Baby Sitters Club

The young adult series is being re-launched and its original fans are up in arms about all the changes. Tali Yahalom on the battle over the iconic series moms’ love and tweens have never heard of.

Barbie dolls modeled after Jessi and Becca, two characters in The Baby-sitters Club series.

Aside from collecting Ann Martin’s books, Scholastic issued Baby-sitters Club-themed planner, diary and address book.

A Baby-sitters Club knapsack and fannypack, stamped with images of the series’ seven main characters, reflects the series’ 1980s vibe.

Ann Martin’s prequel tells the story of her series’ four main characters – Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne and Stacey – the summer before they met and founded their baby-sitting club.

A copy of the first book of the series, Kristy’s Great Idea, with its original cover can only be found on eBay and in used bookstores today.

The revamped Baby-sitters Club books, aimed at a younger generation of new readers, have replaced the old covers with more graphic-oriented designs – a move that has upset many older fans.

Some Baby-sitters Club memorabilia have little to do with the actual series, like this after-bath gel.

Ann Martin’s beloved franchise extended well beyond books: Baby-sitters Club-themed cologne, phone book, lip gloss and memo clip.

The Baby-sitters Club series inspired preteen girls to start baby-sitting clubs of their own, and Scholastic promptly began selling handbooks and doorknob hangers (used by the characters in the books) to give those readers a boost.

A book of Baby-sitters Club postcards, each bearing an image of a different book cover, was a popular collector’s item for many of the series’ original readers.

A 250-piece jigsaw puzzle captures a scene of the baby-sitters’ friendship, another key theme of Ann Martin’s series.

Dolls were made to mimic each of the seven main characters in The Baby-sitters Club. This doll is meant to resemble Mary Anne Spier, the character that Ann Martin says most closely resembles her own personality.