged at a local bar. Buscemi was attacked and sliced with a knife, allegedly over a girl. “It was chaos,” the bar’s owner recalled. “There were 40 or 50 people out there. There was so much commotion, it was hard to figure out what was going on.” Vaughn was arrested on the spot and charged with brawling in public. The knife-wielding attacker was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

AP Photo

Matthew McConaughey

Charge: “Excessive noise” and “resisting transport”
Date: October 26, 1999
Result: $50 fine for noise violation

An avid drummer, Matthew McConaughey was at his home in Austin, Texas, banging his percussions hard enough to draw a noise complaint. When police came to silence him, the actor was playing naked. Well, at least that was the previously mythology. “People have exaggerated the part about Matthew McConaughey being naked” recalled Ken Oden, the county attorney who handled the case. “That’s not true—he was wearing a bandana!” McConaughey was charged with making excessive noise in public and “resisting transport” when the actor allegedly objected to a ride downtown—that charge was later dismissed.

AP Photo

Hugh Grant

Charge: Lewd Conduct
Date: June 27, 1995
Result: Mandatory AIDS-awareness class; $1,800 fine

It was the arrest that defied logic. The British actor was busted in a BMW next to $60 Hollywood hooker Divine Brown, while his girlfriend, supermodel Liz Hurley, remained at home in England. Grant later confessed on the Tonight show that he “did a bad thing.” Miraculously, Hurley took him back—at least for awhile.

AP Photo

Mick Jagger

Charges: Assault and obstructing police
Date: July 18, 1972
Result: Charges dropped five years later

Jagger was arrested once in the United States. In 1972, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member jumped on the back of a police officer who was trying to arrest Keith Richards, who had allegedly assaulted a photographer with a belt buckle. “There were ornery cusses,” the arresting officer, Frank Ricci, later told Justice magazine. “When Mick was put in his cell, he screamed so much, I don’t know how he had any voice left to sing with that night.” Jagger did sing that night, after arriving five hours' late to the scheduled show in Boston. Legend has it that Mayor Kevin White pulled some strings to release Jagger from jail—after which he reportedly stood on stage and proclaimed to the crowd: “I’ve sprung him!”