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The Look of Pharrell Williams From ‘Places & Spaces I’ve Been’ (PHOTOS)

See the best fashion images from the hip-hop star’s upcoming book, ‘Places and Spaces I’ve Been.’

Stephan Wurth

Hip-hop star Pharrell Williams’s upcoming book, ‘Places and Spaces I’ve Been,’ takes an in-depth look at his career and features Q&As with a wide variety of celebrities, from Jay-Z on rap’s glory days to Hans Zimmer on the creative process and Buzz Aldrin on space travel. But the real star of the book is Pharrell’s fashion career—and his Ice Cream and BBC clothing lines. See the best images.

by © Rankin

N.E.R.D. Belt Buckle

N.E.R.D. belt & buckle designed for Pharrell by A Bathing Ape & NIGO, 2003.

by © Jake Chessum


N.E.R.D. members Shay Haley, Pharrell Williams, and Chad Hugo line up for a photoshoot.

courtesy of © BBC/Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Five rows and three columns containing tiger jacket, Ice Cream red cap with tennis rackets on the back, Ice Cream crew T-shirt, Army print shoes, etc.

by Stephan Wurth

Pharrell’s Ice Cream Jacket

Pharrell in “Hunting Jacket” from BBC/Ice Cream Season 9, Fall/Winter 2009.

by © Jimmy Cohrssen

Ice Cream store in Hong Kong

Exterior of the Hong Kong store Rocket façade.

courtesy of Galerie Perrotin

Perspective Chair

Pharrell sitting on a yellow Perspective chair next to a blue chair.

by David Perez

Ice Cream store in NYC

A look at the barrel vault of the main New York City retail floor, which has dark blue walls and ceiling with colorful stars and a line of T-shirts on the right.

by © Mick Moreno

Pharrell in Concert

A view of Williams’s group N.E.R.D. onstage—with him leaning over the stage holding a microphone and wearing a hat, white T-shirt, and jeans.