Penthouse's Ground-Breaking Covers

Bob Guccione was a nice guy who did things that some people thought were not nice, says Alan Dershowitz, who defended Penthouse against charges of obscenity in the Bible Belt.

September 1969

First Cover for U.S. Penthouse

September 1984

Vanessa Williams on the cover that caused such a stir that her Miss America crown was taken away.

September 1984

Donna Summer gave a very “candid interview” to go along with her cover.

July 2007

Tila Tequila is the first centerfold to have her clothes on during a photo shoot.

April, 1968

Jane Fonda dressed as Barbarella, her hit movie from that year.

March 1976

Priscilla Barnes, from Three's Company fame.


Madonna was on the cover of UK Penthouse in April, and the French version in September that year. Japan and the U.S. followed suit a couple of years later.